Forgotten People

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Time of Withering
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Syreen has found allies for her cause, but she still has to defeat her enemy’s forces. She finds allies in places she’d never expected, learns about her true origin, and about a millennia-old enemy. MORE...
Time of Wisdom
0 ratings
Cornered and severely outnumbered by the Association’s navy, Syreen tries to reunite with her living ship. While her enemies blackmail her with an asteroid tossed down on an inhabited planet, the real dan MORE...
Time of Wonders
0 ratings
Syreen escaped from her prison, but she’s still deep in enemy territory. Her enemies are countless, and their master turned out to be one of her own people. Shaken by her findings, she must find a way bac MORE...
Time of Worries
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Syreen can travel for free—but she will also be the youngest, prettiest thing aboard. Aboard merchant ships, this usually implies the role of ship’s cat, playgirl for the crew. As part of her covert MORE...
Time of War
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Lieutenant Syreen thinks of herself as a skilled spaceship pilot in the Duchy Fleet. When another stellar nation invades her home system, her skills are put to the ultimate test. Before long, all her wingmates MORE...