Sex By Numbers

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 11,827
6 Ratings (3.7)

When Autumn’s lover gives her the best birthday gift ever, she is shocked yet excited. Wild, fantasy sex with multiple partners in twenty-four hours is a gift she cannot refuse. Who’s a lucky girl?

While she loves her man, Autumn craves the touch and taste of other men.

But will other men find her attractive? She’s no beauty and how does one go about finding men to fuck? Autumn is amazed to discover not only do other men hunger for her but the knowledge of that gives her sexual power. Sex by numbers adds up to screaming, hot orgasmic fun.

Sex By Numbers
6 Ratings (3.7)

Sex By Numbers

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 11,827
6 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Chelsea Fox
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Laura, Two Lips Reviews, 4/5 Kisses!

"... starts out smoking hot and stays that way until the end... a fast and quick read which will get you hot and bothered. "

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Autumn Shaw’s tongue licked a long, slow path down the hard cock of the man lying on the bed. Her hand cupped David’s balls as she slid her mouth up and down the sides of the thick shaft. There was nothing Autumn liked better than sucking cock. It gave her a wild sense of power knowing her lover was completely helpless under her mouth and fingers. She sighed as she felt his hands kneading her ass.


“Yeah?” Autumn leaned in making sure her bare nipples grazed the flesh of David’s upper thigh.

“It’s hard to concentrate when you do that.”

“I know. That’s why I do it.” She smiled against his wet flesh.

David reached up and caressed her breasts. “I have a birthday present for you.”

Autumn licked her lips and fisted his cock. “I like this one.” As birthday presents went, she was more than satisfied with hot cock.

“It’s all yours any time you want baby but I got you something that you crave.”

“More than you?” She rubbed her hand back and forward down his shaft. She knew how to work it so David would beg her to bury his cock between her thighs for relief.

“It’s something a little different.” His hand caught her. “What’s your greatest fantasy?”

“To eat my body weight in chocolate.”

David’s free hand slapped her ass. “No, think of something hot and hard that makes you wet with need.”

“You covered in chocolate?” She closed her eyes thinking how she would lick him so slowly, savoring every moment. “Hmm, yum.”

“That would be fun but think about the one thing you have never tried but always wanted to. Something you told me was ‘wild and bad’ but if you got the chance you would do it.”

Autumn sat back on her heels, her thighs spread, pussy wet and ready for entry. “I don’t know.” There were so many things she wanted to do in life. So many fantasies to fulfill.

“Yeah, you do.”

“Do I?” Autumn looked puzzled. Her plan had been to slide down on hot, waiting cock. At that moment nothing else interested her. She looked at her lover’s face. His clear blue eyes were full of amusement and something else. It was like David was ready to give her a gift if she only asked for it. He knew her like no other. They had shared every sexual fantasy. There was nothing they held back.

A slow, sweet smile lit up his face. “Think about cock.”

That wasn’t hard to do. Autumn wanted it up and inside her now. “David I want you to fuck me not play twenty questions.”

“Oh, I will fuck you, baby.” David’s voice was full of husky, deep commitment. “But, just for one moment, think if you could have more than my cock.”

It was then Autumn knew what he meant. It was her greatest fantasy. Something she wanted to try just once. “Oh…” A wild shiver ran thought her body.

“Oh?” David’s lips twitched in amusement.

“But that’s just a crazy dream, David.” Autumn was in a dedicated relationship. She loved David. No one gave their lover a present like that. Did they? Not that I would take it anyway. Or would I? Could I?

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