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Sherrel Lee lives in Texas, is the wrangler of a fearsome 8 pound Yorkie-poo named Rogue Little Woof, and a ginormous 20 pound cat called Grandpa. As a mother and grandmother she encourages her family to live life on their own terms, laugh as often as they can and find those things in their lives that fill their hearts with joy.

She loves travel, has sailed down the Amazon in Brazil, refused to let her fear of heights stop her from climbing the Mayan pyramid at Chichen Itza, gone parasailing over the Caribbean after watching her fellow adventurer drop into the sea and be dragged under the water. She dreams of living at water's edge and is fulfilling that desire with a home along a canal north of Galveston, Texas.

Fascinated with the real and mystical worlds of the Paranormal and Erotic Romantic Suspense she chases murderous villains through the pages of her books, killing off those who annoy ner and make her insanely angry.

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Q: What do you do when you’re not writing?

A: I love reading and believe it is mandatory if I am going to write. I read suspense, thrillers, mysteries and erotica, since my books come into my mind like a movie, it is important to me to take time to catch up on the classics like Tarzan and Captain America and Thor. The best mysteries are on BBC and I adore fantasy shows such as Dark Matter, Killjoys, and Lucifer!!

Q: What authors have inspired you?

A: I admire Nora Roberts in her J D Robb Persona, where Dallas and Peabody leap off the pages and you can smell the aroma of the soy dog carts as you walk down the streets.

I would love to create characters like Jim Butcher, especially in his Codex Alera series though Harry Dresden tugs at my heartstrings.

In my early days I found a series of passionate love called Angelic, by a writing duo Sergeanne Golon. Unfortunately the Angelic stories are no longer in print. After that I read almost every bodice ripper and harem sex slave story I could get my hands on.

Q: What do you enjoy drinking when reading books?

A: These are all red wines and blends. Can you tell the labels inspire me? They can put me in the mood to explore new, wicked and decadent experiences.

Once Upon a Vine, Ménage a Trois, Sexy Wine Bomb, The Other, 19 Crimes, 1000 Stories.

Q: Do you have any advice for those of us who are just starting to write and dreaming of publication?

A: Write what you want to write and don’t let anyone talk you out of it, but remember it will be very unusual for you to write your first book and become an overnight success.

Write something every day even if you are tired or think it makes no sense. You can edit it later and will be surprised how often you find gems in that trash.

Join Romance Writers of America an awesome organization that has chapters across the country and around the world where you can learn the craft or writing from what rules you need to know and how to successfully break them, meet successful authors who will be willing to help you, and provide opportunities to reach out to editors and agents when you are ready.

If you decide to self-publish, don’t cut corners. Get professional covers made and find a good editor, not just a friend, who will not only help find typo’s and punctuation errors, but will push you to write a better book with great suggested changes and materials you can add to improve.

Q: You live alone so it must be easy to write without any interruptions, right?

A: Not at all, if alone means with a cat and dog, I can guarantee that they continually vie for attention, barking and meowing or standing up against my leg and pressing their nose to my arm. The cat has become an expert at closing my keyboard drawer. My grandchildren love to pop in just as I am deep into a graphic description of my characters’ love scenes. Since I use the Dragon and dictate a lot, it can be awkward. Then of course are the phone calls, have you noticed that no calls lists don’t work for cell phones? And the people who knock on your door when really want the neighbors. I have put up do not disturbsigns and they only seem to attract more attention and more traffic. Thanks goodness I am never really alone, I wouldn’t trade a moment of the interruptions for anything else in the world.

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