Night of Terror (MM, MF)

Watercreek Guardians 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,917
1 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Paranormal Romantic Suspense M/M, M/F, sex toys, spanking, shape-shifter, HEA]
The Watercreek Tribal Council accepts Jason Little Horn’s current union with Bradley O’Brien but demands he accept Maize Elkhorn as his guardian mate, stating she may be open to making their marriage a ménage.
He never has the opportunity to discuss the ménage, since Maize refuses to accept the dictates of the council, even as she finds herself drawn to Jason. She ends up leaving the tribal lands to accept an office job for the strip club owners who employ her friend Carley. Bradley breathes a sigh of relief since he opposes her marriage to his lover. 
As part of the Mesa PD task force, Jason is investigating the robberies and murders of several women when Maize and Carley are drugged and kidnapped by the same group. Jason becomes desperate to find her when he has visions of her increasing peril. As a shape-shifter, she is able to help herself and her friend escape and meets helpful Watercreek shapeshifter David Best, who conveniently arrives and provides desperately needed water. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Night of Terror (MM, MF)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Night of Terror (MM, MF)

Watercreek Guardians 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,917
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Maize loved living in Phoenix. She had only been there two days, but the city was filled with sights and sounds she had never experienced on the reservation. Carley laughed at her small-town mind, but it was all in good fun. The previous day she had taken Maize to the club and had introduced her to everyone. Maize had thought she was prepared for the dark, smoke-filled club, but when she actually saw the strippers working and Carley naked, except for the tiny v of black lace barely covering her pussy held up by thin strings, she was shaken. She swallowed her revulsion at the display and went to the back of the club to set up her office. The corporation insisted that all its employees work in a club before moving to the corporate offices as a means to assure they understood the business and knew what to look for should the finances be questionable.

The club manager, Taylor, one of the company’s most trusted employees, would oversee her work for the first few weeks, explain why so many different varieties of liquor were ordered and stocked, the various charges that were expected to be collected by the girls and the license fees, and the inspections that could be expected while she was on the job.

Her first real night on the job she was balancing the club’s deposits and paying outstanding bills when Carley walked in. 

“Taylor, I think Maize needs a break. She should come out and have a drink, watch the next show.”

“Good idea. Go ahead, girl.” Taylor laughed as Maize’s face paled. “It’s part of your job. Talk to some of the customers. Get to know the staff. And, Maize, don’t wear any more suits to work. Much too formal. A T-shirt and jeans will be fine.”

“Carley, you told me what to expect, but this is—I don’t even know what to call it. I’m not sure I’m ready for this.”

“It’s just a job, Maize—a job that pays really well. Now these guys are pretty harmless,” Carley whispered, leading her to a table along the wall across from the stage before going to the bar for drinks. “Besides, you’ll never make a starting salary like you do here, so suck it up, girlfriend. It’s honest work, and you don’t even have to dress like me, but it would be fun to see how you’d do if you had to work the stage one night.” 

“Not even an option, Carley.” Maize gave a half laugh and glanced at the three men Carley introduced her to. One was younger than the others, maybe in his late twenties, a little soft-looking and pale, like he worked in a basement. The other two appeared to be working buddies, about fifty, dark-skinned, mixed race, gray-haired, and heavily lined faces that had seen too much sun. Both had one hand wrapped around a beer and the other under the table. She refused to think about what either might be doing with that one. 

When she sat at the table opposite the younger man, Gary, he tried to start up a conversation, but she wasn’t ready for that and politely told him so. She just needed to sit and watch the show on the stage for a bit and drink the rum and Coke Carley had brought her. She excused herself when she finished her drink, thankful she could return to the office for the rest of the night, and went directly home when the bar closed.




Jason stood and removed his jeans, having Bradley do the same. Giving Brad a light push back down on the couch, he joined him and pressed his lips to Brad’s. Exploring the feel and tastes of Brad’s body, he nipped at his shoulder and trailed kisses from his ear down his neck. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and flicked his tongue over the nub, enjoying the feel as it hardened. He used his teeth to grasp it, give it a tug, and felt Brad’s cock thicken and twitch. He reached into the basket under the coffee table, withdrew the nipple clamps he had stored there, and clipped them to his lover’s chest.

Bradley moaned, and his cock grew harder when Jason gave the chain connecting the clamps a tug. “Fucking demons, Jace.”

Jason smiled as precum covered the tip of his lover’s cock. He licked it away, savoring the spicy flavor. “Bradley, you mean so much to me. Please know I will do all in my power to make sure nothing comes between us. I know you find it hard to believe, but I love you. Now move off the couch and turn over on the floor. Show me your beautiful ass.”

Bradley watched Jason take lube and a butt plug out of the basket. He licked his lips and shivered with anticipation. “I know it is difficult for you, but I deserve to be beaten for my insolence before you give me the pleasure of that toy.” 

Jason smiled and helped Brad adjust his stance so he could admire every inch of Brad’s cock and balls, unable to resist a smile as he watched Brad’s cock grow at the sight of the toy Jason would use on him. He knew he was disappointing his lover, but the thought of hurting him intentionally went against everything he stood for. They had discussed his reluctance to use any type of violence against his lover. However, ultimately he had promised to start slow and try to build up to meet Brad’s desires. 

“Brad, as much as I care, I am not ready to take a cane to you, but I do demand that you may not come until you are given permission,” Jason said, lubricating the plug and sliding each bump of the device slowly past the ring of muscle that protected Brad’s asshole. He switched it on, set the vibrations to a low hum, and gradually increased the setting until Bradley bucked at the vibration speed. 

“Fuck, oh my God,” Brad gasped.

Jason slapped the pale Irish ass, slapped hard again and watched the color change from white to bright red, glancing at his hand as it stung with each impact.

“Sir, harder, oh please, harder. I’ve been very bad,” Bradley pled with each slap of the hand on his butt cheeks. 

Jason licked his lips as Brad’s cock grew harder, thicker, and his balls bounced in concert with each slap. 

“Fuck, Jace. Again.”

Jason knelt behind Brad, reached between his legs, and slid his hand up and down the luscious shaft. Brad’s hips began to rock, and Jason gave his balls a tug and a squeeze.

“More, Sir. Make me hurt, Sir,” Brad begged. 

As much as he wanted the pain of the whip or a cane, he loved having Jason slap his ass and tug his balls. The harder, the better. He had always been bad. If Jason knew how bad, Brad had no doubt the beating he desired so much would come naturally to his lover, but it would end everything between them, as well. 

Again, Jason increased the speed of the plug’s vibrations, set the control aside, squeezed Brad’s cock hard at the base, and then reached for the dangling chain on Brad’s chest and gave it a quick tug before he stood over his lover. 

“Face me and get on your knees, Brad.”

Bradley faced Jason, sitting on his heels as the vibrations from the butt plug continued shooting fire along every nerve. Jason removed the clamps, causing a perfect pain to roll over Brad’s chest as the blood flooded back into his nipples. 

“Jace, you know I am strong in my daily life yet enjoy this pain and humiliation with you. Thank you for the pain, my love,” he murmured before capturing Jason’s cock in his mouth and taking it deep into his throat.

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