I have always loved writing. I have written poetry, short stories and eventually decided to start writing novels. Not a single day goes by that I do not do some form of writing. In addition, I am also an avid reader and sometimes, when time allows, read two books per month thanks to e-readers like Kindle which make it really convenient to shop the bookstores from the convenience of my home.

In addition to my love of books, I love to travel. I have touched many, many countries of this world. Left to discover are China and South America where I hope to get some inspiration for my upcoming books.

I’m a new writer to the "Romance World," and am truly enjoying this genre, although I will continue with my contemporary work.


Q: Is Silke Ming your real name or is it a pseudonym and why?

A: No, Silke Ming is not my real name. Out of respect for my conservative family, I have decided to use a pseudonym.

Q: How many hours per day do you dedicate to writing?

A: I am not an early riser, so by the time my household duties are done, which is around two in the afternoon, I start to write and continue until eight or sometimes ten in the evening.

Q: Is Summer Knight’s life in any way a reflection of your own?

A: Not at all. Summer Knight is purely a fictional character.

Q: Is it feasible for the reader to believe that an educated lady like Summer Knight would take a position as a housekeeper and immediately succumb to the charms of Seamus Balsam on her first work day?

A: I too wondered about that, but these things do happen, whether or not the person is educated. Summer, with all her degrees, found it difficult to find a suitable position and so she settled for something which gave her flexibility and also the chance to travel. I like Cinderella stories, and I consider Paint me Curious Bronze a kind of Cinderella story. She saw something redeeming in Seamus even though he was brusque and narcissistic.

Q: Why did you choose the occupation of "artist" for the hero Seamus Balsam, instead of a high powered businessman like all the other leading characters out there?

A: I wanted someone to portray a different kind of character. Seamus is quite wealthy in his own right, but he does not possess the limos and the private jets like the other heroes. Of course he is not jumping on the bus. I didn’t want the readers to think, “Oh no, not another ridiculously wealthy man with problems!”

Q: Had you been in Summer’s position, would you put up with Seamus’s infidelities?

A: That is a tough question. Summer fell in love with Seamus and so she overlooked his faults. I am well aware that she forgave him again and again, which sometimes disappointed me. At times I wished she would’ve walked away from him. He however loved her, in addition to being a great and exciting lover. Predictable, he wasn’t and don’t forget he was also a wealthy man.

Q: Will there be a sequel to Paint Me Curious Bronze?

A: Yes, there will be and as we speak, it is in the finishing stages.

Q: If they ever made a movie of your work, who would you like to see playing the roles of the hero and the heroine?

A: Never thought about that one! Let’s see. The only one who comes to mind right now is Scott Grimes from the movie Robin Hood; and for the heroine, I would say Eva Longoria.

Q: You say that you are also a contemporary writer. Which do you now prefer, contemporary or romance?

A: Writing a romance novel is no easy feat. Contemporary is much easier, but I must say I do like the challenge of the romance novel.

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