Endless Possibilities (MMF)

Endless Possibilities 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,282
5 Ratings (4.0)
[Ménage and More: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, bondage, spanking, HEA]
When Skye Lark rolls into the town of Cherry Hill in her Ram Pickup truck to occupy her new home, she meets Rory Ellroy and Charlie Higgins, whom she immediately considers to be hillbillies, but little does she know that behind that country-looking exterior, are two studs who will steal her heart.
Rory and Charlie have been life-long friends and have shared everything. The two young men help her to bring her home back to its natural beauty and in the process all three become lovers, but Skye is not everything she appears to be, and by chance, Rory finds out more about her than she is willing to divulge.
When Charlie is offered an architectural position in Alaska, Rory delves into work as an artist, but although Skye is still by his side, he misses Charlie, and a trip to Alaska brings the three lovers together again.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Endless Possibilities (MMF)
5 Ratings (4.0)

Endless Possibilities (MMF)

Endless Possibilities 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,282
5 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
i liked the book .and i am glad book 2 is almost her too
I'm honestly not sure exactly what to think about this book. I really didn't get a good grasp on the characters. Skye moves to a small town to start a new life. She was the character that made the most sense even though she is hiding a secdet past. The men, Rory and Charlie were very confusing. They were best friends and lovers, but didn't really consider themselves lovers per se. They were both educated and somewhat accomplished, but decided to stay in their hick town for....not very convincing reasons. The trio start a relationship, and pretty much fall in love (at least the men do) instantly. The men are sexually experienced, but neither have really had many girlfriends. Yet the men are very kinky, particularly Rory who is the Alpha it seems. It just didn't add up for me. These super kinky guys in the middle of nowhere. It all seemed very....WEIRD. I wasn't sure what tone the author was going for. When they are introduced, the men seem fairly innocent (if horny), but they are also playing sex games and acting out hostage fantasies with Skye. It was HOT for sure but confusing. Like there was some underlying weird subtext to the town. But the author doesn't go into that at all so I don't think that was her intent. So, I don't know...the book was hot but the story and characters were a bit strange to me.




As she arrived at the Henley home, she noticed an old black pickup truck parked in the driveway, and the two young men, Charlie and Rory, had already cut away most of the brush from the path, and were on the process of clearing away the remnants which led up to the steps.

“Morning,” she called out to the two men, who had stopped working when she drove up.

Charlie’s eyes were devouring her body. It was obvious that her little cut-off shorts were having quite an effect on him.

“Morning, ma’am,” he said, walking to meet her, his eyes riveted on her long legs.

“I borrowed a machete from Toby to cut away the brush, but the two of you beat me to it.”

Rory quickly joined Charlie, but none of her words registered with him. He too stared in awe at her as if dumbstruck, as Skye’s eyes darted from one to the other until finally Charlie spoke.

“Rory and I decided to make an early start.”

“So I see. When are we going to start working inside?” she asked.

“It’s not as bad inside as it seems,” Charlie continued. “Rory and I managed to get inside and had a good look around. You forgot to lock the door.”

“It looked like a horrible mess to me,” she interrupted him.

“The bones of the house are good. Just a minor repair here and there and you can move in your furniture in a few days,” the architect said.

“I like the sound of that,” she replied.

Skye and Charlie kept on conversing, neither one of them noticing how quiet Rory was. He hadn’t said a word since Skye arrived there. He was totally addled by her presence. When she opened the door of the truck and bent over to remove the machete, his eyes almost bulged from his head. His face turned beet red, and he quickly turned around and continued cutting away at the remaining brush. Her eyes and Charlie’s eyes met, and he lifted his shoulders as if to say, ‘I have no idea what’s wrong with him.’

Loaded down with tools and work clothes, she climbed the steps and disappeared behind the main door.

“What’s wrong with you?” Charlie whispered to Rory.

“Don’t tell me she isn’t getting to you, too.”

“She is, but she doesn’t have to know it.”

“What I wouldn’t do to lick her all over,” an aroused Rory whispered. “I would like to cover her in chocolate and slowly lick it off her.”

“So would I,” his friend said. “But you must stop showing her your hand.”

“She does strange things to me,” Rory said.

“Each time a beautiful woman shows up here, you just lose it, Rory.”

“I can’t help myself. It just has a mind all of its own,” he said, staring down at his zipper.

“Can you imagine the three of us together?” Charlie asked, his eyes narrowing and his mind far away.

“I dream about it, Charlie. I almost flipped my lid when she stepped out of the truck in those short, little shorts.”

“You just can’t go getting all excited whenever a pretty woman shows up around here.”

“Why do you think a beautiful woman like her would want to live in a hick-town like this?”

“I don’t know,” Charlie replied, wrinkling his brow. “Think she’s everything she seems to be?”

“Don’t know, but I wouldn’t mind tasting her. She looks like a hot number.”

“Let’s get this finished and get inside.”

“Whatever you say,” Rory replied. “I’ve still got a few things to do, and a couple deadlines to meet.”

“I thought you finished those paintings last week.”




Charlie worked his fingers up to the one of her crimson peaks. He was salivating at the thought of having one of them between his lips. He had not worked up the courage to touch her, but one look into her eyes and he knew she wanted him too. He slowly took one crimson peak between his thumb and forefinger and moved it around like a pebble. His jeans seemed to have grown one size smaller, as his thick cock rubbed against his zipper, causing him the sweetest bit of discomfort he had ever experienced. He placed the other hand on his hardness, rubbing it up and down, the friction exciting him and making his hard-on feel like a piece of steel. He continued forming circles around her areola with his fingertips, and watched her peaks grow harder and darker, putting him into a semi-hypnotic state. Aroused by the goings-on, Rory followed Charlie by first taking the other nipple between his thumb and forefinger, but then he went one step further by licking it with the tip of his long tongue, while eyes gazing into her eyes. They sucked and pulled on her nipples, stretching them like pieces of elastic, before releasing them and sucking them in again. Charlie looked up to find Rory’s eyes fastened on him and what he was doing.

Skye moved her head from side to side, watching those eager lips that sent her juices flowing freely, and settling between her thighs. Her heart was thumping wildly and all her erogenous zones were on high alert.

“Feed me,” a highly aroused Charlie whispered in her ear.

She rested on one elbow, lifted one breast onto her palm, and guided it in the direction of his parted lips. He pulled it in slowly, gently biting her nipple in the process. That mixture of pleasure sprinkled with a bit of pain seemed to excite her and she parted thighs, begging for more.

A mesmerized Rory worked his way down her body, fell to the floor on his knees, and lifted her left leg onto his shoulder, his eyes glued between her eyes as if he were carefully inspecting her private parts. He ran his tongue around his lips in anticipation, while he stared at the nectar that had formed between her thighs. He started at her knee and worked his way up to her inner thigh, licking with precision until he reached her nucleus of pleasure. Once there, he kept avoiding it, working his tongue down her inner thigh and up again, until he was again at the epicenter of her sexuality. When his tongue circled her swollen clit, the sound of desperation erupted from her lungs. His head kept moving in a circle causing her to lift her pelvis to achieve maximum friction. He raised his head and looked into her eyes, and his hand moved to her mound and his middle finger slipped easily into her wetness. She moaned and her hips moved in rhythm with his probing finger.

“Oh God,” she called out, as his thumb attacked her swollen clit.

Still occupied with her ample breasts, Charlie moved his head from one nipple to the next, paying them both the same attention. Rory injected a second finger, and she could feel him probing, stroking, and stimulating her vaginal walls, and she moaned when she heard the sloshing sounds his fingers made, as they moved in and out of her wet, juicy canal.

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