Straight Can Wait! The Complete Collection

Chances Press, LLC

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

Erotica writers Rusty Saber and Dominick Cummings present all present all eleven stories from the STRAIGHT CAN WAIT COLLECTION in one kinky, man-on-man, bi-curious collection about men who are “straight” until…

Stories include:

In “Blowing It With My Brother-In-Law,” Conner, a college student, finds himself frustratingly jealous with all of the attention his “perfect” sister is getting for her upcoming wedding day. However, he soon finds himself in a situation where his frat-jock future brother-in-law will end up playing right into Conner’s hands for some blackmail sex. How far will Conner take his twisted kinky demands of his brother-in-law?

More than one thing can leak in a dark, musty basement! In “Basement Leak,” an apartment manager brings new meaning to “pipe cleaning” after one too many drinks with a friendly tenant who just happens to be on the outs with his girlfriend.

In “Black Friday,” a sexy uncut Puerto Rican stud, Eduardo, with the knack for getting “straight guys” to stray catches the eye of a tall, football player build married black man in a shopping line late one Thanksgiving night. Before their holiday shopping expedition is over, the two men bring new meaning to “bagging your purchases!”

What’s a handsome, furry, toned Jewish guy to do on a Christmas Day when his flight attendant wife is out of town working? Eat Chinese food of course! But in “Mee’s Kosher Christmas,” the married guy sets his sights on the smooth, well-built boyish Chinese waiter, he thinks he’ll have a night exploring his secret fantasies of dominating a submissive Asian guy. Little does he know, the waiter is going to turn the tables on him…and fast!

In “Spank Club,” Max has long lusted after the hunky gorgeous, older married man in his office. When he unexpectedly finds himself at a meeting for the straight kink group Spank Club, Max is surprised to find himself in a position to call the shots with the man of his solo sex fantasies! Will he take the plunge and show this straight guy that boys know what boys like?

Eric has been having an affair with a stunningly handsome African-American lawyer, Tyrone, he once worked for in the past in “The Double DL.” When one of Tyrone’s long-time enemies finds out about their affair, Eric ends up in the middle of a sexual web of revenge. But does Eric have his own plan for the two men?

Straight Can Wait!  The Complete Collection
0 Ratings (0.0)

Straight Can Wait! The Complete Collection

Chances Press, LLC

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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“Good luck! Best wishes!” the collective crowd yelled out as my sister, Vanessa, and brother-in-law, newly married, exited the reception hall towards their waiting limo.

My mother, with tears in her eyes, stood next to me in her designer violet pantsuit.

“She's so beautiful,” Mom uttered, as she wiped tears from her eyes with a lace hankie.

“Uh, huh,” I muttered. I hated wearing the confining tux with God awful maroon cummerbund my sister had picked out.

“My baby,” Mom cooed, as if I didn't even exist.


My sister and brother-in-law turned around one last time to wave to the crowd before they climbed into the limo and headed to the airport and ultimately their honeymoon in the Virgin Islands.

Virgin Islands.

How ironic.

My sister wore a vintage red Valentino for her going away dress. No expense was spared, of course. She had been my parents' princess, and I had been the disappointment. The son, who despite never causing a moments trouble, never could live up to their expectations because I was gay. It didn't matter that at twenty-four I was already one of the most sought after make-up artists in Hollywood.

My father ran up and gave my sister one last peck on the cheek. The apple of his eye leaving him for another man. Oh, the betrayal.

Not that I was bitter mind you.

Actually, I made a point to lock eyes with my brother-in-law, Seth, one last time. Seth, the star quarterback at his college, now engineer, stood six three, had a rock hard body, and a bubble ass that was totally wasted on a straight man. His shaggy dark hair and brooding eyes made the perfect complement to my sister's alabaster skin and reddish hair. They looked like the perfect soap opera couple on their wedding day, almost too much beauty to take in at once.

I couldn't help but smile a little though. If Vanessa only knew, she'd fall apart in her couture.
Seth tried to avoid making eye contact with me, but my stare was so intense, so powerful that even he couldn't avoid it. For a brief second, our eyes locked, and I could have sworn his face grew flush.
After all, I could still taste his semen in my mouth.

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