When William “Will” Ladler shows up at the Radisson Hotel for the wedding of his best friend’s younger brother, he’s surprised to see the gorgeous, effeminate young man he’d danced with the night before at a club, standing at the altar dressed in a tuxedo as a member of the wedding party. Will watches as the younger man’s long auburn hair blows in the wind, missing the entire ceremony. He’s determined to not only find out the younger man’s name but to get his number and ask him out on a date, which is what he’d wanted to do the night before.

Derrick “Rick” Tramun is beyond shocked to see the gorgeous Will Ladler at his older brother’s wedding. Their night was cut short by a fight and Rick’s overprotective friends, who were determined to make sure that he makes it home by his curfew. After dancing with Will the night before and jacking off to the memory of it before bed, Rick is more than happy to take Will up on his offer for dinner, much to his family’s horror and against their objections. His family has always been super supportive of his lifestyle, so why were they so against his dating Will?

But when Will sees exactly how flamboyant and effeminate Rick is and Rick finds out exactly how much Will can “pass” as a heterosexual man, will the two of them be able to make a go of their relationship or is Rick too “super gay” for straight laced Will?

Super Gay
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Cover Art by Angel Rodriguez-Benton & Vicktor Alexander
Liked this story wish it was longer
I really loved Will and Rick's story. This is a full and well developed story and getting it for free was just a bonus. Loved the mix of humor and emotion. The message chapter was perfect and I really enjoyed it. And I agree with "Derrick"'s mom why sweat over your kid's name just to use a nick name.
Katy Beth

Derrick Tramun, Rick to all his friends, lifted his hands in the air, closed his eyes and let the music move him. His hips swayed side to side and the thump of “Celebrate” pulsed through his veins. He was just thinking about going to sit down when the opening strains of “Dirrty” by Christina Aguilera began playing.
“It’s the goddess!” he screamed at the top of his lungs with a happy squeal. He heard his friends Leo, Vancyn, Elliott and Ned join him in celebrating the iconic singer. The nightclub Groove & Grind seemed to explode with excitement. Shirts flew off and men grabbed each other as they showed exactly how “dirty” they could be. Rick tensed slightly when he felt a broad, muscled chest pressed against his back. Granted the man probably wasn’t as big as Rick’s mind was making him, but at only five foot three and ninety-eight pounds, anyone and everyone was hugely muscled compared to him. He pressed his ass against the other man’s groin and continued to dance. He smiled at the other man’s groan and felt his heart pounding out an accompanying rhythm to the music playing over the speakers.
“God you feel good,” the deeply seductive voice whispered in his ear and Rick shivered. The trembles in his limbs continued as the man behind him ran his hands over Rick’s torso and down to his thighs. Rick knew, in some distant part of his mind, that he should put a stop to the man practically molesting him on the dance floor, or at least turn and see the man’s face. But, whether it was the message of Christina’s song, the multitude of barely dressed, sweaty men surrounding him, or the thick erection he could feel pressed against his ass, he didn’t do either of those things. Instead he lifted his arms and behind his head, wrapping them around the neck of his mystery dancer.
When the song changed to Lady Gaga’s “You and I”, Rick tilted his head to the side, his eyes sliding closed as he felt the man behind him press his lips to the side of his neck. He moaned and his cock, which had been hard since he’d begun dancing with the taller man, grew thicker in his tight, leather pants. His fishnet shirt was pushed up and his nipples grew tight as the warm air from the club brushed across them. As his dance partner nuzzled and nibbled at his neck, Rick thanked the god, Rock Hudson, that he’d put his shoulder length auburn hair up into a ponytail at the top of his head. He licked his lips, distantly noting that the lip gloss he’d reapplied just an hour before had already faded.
“God, I wish I could take you home with me,” the body spoke behind him and Rick felt a different type of tremor sweep through him. Was he dancing with a psycho? Some guy who would kidnap him, take him home, rape him and lock him up in his basement? Lowering his arms as different scenarios played themselves out in his head, Rick slowly turned and found himself looking up and up and up into the light green eyes of the most gorgeous man he’d ever laid eyes on before. The thin nose in the middle of the stranger’s face had a bump in the middle, implying that “Mr. Gorgeous” had been in a fight and had his nose broken at some point. His black hair was tapered and cut to the nape of his neck and Rick found himself imagining what it would feel like to run his fingers through the thick, black strands. Rick could tell from looking at the sexy man that he was much, much older than his own nineteen years, but rather than turn him off, Rick found himself entranced and extremely attracted to the other man. A part of him wanted to drop his pants and show how flexible he was by bending over and grabbing his ankles while the other man fucked him silly.
Rick found his hazel gaze trapped by the man’s light green one and as if he were trapped in some sappy romantic chick-flick, everything around him blurred and faded in the background, the music grew soft and all he could hear was his breathing mixing delightfully with his stranger’s. He opened his mouth to say… something when he was abruptly snapped out of his delightful fantasy by his friends yelling his name and telling him that it was time to go.

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