Tedi Sinclair

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I am a wife, mother, and hard-core crafter. Tedi made her first appearance during the most boring freshman English lecture of all time. She has been my secret alter ego since then, giving me confidence to do crazy things like write erotic romance. She is also responsible for most of my sarcastic comments, epic jokes, and snort laughs.


Q: How do you write your books?

A: My books usually write themselves. I sit and type what the characters tell me to type. When something sounds off, I research the topic. I do not often plot out the entire story, only bits and pieces.


Q: Are you a ninja?

A: I am not, nor have I ever been, a ninja.


Q: What do you do when you are not writing?

A: I don’t write all that much and have to squeeze it into my life. I am a mom to two special kids who I homeschool. I am married to a military man. Each moment with him is precious and scarce, so I try to give him extra time. I love to read, and I am a hard-core baker and crafter/seamstress. I will pretty much do anything to avoid cleaning.


Q: What inspires you? Where does your inspiration come from for your writings?

A: Things I like inspire me. I like hot men. I like dichotomy, vocabulary words, and research. The nerd in me stumbles across many items that inspire me.


Q: Are your stories based on real life situations or people? Does your personal life influence your stories/characters/plots?

A: I think all stories need some basis in reality. Even science fiction has to be believable enough for readers to think it could happen. My personal tastes influence my writing but not my personal life. However, I will admit that nothing gets my wheels turning like talk shows and gossip.


Q: What do you watch on TV?

A: My brain never shuts down, so when I watch TV I watch the most mind-numbing reality TV and non-informative shows possible. I also watch sci-fi. When my husband or children have the remote, I sit through educational shows and cartoons. 


Q: Why write M/M? 

A: Several reasons. Women confound me. Men are so much easier to understand in my opinion. I find them more direct and have always related to them easier. Also, as a straight woman, I feel the more men in the picture, the better! 

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