[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Older Hero Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Tobias "Toby" Dunham quietly fled Kansas eight years ago. Alpha's orders now compel Toby to return and upgrade the Strays Preserve's security system.
Trying to finish his degree early, Kent Matthews is interning at Strays Preserve. His unexpected arrival coincides with Toby’s. After a chance encounter Kent instantly realizes why his father’s best friend disappeared. Kent is Toby’s much younger mate. Toby wants to start a relationship, but Kent had grown up and left no room for his absentee mate.
The mate bond is pulling strongly but only adding more damage and confusion to their strained relationship. Insert outside opinions, resentment, and a dash of hormones, and Toby and Kent have a recipe for disaster. Kent has to come to terms with the past and accept Toby’s decision if he is ever to have the relationship he's dreamed of. But will Toby have the patience to wait for his mate?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Absentee Wolf (MM)
15 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




Kent’s head popped up from his laptop, the tip of his tongue sticking out, caught in his lips. Toby fought the urge to jump across that distance to taste it. “Huh?”

“You and Toby need to come up with a press release about security being increased on the preserve. Make it whatever he just said.” Ben pointed at Toby and waved his hand. Ben’s phone buzzed and skittered across the desk. Ben picked it up and scrolled through the screen. “Sorry, I have to cut this short. Just do as I’ve asked you all.”

Ben stood from his desk and practically sprinted from his office. Those left behind looked around at each other and shrugged. The alpha had a lot on his plate, so they weren’t going to judge his odd behavior now.

Noah and Deacon headed to Deacon’s office to work up a schedule. They pulled Connor along with them.

Toby stood by his chair, his messenger bag now slung over his shoulder. He wanted to talk to Kent about them, about what happened, about mating, but if Kent wouldn’t listen, Toby was going to just use the inroad Ben had provided. Kent stood, kept his eyes down, and headed right to the exit.

“You might as well follow me to my office so we can get this done.”

He brushed past Toby, and his scent trailed behind him. Toby inhaled deeply, and his cock responded as always. Today Kent was wearing some expensive cologne, and it accented his natural scent. He had on a dress shirt and slacks that made him look the part of a PA. He should have been on Wall Street and not here in Kansas.

Toby followed as closely behind Kent as he could. He wanted Kent to know he was there. He wanted him to feel his body touching him, even if it wasn’t. He wanted Kent to respond to him. Even if it was anger, it meant he had affected Kent and affected him passionately. Kent stopped at his office door, and Toby bumped into his back, smushing Kent against the door. Kent elbowed him, but Toby didn’t care. He took the opportunity to lean in and sniff Kent’s neck and hair. He didn’t even try to hide the action. He wasn’t ashamed of it. Toby was blatantly taking the opportunity afforded him. His nose brushed against the short hairs at Kent’s nape, and he inhaled deeply.

“Toby, knock it off.” Toby stepped back, but only minutely.

“You’re my mate, and you smell good.”

Finally fumbling with the handle, he opened the door. Kent stood to the side and gestured.

“Just get in.” He looked in the hall before closing the door.

Kent marched around the desk and set his netbook down. His hands were on the desktop, and his head was bent as he leaned over it. He blew out a long, slow breath. Toby took the opportunity to move around the desk and sit on the edge near Kent. Toby’s face was right below his.

“Toby, why are you doing this?” He looked over Kent’s face. His eyes traveled over every inch of skin, and his brows furrowed.

“You’re my mate. I’ve been waiting and waiting for you. I want you. I want my mate. What’s so hard to understand about that?”

Kent didn’t answer. He pulled out his chair and then sat in it. He moved his netbook to the side of his desk then took out the list that Ben had handed him. Grabbing a corner, he flipped through the pages rapidly.

“That’s just too much. Let’s start the press release. You know what? Forget it. I can do that on my own. When I’m done with it, you can sign off. I don’t need you.”

“Ouch.” Toby pulled the lone chair around the desk and sat it as close to Kent as he could. “I get the feeling you mean that in more ways than the list and press release.”

“You’re so perceptive, Tobias. Really, it’s surprising that someone as perceptive as you fucked up his mating so royally.”

“Dammit! Would you just tell me what I did that was so bad? Leaving so you could grow up without me lingering or feeling like I was breathing down your neck?”

“You mean abandoning me and never telling me that you were my mate.”

It was as if Toby hadn’t spoken at all. Every time he said his reasons, Kent ignored them.

“No, like I told you before but you’re apparently deaf or you just don’t listen. I left so you could grow up without me inadvertently influencing you. I saw others go through this, and I didn’t want that for you.”

“What others?”

“I don’t know. Just another couple. It’s not important. He was older, and all she did was moon over him. She didn’t focus on school because she was going to marry him. She had no life of her own. It was all about her mate and rushing to grow up to marry him. It’s just not healthy to be that wrapped up in one person.”

“But it was okay for you.”

Toby snapped his head back at Kent’s judgmental tone. “What do you mean by that?”

“Well you basically ended your life when you realized I was your mate. You lost your friends and pack and moved across the country. You said you moved for me, but I think it was because you were scared. Your way was convenient. And it gave you complete control.” Kent’s eyes widened, and he shook his finger at Toby. “I nailed it. You had to control it all. Well, news flash, pal. You can’t control me. I’m a free agent. Now, get out.”




Toby struck his chest and paced away from Kent. Toby looked back at him, and he was sitting behind his desk like he owned the world, as if this wasn’t hard for Toby.

“I didn’t know how to act around you, all right? I wouldn’t have tried anything, but it was just weird.”

“Like it’s weird now, since I’m still that same kid.”

“No.” Toby returned to his seat and spun Kent toward him. “You aren’t that kid anymore. You’re a grown man. And I chickened out and ran away. I took the easy way, and I’m so sorry. I should have been there for you in person all those years. I made the excuse that my leaving was so you could grow up and have your first kiss or your first crush like a regular kid and not have me leaning over your shoulder. But I was afraid I’d lose my best friend and that I wouldn’t know how to act around you. I’m sorry.”

The quiet stretched on. Kent wasn’t saying anything. He didn’t tell Toby to leave again, so Toby decided to wait it out and see if anything happened. He tipped his head down, only glancing at Kent from the side.

“I had my first crush. Actually, it became almost an obsession. Nothing ever came of it though. Even kept a photo of the guy under my pillow.”

An easy smile slipped onto Kent’s lips with that last admission, and Toby’s heart raced. It had been literally over eight years since he had seen that smile in real life. In the past that smile was a pure joy that radiated from Kent, but now it caused heart-thumping adrenaline to rush through Toby’s body.

“Why didn’t you do anything other than moon over him?”

The smile was gone, and Kent’s face became stoic as he peered into Toby’s eyes. “Because he was too old for me.”

Realization punched the wind from Toby’s lungs, and he sat back in his chair.

“I got so obsessed with him that no one ever measured up to him. Guys at school weren’t serious enough. They played too many games and weren’t driven enough. Gah!”

Kent’s head fell backward over the chair, and his arms hung limply into his lap. When Kent didn’t speak, Toby placed his hand on Kent’s knee and quietly said his name. Kent looked back at him, with tears brimming in his eyes.

“You were my first kiss.”

“Oh, Kent, I’m sorry.”

“You tried so hard to let me grow up and keep yourself from me, but I’m your mate. You were supposed to be in my life, and you left me. I know you say it was for good intentions, and my dad probably agrees with you, but no one got me like you did. I missed you. I didn’t even know that you were my mate, and I still missed you and dreamed about you and love you.”

Toby noticed right away that Kent didn’t say loved, as in the past. He said love, as in Kent still loved Toby now. Toby closed the distance between them and pressed his lips to Kent’s, begging that his mate kiss him back this time. Kent didn’t disappoint. Toby started slow, his mouth closed and merely brushing over Kent’s, but when he heard the inhale of shock from Kent, Toby pulled Kent out of the chair and stood. He grabbed his mate tightly to him and kissed him soundly. The moment of shock allowed him to press his tongue forward and sweep inside. The first taste of Kent washed over him, and Toby growled into his mate’s mouth.

Toby spun so he could sit on the desk top. He slid backward and pulled Kent to straddle him. Sliding his hands into Kent’s curls, he pulled his head back and kissed along his neck. Toby’s canine teeth descended, and he scraped them along the tender flesh.

Kent whimpered and clutched Toby’s shoulders. As badly as Toby wanted to claim his mate, he wasn’t going to do so on the desk, but he had no qualms about other activities. He kissed along Kent’s corded neck. Releasing Kent’s hair, he brought both hands down to open his belt and slacks. Reaching into Kent’s boxers, he got his first feel of the thick cock.

Toby pressed one hand into the small of Kent’s back to steady him. With slow strokes, he slid up and down Kent’s hot flesh. “Let me jack you off.”

Kent’s eyes were wide, and his canine teeth peeked over his lip. He nodded mutely, his nails digging into Toby’s shoulders. Toby knew it wouldn’t take much to bring his mate to release. Both of them were hard and leaking. Toby had years of repressed sexual frustration, and Kent had just admitted he had no experience. This might be the fastest hand job in history.

Watching his mate find his release was all Toby was interested in. He stroked the heavy shaft, each tug trying to pull Kent closer. Pre-cum ran down the length and slicked the way for Toby’s fingers. His thumb slid over the head and across the slit pulling more droplets with it.

Toby increased his efforts when Kent whined then began panting. He pressed his forehead to Toby’s.

“So close.”

“Come for me then, my mate.”

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