The Cheat Sheet

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,528
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Ever been tempted? Then you need this book, the essential field manual that describes when, where, why and—especially—how to have an affair. To provide practical examples, and to keep the guide from being too matter of fact and dry, this field manual contains ten stories describing hot, wild and sexy affairs involving married women and a few friends.

The Cheat Sheet
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Cheat Sheet

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,528
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Angela Waters

Here it was, my first threesome. I took Guy as deep as I could into my mouth, ignoring the taste and smell of chlorine. Pierre had a wonderful rhythmic stroke going as he moved in and out of me, a rhythm I struggled to match with my head sliding up and down Guy’s cock. Guy came first, groaning as he spewed his salty cum into my mouth. Pierre came next, his hot streams of jism reaching, it seemed, my lungs. When I came, I broke into shivers despite the hot steam rising from the hot tub. I guess the steam wasn’t as hot as my body.

These men didn’t fool around. “Let’s go to your room,” Pierre said, “and continue this.”

I swallowed Guy’s cum, nodded and said, “Okay.”

We barely bothered with our robes. If anyone had come onto the elevator when we were in it, they would have found mine wide open with me stroking Pierre’s cock while Guy fondled my breasts. We stumbled into my room.

Guy said, “Let’s shower off.”

I wondered why he wanted to take the time to shower until, that is, we were crammed into the tiny tub and their soap-slicked hands were moving all over me and my soap-slicked hands were sliding up and down their hard cocks.

It was dreamlike, the towels patting my body, the kisses on my neck and breasts, the fingers in my pussy, the hands leading me toward the bed. Guy lay down with his head toward the foot of the bed and signaled me to come on top of him. As I lowered myself onto his stiff dick, Pierre positioned himself in front of me, his cock in his hand. I leaned forward to take it into my mouth.

He said, “I have a better idea.”

He trotted off for a second and returned with the little bottle of skin lotion the hotel provided. Standing to the side of me, he poured some onto my back and worked it into my skin. Then he poured some more onto my ass and massaged my cheeks, his hands sliding around, his fingers finding my butt hole. All the while I just moved around and around, a carnal lust building in me as I waited for the final act.

I didn’t have to wait long. Pierre slid one and then another finger into my tight hole and asked, “Is it okay?”

I had always wondered what it would be like to be taken in both holes, asking myself if I could do it, and here was the opportunity, perhaps the only one I would ever have, to try it. I nodded and muttered, “Uh huh.”

“Let me,” he said. One at a time he stretched my legs out so Guy could hook his ankles over mine. I lay prone on top of him, unable to move, as Pierre straddled my body. My head snapped up like yo-yo when I felt the first pressure of his cock on me. That’s when I saw them. I saw our reflections in the mirror facing the bed and, as though it were a porno movie, out reflections in the large screen TV. The TV gave me a good view of Guy’s cock, a cock that appeared bigger than it should have been. When he pushed in further though, I knew the image in the TV wasn’t wrong.

It’s not as though they fucked me. After all, our balancing act was a bit precarious. But they moved, Pierre making small circles and grinding against my pussy and Guy pushing in deeper a little at a time. The woman I saw in the mirror stared back at me with a wide-open mouth and wild eyes, her pleasure obvious and, as her eyes squeezed shut, her pleasure reaching a peak.

As if on cue, my cell phone began to dance on the nightstand, making a buzzing sound that, for some reason, sent me over the edge. “Now,” I screamed. “Now!”

Well, they fucked me then! Pierre pulled way out and pushed way in over and over and over. Guy shoved his cock all the way into me until his pubic hair pressed against my flesh. When I came, I cried, “Mmmm-nuh, mmmm-nuh, mmmm-nuh,” my moans syncopated with the throbbing of Guy’s cock as it expanded the walls of my hole and pumped his cum into me.

Spent, we rested for a bit, their cocks firmly ensconced in me. When Guy pulled out, he said something in French to Pierre. Pierre rolled me onto my back, kissed me and whispered, “We’d like to spend the night with you. We have so much more we can do.”

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