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I am now a full time author, having previously been a Psychology lecturer. This has been invaluable in my development of characters and storylines.

As a single parent of three, I worked in shops and factories to provide us with a living. However, my ambitions lead to me enrolling in university as a mature student, where I obtained an honours degree in Psychology and a Masters in Women studies. Following this I became a lecturer and researcher.

My love for reading and writing encouraged me to obtain Post Graduate diplomas in creative and popular writing. I have been a prolific reader since the age of seven.

I have been writing in some shape or form, most of my life. However, I only started writing novels just over a year ago.

I am lucky enough to get my work published and feel honoured to be part of the Siren-BookStrand stable of authors.

I have three children, who are grown up with families of their own, and I have lived a varied and interesting life so far, with more to come, hopefully.

I had numerous jobs when I was younger and also moved house many times. This plethora of life experiences has most definitely given an extra dimension to my writing.

Unfortunately, a few years ago I developed an eye condition, which is destroying my sight. This however, does not stop me writing, as I am now hoping to write more books for Siren-BookStrand, where I can explore all the senses that my characters experience as they continue on their adventures.

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My email address is : [email protected]

Q: What is a typical day in your life?

A: I get up at 7am, breakfast, and then usually do an hour or two of writing. If I have household chores or shopping to do, that will be next on my agenda.

In the afternoon, I generally try to answer correspondence, do more writing or see clients. I am still practicing as a Psychotherapist, so clients attend my office.

Some evenings I may spend up to four or five hours writing, editing and revising.

On Wednesdays I look after my grandkids!

Q: What inspires the novels you write?

A: Anything can be inspiration. A scene; object; dancing; argument – just about anything. My novel Rapture Recaptured came about when I saw a couple, obviously on their sixties, having a meal in a restaurant. They were gazing lovingly at each other over the table. I don't know their story, but I thought "Why not write about an erotic relationship between two older people. They happen all the time. Sex wasn't invented by the young." This formed the basis for the book.

Q: What do you think makes a good story?

A: That's easy …interesting plot, empathic characters, fast paced action, a few twists and turns… and a good, satisfying ending.

Q: Do you enjoy writing erotic novels?

A: Yes, very much so. I am not at all embarrassed by sex, lust and passion. It’s a large part of real life, and most people can relate to it. It must be relevant to the plot, and enjoyable to the characters. It might even give the readers some new ideas.

Q: What would you say is the most difficult part of writing?

A: Apart from getting published, you mean? I'd say writing a really good ending. One which satisfies you, the writer and the reader.

Q: Do you stick to one genre in your writing?

A: No. I seem to be able to write books in several different genres: Romance, Erotica, Crime, Historical Fiction and Psychological thrillers to name just a few. I enjoy them all. Like my reading, I am very eclectic.

Q: Are you planning any more books at present?

A: Yes, I'm writing an historical erotic romance at the moment. I'm hoping to be able to submit it for publication soon.

Q: How long have you been writing?

A: All my life. But only started writing novels just over a year ago. I feel greatly honoured to be published by Siren-BookStrand.

My first fictional story was when I was six years old, about a little girl who lost a puppy. I still remember it won a school competition. I wrote a script for Punch and Judy at school when I was seven.

However, my Psychology career overtook other aeration for many years, until I started writing full time in January 2013.

Q: What are your writing hopes for the future?

A: To get lots of books published and to become a best-selling author. The same as every other writer, I imagine!

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