Rapture Recaptured (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,922
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
Widow, Anna Richmond, and Rick Saunders meet on an Internet dating site. They discover that there is an overwhelming sexual chemistry between them, which reignites desires they thought were long in the past. They embark on a passionate relationship, but find obstacles in the way of their happiness. Not least of these are Anna's disapproving children and Rick's ex.
When Rick suffers a personal trauma and has to take over the family business thousands of miles away in Boston, they decide to part due to the geographical distance. Rick and Anna continue their separate lives, but are filled with pain and longing for each other.
Rick returns temporarily to Britain, hoping to persuade Anna to leave all her responsibilities and live in America with him. Anna is in a new relationship and her children rely on her more than ever. Rick's return throws her into turmoil. Will she give up everything to follow the man who has unlocked her passion and her heart?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Rapture Recaptured (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Rapture Recaptured (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,922
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




At fifty-nine, Anna lived alone. Her children had flown the nest and she had downsized from a large family house to this cute red-bricked apartment outside of town in a leafy grove.

It was near the park where she could walk her little Shih Tzu, Poppy, when Poppy deigned to walk. She could also pop into the tiny shopping mall a few minutes away.

Anna worked part-time as a library assistant in the old town library, and had a small pension from Jim’s company, which just about kept her going.

What she didn’t have was Jim. He had died almost three years ago now, and she still missed him on a daily basis. She missed their talks, going to the movies, dining with friends, playing with the grandkids, but she also missed sex…the intimacy, the feelings, the orgasms and the anticipation.

If her kids knew about her “naughty” dreams, they would have a fit. They pictured her as a quiet granny with her hobbies, pottering around the apartment, getting enjoyment from growing indoor plants and painting some boring watercolours.

They would be shocked if they knew the abandoned, sexy creature who was just dying to be unleashed.

All she had to do was find someone to help her unleash her carnal desires upon…and that was not proving to be easy.

All Anna’s male friends and acquaintances were either married or gay. There was not one single straight guy amongst them.

Brian, who had been such a good shoulder to cry on during the months following Jim’s death, had a lovely partner named Steve. They both invited her to dinner parties, but most of their friends consisted of other gay couples, with no single suitable men for her to date.

There had been Robert, a frequent visitor to the library, whom Anna had considered a possibility. Good-looking in a rugged sort of way, dark hair specked with gray, early sixties. He read books on mountaineering and dangerous sports, as well as the odd spy fiction.

They always exchanged pleasantries and the odd joke. He had told her he was single, divorced some years back, had a grown-up son whom he seldom saw. They had laughed about adult children only turning up when they wanted money. Yes, she’d had hopes for him.

Then one day he’d turned up to tell her he was off on a mountaineering expedition with his new girlfriend. He brought her with him to choose books on the Pyrenees where they were going on their adventure. She was a tall, willowy yet athletic blonde who was all of twenty-eight. Anna’s heart sank.

At fifty-nine, almost sixty, she was “good for her age,” but couldn’t compete with a woman thirty years her junior. Anna had dark reddish-brown hair, which owed its colour to her hairdresser, a figure that could be described as voluptuous and would never see a size fourteen again, wrinkle-free skin due to genetics—her mother had been the same—good teeth, and green eyes. A pleasant, handsome-looking woman, but no competition for a blonde in her twenties.

Anna had wished them good luck, as another possible lover bit the dust.

It was after this disappointment that she decided to turn to Internet dating. Everyone was doing it, it was the trend in these busy days, and if she didn’t like her date she didn’t have to see him again.

The first two men Anna met were pretty much a disaster.

They were both around her age and not bad-looking. However, the first date, Bob, talked incessantly about his ex-wife. It was obvious he was still hung up on her and not ready to date anyone else. He was also extremely boring, and Anna was glad when the evening came to an end.

The second one, Nigel, was the opposite in terms of conversation. He was terribly shy and hardly spoke at all. His monosyllabic responses to Anna’s questions made the evening excruciating. He had the personality of a piece of dried-out wood…and that was being unfair to the wood! Anna had to plead a headache in order to end the date early.

With some trepidation, Anna dressed up and embarked on date number three. Fortuitously it was lucky number three.




A few more arrived and they greeted one another, then Rick strode in looking handsome in a dark gray suit, white shirt, and blue tie. He sat down opposite Anna.

Their eyes met, and they looked at each other with longing until Anna broke the gaze.

Rick looked at Anna’s breasts in the flimsy blouse. It was fastened up to the neck but he could make out the curve of her bust and the lace of her bra through the material. It was tantalising. Here they were, fully dressed, in a serious committee meeting and he was aware of the underlying movement of Anna’s bust in the bra with the lace and ribbon clearly visible,

He could feel himself go hard.

One of the councillors sitting next to him indicated that he help himself to tea or coffee. He could not move. His erection would be too obvious.

Anna, for her part, was turned on by his twinkly blue eyes. He only had to look at her for her to melt and her mind to go back to their passionate lovemaking. She could feel her panties getting wet, so she tried in vain to think of something else.

Rick was introduced to the committee as their new member and everyone greeted him, giving their names and roles. Anna faltered over her words.

The actual events and decisions made passed in a blur and both Anna and Rick were glad when it ended.

As they left the room Rick whispered in her ear, “I can’t be in a room with you without wanting you so much.”

“Come straight to my place,” she whispered back breathlessly. He merely nodded and strode quickly to his car.

They both reached Anna’s flat within moments of each other. She opened the door and they went inside, barely closing it, before Rick had pulled her into his arms.

“You are a dangerous bundle of sexuality,” he said. “I had to stop myself from grabbing you and ravishing you over the table in front of everyone.”

Anna laughed at the thought.

They continued kissing, but Anna was also leading the way into the bedroom.

Rick stepped back. “I am going to control myself and not fuck you quickly like yesterday, but make love to you slowly and sensuously. You look so sexy.”

“Sexy!” exclaimed Anna in surprise. “This is my most respectable and drab outfit.”

“Well I’ve got news for you.” He cupped a breast and started to fondle it. “You can see your bra through this blouse…you must drive all those old fogeys mad!”

Anna laughed again. Rick thought how sexy her laugh was.

He lay her on the bed fully dressed, then started searching the room for something. He found what he wanted on the dressing table.

Next, Rick lay down beside her. The silky cover felt delicious beneath them, Anna thought how good it would be naked.

He undid the top pearl button of her silk blouse, kissing the hollow of her neck as he revealed it. He undid the next one and the next, kissing any flesh that came into view. When it was totally undone, he helped her out of the blouse and discarded it.

Rick undid the button and zip on her skirt. He tugged gently, allowing it to fall on the floor. The only word he said was “tights” in a disapproving tone, but quickly removed these offending articles. He kissed her belly button and licked it with his tongue, lapping in the small indentation. His mouth continued downwards to the line of her panties, where he nibbled the small strands of pubic hair that were escaping.

Rick then returned to Anna’s mouth and began kissing her passionately. He undid her bra, and as she tried to pull off his tie, he stopped her. “No, I’m in charge…for now,” he whispered.

Anna did as she was told and lay back. Rick unfastened her bra and took it off her beautiful ripe breasts. Oh how he loved those breasts…with their protruding nipples and large areolas, the heavy plumpness of them felt so erotic. He kissed the nipples and sucked gently.

Anna felt her clitoris throb and her vagina contract as if there were a direct line from nipple to pussy.

Rick stood up and picked up the items he had found on the dressing table. One was a red ribbon and the other gold. He took Anna’s wrists and gently tied first her left, then her right, to the bedpost. They were very loosely tied and could easily be pulled off, but Anna was enjoying it. The feel of the soft silk of the ribbon itself was sensuous. She felt as if she were a sex slave. Her body tingled with desire.

Rick undressed slowly in front of Anna. He tantalised her with each display of flesh. She giggled when he swivelled his hips and gyrated in front of her.

Finally he had only his boxers to remove, which had a prominent hump in the front of them. He took them off to reveal his hard, pulsating cock.

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