Tracey Michael

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Welcome! It’s nice to meet you!

My name is Tracey, but for the last eighteen years, I’ve been mostly known as Mommy, Mama, or Mom. I have three amazing kids with very different personalities.

I’ll be celebrating twenty years of marriage this June. Wow, where did the time go? In that time, my husband has introduced me to truck and tractor pulls and NHRA Drag Racing. We go to both as often as we can.

I work as the Cost Accountant and Payroll clerk at a local manufacturing plant. I’ve been employed there for almost ten years.

For the last twenty-five-plus years, I’ve been having a love affair with romance novels. I cut my teeth on Johanna Lindsay and Nora Roberts, who still remain among my favorites. I’ve since brought more of the paranormal romance into my reading. I truly enjoy reading Sherrilyn Kenyon, Laurell K. Hamilton and Lora Leigh. Approximately two years ago, I opened myself up to Stormy Glenn and discovered the world of M/M Erotic Romance. All I can say is: HOT!

I enjoy fishing, swimming and just sitting on my front porch swing when it’s warm.

When it’s cold outside, I get comfy with a blanket and a movie. I’m not a fan of horror movies, but I like most other genres.While You Were Sleeping and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers are among my favorite movies.

I listen to anything from country to hard rock, depending on my mood.

Q. Where is the most unusual place you have drawn inspiration? 

A. I don’t think there are any unusual places that I’ve drawn inspiration. My inspiration comes from music, movies, and other books and dreams.


Q. Have you always been a writer at heart? 

A. Writing for me has always been a ‘pipe dream.’ It was something I always wanted to do, but never had the confidence. It took an opportunity from a friend to put myself out there. 


Q. How does your family/home life impact on your writing?

A. My family/home life makes it hard to sit down and write when the mood strikes. Someone always needs a ride somewhere or there is laundry to do or supper to make. I also have a full-time job away from the house. I do have a friend that helps out with the supper part, though. Thanks, Jami!


Q. Where do you write?

A. Mostly, I sit on my couch when I write. I have been known to carry my laptop out to the garage and sit in the back of whatever vehicle my husband is working on, though.


Q. What makes a book good for you? 

A. If I have tears streaming or laugh out loud, it’s a good book. If I grow attached to the characters, it’s a good book to me. I know it’s a good book when I come to the end and wonder what happened next.


Q. What bugs you about a main character?

A. I like my heroes/heroines strong, smart and with a bit of a smart-ass thrown in. It bugs me if the heroine is wishy-washy or overly needy.


Q. Coffee or tea?

A. Hot coffee or iced tea, but I prefer Diet Dr. Pepper.


Q. Pizza or pasta?

A. Pizza, definitely.


Q. Steak or chicken?

A. Steak, medium rare.

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