Gray and Harrison (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 19,545
5 Ratings (3.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

Gray Davis doesn’t normally go for the office types, but that doesn’t stop him from fantasizing about his new boss.

Harrison Rossiter can’t keep his eyes off of Gray, but as a general rule, he doesn’t date people he works with, especially those who work under him.

Harrison decides that he’d rather be friends with Gray than nothing, so he asks him to dinner, making it sound like a business dinner.

When Gray gets hurt, Harrison realizes that Gray has feelings for him, too. Harrison’s rule about dating coworkers goes right out the window.

A series of misunderstandings keeps Harrison and Gray apart. Will the misunderstandings get in the way of the happiness they can find with each other, or can they work them out?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Gray and Harrison (MM)
5 Ratings (3.6)

Gray and Harrison (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 19,545
5 Ratings (3.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



“Are you ready for me to show you my presentation now?” Gray asked, reaching for his briefcase.

“You know what? I trust you. I have every faith that your presentation will be perfect. Let’s take a walk instead. You know, so we can work off all that food we just consumed.” Harrison took the check and slid from the booth.

Gray looked at him, confused. He’d thought this was a business dinner. What kind of business dinner did you not discuss business at? Seeing the firm look on Harrison’s face, he slid from his side of the table and stood up. “Okay. Let me get my wallet out, so I can pay for my share of dinner, then.”

“Oh, no. Dinner is on me, tonight. I’ll let you buy next time.” He turned on his heel and started toward the cashier.

“I just wanted to tell you that you and your partner are very cute together. I hope you guys come back soon.”

Gray turned at the sound of the soft voice behind him. Their waitress was standing behind him, waiting to clear their table. He smiled at her. “Thank you. I’m sure we will. The food was very good.” Gray saw Harrison waiting for him at the door. “Have a nice night,” he said to the waitress as he walked away. Why didn’t I  correct her?

Gray followed Harrison out of the restaurant, matching his stride to the other man’s so he could walk beside him. “Let me drop this at my car, quick.” They walked to the parking garage where Gray had parked his car. Gray put his briefcase on the front seat and relocked the car.

Heading out to the sidewalk, Gray shot Harrison a look. “So, are you from around here, Harrison?” He hadn’t had a chance to ask about his background during dinner. It seemed he’d done most of the talking.

Harrison glanced over at Gray. The man had the sweetest smile.  “No, I moved here because of work. Why? Do you want to be my tour guide?” Gray could hear the teasing in Harrison’s voice. “Sure. I can show you around, if you want. I’ve been living here my whole life, so I know where all the good spots are.” He nodded across the street with his head. “Like there. That park is gorgeous, especially in fall when the leaves are turning. They keep it neat, too. I go there sometimes for lunch when the weather’s warm. We can cross here and go over now. They keep it well lit, too.”

“Yes. Let’s go to the park. I’d really like to see it.”

They checked to make sure the road was clear and crossed over to the park. They walked along the main path, making small talk and learning about one another. “So, you have just the one younger sister?” asked Harrison.

Gray nodded and smiled. “Yeah, and she’s the best. She’s always supported me, no matter what. When I told my parents I was gay, she was the only one who didn’t turn her back on me. We talk on the phone almost every day, and once a month, we meet for dinner.”

“That’s great that she’s so supportive. I wouldn’t mind meeting her sometime. I only have the one brother, and he backed away from me when I told him I was gay. He couldn’t understand why I would ‘choose’ such a lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, he’s my brother, and he loves me. He just doesn’t understand me.” Harrison shrugged like it didn’t matter, but somehow Gray knew it did.

“Well, I’ll share my sister with you. She’s the most open-minded person I know and the most tolerant. She’ll love to have another brother to fawn over.” Gray grinned at Harrison.

Harrison laughed. “I can see it now. She’ll be calling me every day to make sure I’m eating my vegetables and asking about the ‘man’ in my life.”

Gray forced a laugh. He could picture it, too. He would really like to be that person for Harrison. He opened his mouth to comment, when a large man stepped from the shadows. He was wielding a switchblade in his right hand. Gray and Harrison froze in place. “Freaks! People like you are an abomination to God!”




Harrison could see Gray’s grin when Harrison kicked the door open and slammed it with his heel when they were inside. He watched as Gray’s grin faded and his eyes widened. He was about to ask what was wrong when he heard Gray speak. “That’s some bed you have there.”

“All the better to lay you on, my dear.” He waggled his brows, his voice deep.

Gray laughed at him, shaking his head. He looked up at Harrison with the grin still on his face.

Harrison’s grin faded as he looked at the man in his arms. He couldn’t remember ever seeing that sparkle in Gray’s eyes, and it took his breath. His head swooped down, his mouth capturing Gray’s. The hitch in Gray’s breathing fueled Harrison’s desire. He walked Gray over beside the bed, setting him on his feet, breaking the kiss. Slowly, he pushed the already unbuttoned shirt from Gray’s shoulders.

Harrison was thrilled when Gray lifted his hands to the buttons on his shirt, starting to slide them through the holes. He watched Gray’s face as Gray’s eyes moved over him. When Gray leaned in and started to rub his face against his chest, Harrison hissed. Harrison’s hands roamed over Gray’s shoulders and chest, stopping to play with the small brown discs. They hardened under his hands, and he leaned in, licking the right one. When Gray shivered, Harrison bit down lightly. When he moaned, Harrison bit down harder. He moved his mouth to the other, giving it the same treatment.

It didn’t escape Harrison’s notice that Gray’s hands were shaking when he finished unbuttoning Harrison’s shirt. It felt better than he dreamed when Gray pushed Harrison’s shirt from his shoulders and started to slide his hands over Harrison’s chest and shoulders. Harrison straightened, giving Gray a look of pure lust.


* * * *


The look alone almost made Gray come in his pants. No one had ever looked at him like that before. Harrison put his hands on the front of Gray’s pants, squeezing his erection. “Off. I want these off,” he rasped, reaching for the fastening of Gray’s pants.

Gray moved his own hand to the front waistband of Harrison’s pants and smiled, working to get them open. “Yes. Off,” he agreed. He slid the zipper down, parting the material. Gray could see the black fabric of Harrison’s boxers peeking out at him.

When both men were nude, they moved to stretch out on the bed side by side. They continued to explore each other with hands while they kissed feverishly. Gray wrapped his hand around Harrison’s cock, squeezing as he started to stroke.

Harrison’s hips started to thrust against Gray’s hand as he groaned. His hands moved to Gray’s head, pushing him gently down the bed.

Gray knew what he wanted, and he was all about giving it to Harrison. He nuzzled his face in the curls that surrounded Harrison’s cock. Gray licked around the head, gathering the pre-cum on his tongue. He moaned softly at the musky flavor of him. Gray opened his mouth, wrapping his lips around Harrison’s cock and sucking it in to the back of his throat. His cheeks hollowed out as he sucked.


* * * *


Harrison tangled his fingers in Gray’s hair, leaning his head up to watch Gray swallow his cock. “That’s it. Suck it, sweetheart.” He clenched his jaw, holding back the urge to fuck Gray’s mouth. He wanted to enjoy this as long as possible. Harrison almost lost it when he felt Gray swallow around the head of his cock. His head fell back, and he groaned when Gray palmed his sack and started a slow, firm massage. Nothing had ever felt this good.

Harrison was at the edge of his control. He reached over, pulling the lube and condoms from the drawer beside the bed. Tugging at Gray’s hair, he coaxed him back up beside him. Kissing Gray hard, he poured slick into his hand and moved his fingers to Gray’s puckered hole. Using one finger, he slid it inside Gray.

Gray moaned loudly, pushing his ass against Harrison’s hand. “More,” he gasped before going back to kissing Harrison.

Harrison added another finger and then a third, opening him up. Rolling Gray to his back, he climbed between Gray’s legs, breaking the kiss. He watched as his fingers worked in and out of Gray. Pulling his fingers from Gray, Harrison gripped him under his knees and pushed his legs back toward his chest. “Hold them there,” he said.


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