All About Jenny

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 29,848
17 Ratings (4.2)

Mark has been raising his niece since she was a small child. Abandoning his own life in the big city, he settles in a small town and devotes himself to Jenny. When Mark’s sister dies in an accident, Mark is given full custody of his precocious twelve-year-old niece. Just when he thinks the worst is over, he finds out that his sister left instructions to contact Jenny’s father, a man she had always refused to name.

Mark is terrified that Jenny’s father will try to take Jenny away from him but Cole Waters is not anything like he expects at all.

All About Jenny
17 Ratings (4.2)

All About Jenny

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 29,848
17 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Martine Jardin
What a sweet, sweet story. I loved the guys and Jenny. This is a little different take on parenthood, and yet it seemed real. The book is well written, too, that certainly doesn't hurt.
There's nothing I like more than a love story that gives you the characters and lets you fall in love with them. Everything about D. J. Manly's "All About Jenny" was superb. His characters are three-dimensional, real, and empathic. The plot evolves out of his characters, and kept me reading straight to the end, when I only intended to start it. The romance between Mark and Cole was truly a love story of soul mates meeting. Manly had me rooting for them and then cheering for them. I highly recommend this book.
Morgan Ashbury

“Did you get a kiss goodnight?” Jenny asked over scrambled eggs.

Mark put down his fork. “What?”

“Did you…”

He pointed his finger at her, “Don’t say that again. Button it.”

Jenny did the button thing with her fingers in front of her lips. “He is cute, almost as cute as Timothy’s older brother. And he’s gay.”

“Buttoned lips cannot make sound.”

“Um…um…um,” she tried to speak with her lips closed.

Mark shook his head and attacked his breakfast.

The phone rang and Jenny shot up to answer it. “Hello. Oh hello, Cole. Yes, Uncle Mark is here. It was fun last night. Yeah, cool. I’ll have to ask Uncle Mark. He’s in a crappy mood this morning, told me to button my—”

“Give me the phone,” Mark told her, holding out his hand.

Jenny handed him the phone and made some kissing sounds.

Mark pointed to her chair.

Jenny giggled and sat back down to finish her breakfast.

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