[Siren Ménage Everlasting ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves]

Dino Triziano is the foreman in charge of building the new home for Zeus's pack. When he discovers there are more than humans inhabiting the planet, he runs in panic.

Sidney Porter is a shifter from another pack. He’s addicted to Red Bull and Bingo, and he is upset when he thinks his mate, Torem, is cheating on him with the foreman of the construction crew—until he gets a whiff of Dino.

Torem takes a journey to cleanse the betrayal and pain Jackson has left behind while trying to keep his mate safe from the wolves coming after him from Sidney's pack.

Can Torem, Beta of the pack, keep his mates safe while fighting for his sanity? Will Dino come to terms with the fact that there are shifters in the world, and can Sidney find his bingo hall while trying to kick the sugar drink?


Note: Each book in Lynn Hagen's Zeus's Pack collection features a different romantic trio. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading the series in sequential order.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Torem (MMM)
97 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
great read
I have yet to find one of these series that does not make me want to read the next one in the group. Granted it is still a developing series so you often have a bit of a wait to read the next but they are very worth it.
Professional Reviews

5 FALLEN ANGELS: "Torem, a warrior in the Brac Pack, can't take his eyes off the building foreman, Dino, who is in charge of building the new home for Zeus's Pack. It helps that Dino is his mate, but he is a human and every time Torem approaches Dino he walks away. Torem isn't sure what to do and is afraid to make matters worse. When Dino finally appears interested, Torem is approached by their Alpha, Zeus, with a letter from his long lost brother, Cheyenne, who needs Torem's help. Torem arrives at the address Chey gave him to find Chey and his friend Sidney in danger, but they manage to escape before they are attacked. To complicate matters Torem quickly realizes that Sidney is his other mate. Sidney may be a live wire, but as a were-wolf he knows that Torem is his mate and has difficulty keeping his hands off of Torem, but once he drinks a Red Bull all bets are off as his quirky behavior escalates!! When they arrive at the Brac Pack, Sid is let loose in the house and they don't know what hit them as Sid's frantic behavior leave them wondering what they have gotten themselves into with theirnew mate. Torem is more than satisfied with Sid, but he doesn't know how Sid will react to learning that Torem has another mate. Before Chey is accepted into the pack, he tells Zeus that not only is he an Omega, but he has the ability to heal that will be coveted by other packs. Will Torem, Dino and Sidney get a chance to explore their bond? Is Zeus's Pack strong enough to overcome the difficulties ahead? I have prized each book in the Zeus's Pack series and this book didn't let me down. It was hysterical that in spite of how strong Torem was, he was afraid that Dino would never accept him. Then you add Sidney the firecracker with an addiction for Red Bull and bingo, Torem's life will never be the same. Chey's abilities to heal scared the warriors of the pack after the abuse they went through from their old Alpha Jackson. I enjoyed the bewilderment from the other members when Sidney, on a sugar high, was let loose on the den. The flight from Chey's home when they were pursued and shot at was scary, but Torem's refusal to give up either his brother or his mate was inspiring. I enjoy following the lives of the other member's of Zeus's Pack as they band together to protect and care for each other. I can't wait to find out what is up next in Zeus's Pack series." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "Torem is the fourth story in the Zeus's Pack series, and this one is sure to keep you laughing. While the attraction between Dino, Torem and Sidney is page burning, these three have more than their share of issues that almost keep them apart. For human Dino finding out that there are paranormal creatures in the world, and two just happen to be his mates, sends him running. The man's reaction is understandable and readers will find it easy to forgive him. As for Sidney, he will keep his mates hopping. His need for Red Bull cracked me up, as did his first meeting with Dino. I was also surprised when he finally got around to shifting. As with each of the stories in this series, the actions of the pack's former Alpha can still be felt and Torem's flashbacks are the worse to date. When Torem's brother starts him on the path to healing, the results lead the three men to finally solidify their relationship. New characters are also introduced and I liked the way in which a new shifter is brought into the story. I can't wait to see what the upcoming stories hold and hope that somewhere along the way, the pack's old leader finally gets his just reward." -- Critter Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

"At Alpha Zeus’s orders a new home is being built for his pack in Pride Pack Valley. Their current house is filled with too many tramatic memories because of the previous Alpha, a true monster. Beta for the pack, Torem is checking on the progress at the site when he meets the owner and foreman of Tiziano Construction. At first glance Torem recognizes Dino Tiziano as his mate. From the look of things Dino is interested in getting to know Torem better, but first the shifter will need to explain about mates and all the rest before they can take the next step. At the same time Torem hears from his brother Cheyenne, long thought dead with the rest of his family. It seems his brother needs rescuing which turns into a positive as Cheyenne’s best friend Sidney Porter is his second mate. Sidney is a sweetheart of a shifter as long as he doesn’t get a hold of a can of Red Bull. If he does, watch out because Sidney becomes a bouncing livewire who can’t sit still for a second. Though he’s found both mates in a matter of weeks, it will definitely take time to iron out their differences and Torem can’t wait to get started, especially when another pack is escalating violence towards them. This time around in Book 4 of Zeus’s Pack, Torem is gifted with two wonderful mates, a sensible human and a high strung quirky shifter. Between plenty of hot, erotic lovemaking and hilarious dialogue when Sid’s around, Torem is truly entertaining and fun to read. This series manages to stay fresh with each new arrival. Lucky us!" -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Dino nipped Torem’s neck, and Sidney’s breath hitched. He watched two very masculine men enjoy each other’s touch. It was the most erotic scene he’d ever witnessed. His fingers itched to join in the play, but he couldn’t move. The beauty of the two men touching one another had him lost in his own little world. When Dino bent Torem over and pressed two lubed fingers into Torem’s anus, Sidney crawled to the edge to watch.

Dino’s dry hand cupped Sidney’s jaw, his fingers gliding over his skin as Dino’s eyes locked with his. Sidney lowered his. He wanted to watch, but Dino’s gaze was too much, too intense. Sidney reached a hand out but pulled back. He wanted to touch but was unsure if he was allowed.

“You can touch him, love.”

Sidney glanced up at Dino, and the amusement in his eyes relaxed Sidney. His hand reached out and ghosted over Torem’s ass, and down his crack, to feel Dino’s slick fingers stretching Torem.

“Fuck,” Torem moaned when Sidney reached around and squeezed Torem’s balls. “Do that again.”

Sidney gave another light squeeze, and Torem groaned. To hear the pleasure escaping Torem’s lips made Sidney feel powerful in a small way.

Sidney scooted back when Torem crawled to him like a predator. His eyes locked onto Sidney like he was the prize and Torem was going to swallow him whole. Torem’s hands pressed deep into the mattress as he made his way up Sidney’s body.

His eyes darted up at Dino, who stood there watching closely, then Sidney looked back at Torem.

The man’s teeth had begun to grow. Torem’s eyes shifted into a beautiful glowing yellow. Sidney began to tremble with the thought that Torem was about to take him. He was about to be taken by both his mates.

“Torem.” Sidney lay back and spread his legs wide, inviting his mate to take what he wanted. Torem’s body pushed Sidney’s legs to his chest as firm lips whispered over his own.

Torem looked almost as unsure as Sidney felt. Could this strong man feel as weak as Sidney did? Sidney’s palms touched Torem’s face as he drew Torem’s head closer, bridging the gap and thrusting his tongue inside Torem’s mouth. Torem’s hands dragged across the muscled planes of Sidney’s abdomen, making them quiver with want.

Sidney’s hand slowly descended until he could feel Torem’s hard shaft against his own. He wrapped his hand around both, beginning a slow and methodical rub.

Sidney’s heart gave an extra beat when the bed dipped and Dino stretched out beside him, Dino’s hand joining his, clamping around both cocks and taking over the movement.

When Torem broke the kiss and panted with closed eyes, Dino growled softly. “You two look good together.”

“He’s beautiful, isn’t he?” Sidney’s own canines emerged at the sight of Torem over him and Dino beside him. 

“You both are.” Dino crawled over Torem’s back and began to kiss his way down his spine.


* * * *


Torem was so fucking close. To have Dino’s dominant presence behind him and Sidney’s submissiveness below him was a combination that blew his mind away.

 “You are a beautiful man.” Dino crooned behind him.

“He is a beautiful man.” Sidney grinned up at Torem. 

Torem wasn’t too sure about that, but Dino’s deep and flawless accent was intoxicating.

“Fuck me, Torem,” Sidney begged into his mouth as he pulled him down for another searing kiss.

Torem reached between them and grabbed his cock, lining it up to Sidney’s tight muscle. He took his lips back, latching them onto Sidney’s neck and sucking at his Adam’s apple. His tongue traced down and lapped at the small dip at the center of Sidney’s collarbone as he breached his mate.

“Fuck, I forgot how huge you were.” Sidney gasped.

Torem moved slowly, pulling his hand away and resting on both arms as he gazed into Sidney’s mossy green eyes.

Dino’s hands stilled his movements, and then Torem’s world tilted sideways. The heavily veined cock filled him to capacity and then some. The bit of pain tore at Torem’s senses. It was what he had been wanting. The dual sensation of pleasure and pain took him quickly to the edge, making him fight not to spill into Sidney.

When Dino’s cock began to move over his prostate, Torem lost all control and bit into Sidney’s shoulder, pinning him down as he matched Dino thrust for thrust. Dino’s physical strength behind him held him prisoner as Torem took Sidney with him to the peak of perfection.

“Oh god, fuck me, fuck me hard, Torem,” Sidney yelled.

Torem snapped his hips harder, feeling Dino quicken as well without missing a beat. Dino’s fat, flared cockhead pulled all the way back and then slammed into him. He could feel the muscled thighs tight against his own. Torem wanted Dino to consume him.

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