Annie Morgan

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Growing up surrounded by military men, it's no wonder Annie likes to feature them in her writing. There is just something about those self-assured alpha males, and the equally strong women who can walk beside them that makes for a wonderful story. Their influence was a big part of her decision to serve as a Dept. of Army Civilian Nurse, where she spent three years living in Europe. Her circle of friends include Army and Marine Corps Snipers, Rangers, SEALs and Green Berets who help give her military characters the realism readers expect. 

As a part of an 18th century living history group, Annie is also a part of an all-female cannon crew. She'll shoot anything from the field piece to her modern firearms and recently got to fire a .50 cal. military-style sniper rifle. In contrast, she is a self professed "foodie" and would love to sit next to Paula Deen at dinner. Annie and her husband live in central Indiana.

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