[Siren Everlasting Classic: Sextet Anthology 4]

Handcuffs and neckties and belts, oh my! Many may fantasize about being bound while their lover has his or her wicked way with them, but when faced with the opportunity, would you trust your partner enough to relinquish all control? Or would you prefer to be the one in charge? Or are you among the ranks of the undecided?

Join the ladies of the Sextet for a look at both sides of the coin, and discover what it means to be the recipient of intensely provocative sensual delights, or to be the lady who knows how to tie a man down and take him to heights of ecstasy beyond his imagination. Then try, if you will, to decide which you would prefer. Just remember, there is no right or wrong here; there is only trust. When it comes to passion and love, you should never underestimate the power of restraint.

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Trust by Elizabeth Raines [Contemporary, bondage, sex toys] Type A Angie Traylor can’t seem to let go—even when she’s in bed with the man she loves. Spiriting her away, Noah James uses enticing methods of seduction to teach her to enjoy life and love and learn to trust.

A Delicate Procedure by Cheryl Brooks [Contemporary, bondage] Restraints are required when hunky graduate student Aidan Vidal asks Nurse Trish Davis, his neighbor and former babysitter, for help with an embarrassing problem. When he winds up tied to her bed, an unexpected and intensely erotic development occurs. Suddenly, their age difference is no longer an impediment to love.

Believe It or Knot by Bethany Michaels [Contemporary, bondage] When Las Vegas magician’s assistant Hannah Dunn convinces her boss and longtime crush Marcus Lorenzo to try a dangerous new act involving a bed, a blindfold, and razor-sharp throwing knives, she learns that losing control can have dangerous—and extremely erotic—consequences.

Lines of Communication by Annie Morgan [Contemporary, bondage] Three years ago, expert mountain climbers Rebecca Graham and Cameron Fitzgerald had a friendship and perhaps more. Until business severed their ties. Now partnered again, can she belay her animosity long enough to untangle the truth?

String Theory by Mellanie Szereto [Contemporary, bondage] Physicist Andromeda Fetter's attraction to colleague Gunnar Keyes has her fit to be tied. Her solution? She invites him to assist her with an experiment—one involving elastic bands and how much force they can withstand. Will Gunnar submit to the bonds and help unlock Andromeda's inner vixen?

Tangled Metal and Emotions by Niki Hayes [Contemporary, bondage] Losing control is not an option for Lindsey Valentine, and she's not about to let an arrogant NASCAR driver—even one as sexy as Craig Westmoreland—railroad her new job. Craig's met his match with Lindsey, but when the two tangle, it's unclear who will lose control first.

A Siren Erotic Romance


The Sextet is a Siren-exclusive group.

Entanglements (MF)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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4 STARS: "Get the fans out and the ice cold drinks because these six stories are definitely going to heat things up! Trust by Elizabeth Raines Ms. Raines' contribution to the anthology is about a woman with a strong personality who cannot let go of her control, even with the man she loves. Having enough of this, her man gives her one chance to let go of control with him or lose him forever. The question is what means more, her control or him? This was an enjoyable story, with some very spicy sex scenes. I enjoyed the idea of the woman being the "alpha" personality and the man finally having enough and turning the tables on her. This was a fun and very sexy read. A Delicate Procedure by Cheryl Brooks When newly single Aidan comes back home for a visit, he finds himself discussing some personal details with his neighbor and former babysitter Trish Davis, who agrees to help him with his "hairy" problem. The only problem is that Trish can't get past the fact she is older than him. However, when emotions they've both tried to hide really begin to surface, will that hold her back? This story made me laugh and I found it very enjoyable to read. The characters made me smile and I really rooted for them to get together. The ending was fantastic too, but I won't spoil it for you here! Believe It or Knot by Bethany Michaels As a magician's assistant, Hannah Dunn knows her job is dangerous because her boss, Marcus Lorenzo, throws real knives. When she convinces him to try a new blindfolded act that has never been done without the assistant being hurt, feelings they have both been hiding surface and their relationship becomes physical. When Marcus accidentally hurts Hannah though, can he handle the consequences of losing control? This was a good story with an original story line and I enjoyed it. The chemistry between the hero and heroine was palpable and pulled me in. I wanted them to overcome their issues and get together but I was also happy to see the strength of the heroine when things weren't going her way. Lines of Communication by Annie Morgan Climbers Rebecca Graham and Cameron Fitzgerald had a relationship years ago that ended when Cameron took an advertising job that she had lined up. When they are thrown together again, Cam is determined to find out what happened and when Rebecca begins to investigate things she realizes that they both may have been played. Can a relationship recover from such mistrust? I enjoyed this story although it was probably my least favorite of the anthology. It was well written but I think the characters could have talked when they split up and figured things out instead of waiting three years, which made it somewhat less enjoyable for me to read. That said, the chemistry between the hero and heroine is good and the I like the writing style of the author. String Theory by Mellanie Szereto The attraction that two scientists have for each other is very strong but neither of them seems willing to act on it. Finally, Andromeda Fetter decides to do something about it and invites Gunnar Keyes to help her with an experiment involving some elastic bands and the force they can take before snapping. Once they get into the laboratory together, chemistry takes over. But can a shy physicist really let go of her inhibitions and fulfill her fantasies? This was a great read. I really enjoyed these characters. The fact that they were both so ready to be together but so unsure about how to do it held my interest because I wanted to see what they did next. Tangled Metal and Emotions by Niki Hayes When Lindsey Valentine lands a great job working in marketing for a NASCAR driver, she has her work cut out for her getting him to cooperate. However, after a threat involving tampons on his race car, he begins to see things her way and they become a great team. They begin to fall for each other but she is very nervous about possibly losing her job. Her biggest fear though, is losing control and Craig makes her lose control in a big way. Can she risk everything for love? This was my favorite story in the anthology. The characters made me laugh, and when I heard Lindsey's back story, I really wanted this to work out for her. She was an amazing heroine and I loved her personality. Mixing her with Craig worked so well that I fell in love with both of them and the story. Overall, I found this anthology enjoyable and fun to read. All of the stories were interesting and the characters were well written. I didn't skip any pages or any stories and I didn't lose interest. I would definitely recommend the anthology to readers who enjoy light and fun bondage but nothing heavy or serious." -- Jen B, The Romance Reviews

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TRUST by Elizabeth Raines


Watching her sitting on the edge of the bed, dressed in the sexy clothes he’d so carefully chosen as he shopped that day, picturing each garment on that delicious body, made him realize he’d never be able to follow through and end this interlude if she couldn’t surrender her control to him. Hell, he was so hard now, he felt like his dick would explode. But this had to be special—more than special—and he’d hate himself if he didn’t make her enjoy this more than any other time they’d come together. No, tonight was unique. In more ways than just earning her trust. He thought about the little, black velvet box he’d tucked away in the cupboard.

Noah ached to just blurt out his question, the one that would change both their lives, especially since Angie had been so compliant, so very trusting. He crouched next to her, removing the stilettos while she smiled, hopefully at him.

Oh, how she pleased him. She’d done everything he’d asked, and he sensed an enormous change in her. For the first time since they’d been together, Angie wanted him to lead, wanted him to run the whole show. Perhaps she’d finally realized that in letting someone else call the shots, she still won. Now all he needed to do was keep enough self-control to give her as much pleasure as her obedience was giving him. “Spread your legs.”

He savored her quick gasp of breath and the smile widening on her lips when his fingers pushed through the open slit in her panties, separating her folds. She was already so wet. Without a hint of warning, Noah sank a finger deep inside her and stroked the walls of her tight sheath.

“Oh, God.” Angie dropped her head back before her teeth tugged on her bottom lip hard enough he was amazed she didn’t draw blood, yet he continued rubbing the tender G-spot he knew would drive her wild.

“You can speak, baby. Just don’t ask questions.”

“Thank you.”

“Such a good girl,” he said with a chuckle. A second finger joined the first, and he tortured her with them until she started undulating her hips. Then he stopped and jerked his hand away. “That was your reward for good behavior.”

“Noah…” Her voice was ragged, pleading.

As he stood up, he dragged the rope tying her wrists until her hands were over her head. Then he put his other hand to her chest to force her to lie back. Maneuvering her body to the center of the bed, he tied the rope to the headboard. “You please me; I please you.”

Noah grabbed the other coil of rope and knelt beside her legs. He couldn’t resist bending down to give that gorgeous pussy a reverent kiss, adding a few flicks of his tongue over her clit as she hissed her approval. Wrapping the ropes around an ankle, he tied it loosely to the brass footboard.

Angie tried to press her thighs together, a signal that she was getting nervous. Noah decided she needed to be reminded that she should trust him. Perhaps another reward would be given if she obeyed. “Spread those gorgeous thighs for me, Angie.”

When she did as she was told, instead of tying her other ankle, he lowered himself between her legs, spread the slit in her panties, and sucked her clit into his mouth.

“Noah!” He chuckled against her heated flesh and ran his tongue in fast circles, again and again, loving the feel of the tiny bud of flesh swelling. Shifting his attention, Noah jammed his tongue into her channel, in and out. Her back arched, and he promptly stopped his attentions, whirled around, and tied her other ankle to the footboard. Her pouty sigh made him smile.




“It would be interesting to hear the kind of sounds you would make if I did something to you that actually felt good.” Trish gazed at his face, daring him to reply.

He didn’t disappoint. The expression in his dark-brown eyes was one of deep-seated longing, seasoned with desire, and the tone of his voice changed, becoming deeper, rougher…“Go ahead, Trish. Do anything you like. I can’t stop you.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Her own voice was barely a whisper. “Something that feels good?”

Aidan responded with a slow, deliberate nod.



Trish moved very slowly, letting him see just exactly what she intended to do. That way, he could tell her to stop if he liked. She might not listen to him, of course—not if he stopped her too soon.

Her hand hovered over his rigid cock, waiting for some negative sign. He held his breath, not saying a word.

She shifted her gaze to the stunning phallus there before her. “That is one awesome piece of meat you’ve got there, Aidan.”

His breath went out with a whoosh. “Oh, yeah, Trish. Talk dirty to me.”

Trish couldn’t suppress her smile. In her eyes, he was perfect. Any other woman he’d been with was a fool not to see it. “Is that what turned the other girls off?”

He shook his head. “Never had the nerve to say it before.”

“You know what you said about letting me do anything to you?”


“Well, you can say anything to me. Anything you like.”

Brown eyes bored into hers with an intensity that made her tremble. “Then please, Trish. Suck my fuckin’ dick.”

A flame of desire shot through her like a lightning bolt. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Trish cupped her hand over his cockhead, getting her palm wet with his juice before sliding down the shaft. He had to be a good eight or nine inches long and so big around her thumb and fingertips didn’t touch when she circled it with her hand. His back arched as he yanked on the restraints.

“I’m glad this is a good, solid oak bed or you would’ve pulled it apart by now.”

“Yeah,” he gasped. “Trish, please.”

She locked her gaze with his as she aimed his cock toward her lips. Blowing on the engorged head, she felt it twitch in her hand. “You really want me to suck you?”

“Yessss!” he hissed. “Do it!”


  BELIEVE IT OR KNOT by Bethany Michaels  


Hannah pressed herself against his long, lean body, the button on his jeans scraping her bare belly. She reached between them to pop the button, but he was one step ahead of her and used both hands to fumble with the snap until it was undone. Then he buried his hands in Hannah’s hair and tilted her head to go deeper with the kiss.

Sensation exploded inside her mouth as he used his tongue to explore and tease and drive her quickening pulse into a full gallop. Her nipples grew hard and pressed into the warmth of his hard chest. 

“Marcus. I need you.”

His grasp on her tightened and he swung her around so that her back was against the wall. Pressing himself into her, he dragged his mouth away from hers and pressed hot, hungry kisses along the sensitive column of her neck.

One hand slid lower, over her breasts and soft belly until it found her damp heat. Hannah squirmed under his touch, wanting more. He didn’t make her wait long, tracing her opening with one long, confident finger before plunging inside to test her heat and wetness.

“Marcus…” His name came as a sigh on her lips and her nails dug into the flesh of his shoulders.

She hitched up one knee to give him better access.

Marcus’s thumb teased her clit and he added another finger to her wetness. 

“You’re so hot. So wet,” he said. “Just like I dreamed you would be.” 

Delicious sensations erupted at his words. Warmth spread throughout her, stretching her nerves to the limit. Blood rushed through her body at an alarming rate, making her breath come in small, gasping pants.

Hannah slipped her hands into the opened front of his pants and beneath the waistband of his underwear. She needed to feel him, hold him and stroke him and taste him. And above all have him inside of her, filling up all the empty spaces.

He gasped when she wrapped her fingers around his hard length, her fingers not able to meet when she did. Her knees nearly went weak at imaging all that man buried deep inside of her. She teased the tip of him with her thumb, mirroring his action on her clit. 

“Oh, my God,” he breathed. “Hannah. Wait.”

She looked up at him, praying to whatever god that was listening he wasn’t going to put on the brakes at this juncture. She wouldn’t allow it.

“Not here. I’ve waited too long to take you here, against the wall.”

“Your place?” She wasn’t sure she could wait that long, but it would be good to have a place to stretch out, relax, and explore each other’s bodies at leisure rather than have years of longing culminate in a few moments of hurried, awkward coupling like two teenagers in the back of a Miata.

“Too far. Come on.”

He took her hand and led her to the workroom where the round bed waited.




“You’re the one still completely dressed,” she shot back at him, deliberately challenging his domination.

He stroked down her cheek to her neck and then on to her breast before tracing lazy circles first around one hard nipple and then the other. “But, my dear, please remember our own rules. The one being tied is completely subject to the whims of the one doing the tying.” He tugged at the hem of his shirt. “But being the good guy I am, I will compromise.” He pulled it off and tossed it aside.

Cam bent his head closer until she felt the warmth of his breath on her skin. “And right now, my whim tells me I simply must have a taste of these luscious nipples.”

His tongue replaced his fingers, continuing the circles around one tightly puckered nub before he latched onto one, drawing it into the wet heat of his mouth. At first he kept the rhythm of his suckling very slow and easy while he allowed his touch to slide down until it found the hot, wet slit of her pussy.

The feel of his roughened fingers brushing against the sensitive folds of her cunt drove Rebecca wild with desire. As Cam probed deeper, she found herself unable to stop her hips from arching up to meet his search.

“Anxious are we?” His probing stopped for a moment as if to pull his fingers away completely.

“No, Cam, don’t tease me like that. Please.” She managed just to gasp out the ragged words.

“You know I always deliver what I promise. And you’re going to come soon, just not this minute. I want it to be for my mouth, not my fingers, sweet thing.”

If she was this close from just a brush across her clit, how in hell would she withstand an erotic assault by Cam’s talented lips and tongue? He’d always reveled in pleasuring her with his mouth. And could have her thighs shaking as climax after climax would rip through her.

“Then consider yourself warned, Cameron Fitzgerald. I am on a very short fuse tonight.”

“The old purple passion not doin’ it for you anymore?” He left her nipples and let his licks and kisses trail down her belly toward the smooth pussy lips.

Damn him for remembering the nickname she’d given her vibrator.

“Hey, stop that,” she cried out as he nibbled right over one hip bone. “It tickles.”

Before she could protest further, Cam pressed a thumb against each pussy lip and spread her wide. Touched by the cool air of her room, her clit throbbed for release the instant he exposed it. But she had little time to dwell on that, because the very next instant, he’d covered it with his lips and suckled it just as he had her nipples.

Rebecca gripped tighter against the cotton cording restraints. “Oh, fuck, Cam. Yes, that feels so damned good.”

He both increased the tension he pulled with and then slid two fingers into her pussy, stroking in and out to the very same rhythm. His expert touch stroked past that extrasensitive little bundle of nerve endings just inside her.

Harder and faster Cam stroked and sucked, driving her closer to the edge. “That’s it. Let go and come for me.”


STRING THEORY by Mellanie Szereto


Feathering touches sent tingles from his shoulders to his balls. Her palms brushed over his chest, her fingertips flicking at his nipples. Sensation flooded his groin. His cock swelled even further. Shit, much more of her hands and I’ll shoot my load before she ever gets to my dick. Planting his bare feet on the floor, he struggled to free his arms. The harder he worked to get loose, the tighter the bindings seemed to trap him. What the hell had she used to make the compound? It seemed almost alive.

She nipped at his lip, the sting ratcheting his pulse higher. “I love the movement of your flexing muscles. Impressive physique. Like a sculpture of Adonis.”

Her voice whispered over his skin, and her hand followed the indentation in his abdominals to his belly button and lower. When her fist closed around his dick, he sucked in a breath. A few more seconds of her stroking him and he’d embarrass himself. “Let me touch you, Andromeda. Please. I want to make you come.”

She backed away, lowering herself to her knees in front of him. Her wicked smile said more than any words could.

Heaven, help him.

Eyeing Gunnar’s erection, Andromeda had to admit worry concerning her lack of knowledge about fellatio. She’d read a dozen erotic stories last night in preparation for this experiment to compensate for her inexperience, but suppose she didn’t do it right? Was she in over her head? Thinking that way won’t help. She’d put her plan into action. She couldn’t stop now for fear of rejection or failure. Too late to change her mind. This is my fantasy, with my fantasy man. I want to do this.

Placing her palms on his thighs, she leaned forward to lick his engorged penis. A long, slow lick from scrotum to crown. Silky skin over marble. A wonderful combination of soft and hard. Finally, a taste of leaking fluid—pre-cum, according to her research. Salty, tangy, distinctly Gunnar.

“Ahhhh. Are you trying to torture me, Dr. Fetter?” His eyes closed on another groan.

“I’m simply testing the amount of force the loops can withstand.” And enjoying touching you. She took his hard length in her mouth, sucking as she slowly withdrew, and then swallowing him again. Her lips smoothed over the taut ridges to the swollen head. “You taste good.”

His muscles trembled and vibrated beneath her hands, the volume and duration of his groans increasing. He jerked against the restraints, pushing his hips toward her. Would he orgasm soon?

“God, watching you suck my cock is so damn hot. Do you have any idea how sexy you are?”

He liked watching? And he liked what she was doing? Her confidence grew by leaps and bounds, and his crude language sent a flash of heat between her thighs. The wetness soaked through her panties.

With another slow slide to the base, he filled her. She scraped her teeth along his erection as she eased him almost completely from her mouth. Gently grasping his scrotum, she drove back down. Up. Down. Up. Down. She squeezed the malleable handful until she felt two firm testicles. The sac in her palm contracted, and he pushed deeper into her throat.

“Oh, fuck! I’m coming!” His shouts echoed off the walls.




Lindsey’s hands flew down to her skirt, trying to stop Craig from having his wicked way with her in the garage. Her right hand did, at least. Her left hand was now tied up in the window netting and unable to move. Pulling back her head, she eyed him. “What are you doing?”

“I thought since you’re tied up, I’d have my merry way with you.” His brow rose and his smile grew, causing her pussy to ache.

“Look, Craig…” Her voice cracked, and whatever thoughts were in her head suddenly disappeared when his hand slipped between her legs.

“Seems you’re just as turned on right now as I am.”

A slight whimper escaped her lips as his finger moved purposely over her clit. Her left hand fisted in the netting while her right hand held on to the doorframe for support as her legs turned to spaghetti. He pressed his hard cock into her thigh, and with his hand behind her head, he pulled her into a hungry, desperate kiss.

His thumb stroked through her silky folds. When his finger pushed inside, her control and thoughts melted away and she thrust her hips forward to him.

“I want to fuck you right here against this car, Lindsey. I want to watch you lose control, feel your body shudder and contract with my cock inside you.”

Two fingers now slid inside her, and her legs almost gave out. He pressed harder against her body, trying to support her as his fingers moved deeper inside her. Her heart was racing, and the cool metal against her bare ass contrasted with heat from his touch. Her head fell back against the car, and her eyes slid shut.

Craig cupped her head from behind then lifted and brought her to him. His tongue plunged inside her mouth in an erotic dance with her own, while his fingers continued to work their magic between her legs. It wasn’t long before his thumb glided over her clit with just enough pressure to send her spiraling over the edge as she cried out his name.

Slowly he pulled away from her lips, pressing his forehead to hers. Both of them were panting, desperate for air. His erection still pressed against her thigh, but she was far too spent to do much about it. Only when he moved his thigh between her legs did she dare open her eyes.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a foil wrapper.

“Do you just keep those on hand all the time?”

He grinned at her. “Isn’t that the Boy Scout motto? Always be prepared?”

She laughed as she reached out to touch his jaw. “I hardly think what we’re doing would be approved by the Boy Scouts.”

He used his teeth to open the condom wrapper. She tried to help but was quickly reminded that her hand was still tied up.

“I’ve got it.” His smile was pure sin.

She couldn’t wait for part two of this little tryst. She licked her lips as she watched him apply the condom to his cock. With the beast in his hand, he glided it to her opening. It took her breath away. If he hadn’t been holding her up, she’d have been a puddle on the floor for sure.

He filled her to perfection. It was just that simple. He made her feel more things than she’d ever felt before. He locked eyes with her and began to move in and out of her body. With each stroke she grew hotter and more desperate for him. Finally, he was banging her against the side panel of the car.

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