Bathing Suits Optional

New Dawning International Bookfair

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,000
2 Ratings (3.5)

(Orgy / Partner Swap / Public sex )

When Steven and Lisa attend a big pool party presented for Hollywood’s most beautiful people, they learn, to their surprise that bathing suits are optional and that’s not all. As they enter the pool enclosure from the conservatory, they are shocked to find themselves in the middle of a massive, wanton orgy.

Steven wants to leave, but Lisa wants to stay and apparently participate. Heating up fast, Steven wants to participate too, as long as Lisa doesn’t. What follows is a sexy hilarious romp, which is liable to excite you and leave you smiling.

Bathing Suits Optional
2 Ratings (3.5)

Bathing Suits Optional

New Dawning International Bookfair

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,000
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Dee Dawning
After reading TMO, I decided to read more by this author. BSO is in the same vein, wild, wanton sex with tongue-in-cheek humor, in this case at a giant wife-swapping pool party. Compared to TMO, it is a tier lower, but it's still a sexy fun story, well worth reading.
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Two Lips Reviews
Reviewer: Sheila
Four Lips

Steve and Lisa are invited by Lisa’s co-worker Nicole to attend a party at the palatial Hanson home. Lisa, being aware of the type of party it is, does not tell Steve and he is shocked when he finds Lisa dressed only in a bathing suit to attend this party. Upon entering the party, Steve is even more shocked when he discovers the type of party Lisa wants to attend in La Marchesa’s Bathing Suits Optional, the first book in her short story series, Bathing Suits Optional.

Bathing Suits Optional is a story that introduces Steve and Lisa to the world of swinging. Steve’s reaction is stereotypical but still humorous. As his eyes partake the luscious women and sexual activity and his mind and body want to join in, his thoughts want to keep his wife out of the action. Lisa will not accept that. Each pair up with a couple of the opposite sex, at first in each other’s presence, but then go off on to their own “rooms” to enjoy their liaisons.

I enjoyed the sex as Steve had his two women and Lisa her two men. I have to admit I’d have gladly traded places with Lisa as Armando unleashes his roving tongue. Bathing Suits Optional is a short story with no big plot. It is an evening in Steve and Lisa’s lives. As a one handed read (it really is!!!) it succeeds and I have to admit Bathing Suits Optional gave me a happy feeling—a feeling that lasted even after I closed the book. I cannot wait for the next story, Clits and Slits.

Manic Readers

Reviewer: Patrizia Murray


Sex, sex and more sex—in every position and combination is the order of the day at the neighbor’s once a month sexfest. Their house has been outfitted with numbered f--k rooms, complete with mirrors, sex aids, bondage equipment etc, but most guests seem to be content to utilize the great outdoors or the pool and spa.

Bathing Suits Optional is exactly the subject of this whole story. Lisa and Steve arrive with bathing suits on, but with everyone else so bare, they soon begin to feel overdressed. And are still reluctant to join with anyone else but each other having sex. Then their friends trick them and they realize that they have been having sex with people other than each other. The game is on.

Not much of any kind of plot, just how much sex can you fit into 46 pages? But if a variety of carnal pleasures is your cup of tea, here it is in a cute little romp!

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We continued toward the hazy doorway to the pool, and stepped through the doorway into a mist filled den of debauchery, where hardly a prick or cunt wasn’t occupied in some fashion. Though it was difficult to see through the ubiquitous fog more than thirty feet in any direction, I suspected, an orgy the likes of which would make Caligula envious was taking place.

I didn’t know where to look. Fucking and sucking were taking place all over the place. I didn’t know where to step as writhing bodies lay everywhere. We came to squirming mass of beautiful flesh that had formed itself into a circle from the wall to the pool—a daisy chain. Since we couldn’t walk around, I helped my wife step over the chest of a man whose face was buried in one woman’s snatch while another woman energetically dined on him and into the circle.

Standing in the center of the libidinous encirclement, I surveyed what was visible of the room. As I’d assumed, the mist originated from the large heated pool. Though the fog was even denser above the water, our close proximity allowed me to see some twenty feet into the pool. Couples who were obviously engaged in some form of coupling dotted the aqua blue water.

No one wore a bathing suit. I looked and looked and everyone as far as I could see was naked, including…my wife! My jaw dropped again. I raised my hands to cover her breasts, “What did you do with your suit,” I screeched.

Her nostrils flared again she pursed her beautiful lips. “I’m not going to be the only oddball wearing a suit.”

Her mons was still uncovered so I moved a hand there.

She laughed.

Realizing I was short a hand, I pulled her in close and looked both ways to see if anyone looked our way. Thank God, they didn’t.

To say I was getting exited was an understatement. “I’m wearing a suit!” I shrieked, “Am I an oddball?”

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