[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, May-December, sex toys, public exhibition]

Bethany asks Jordan Fitzpatrick, owner of Reckless Abandon, to find her a Master, agreeing to accept his choice. But never would she have guessed that he’d choose young hard-body Jonathan Steele. Fifteen years her junior and a friend for years, Jonathan soon lets her know, in no uncertain terms, that he is coming for her one way or another.

Jonathan’s sights are on Beth, and though she readily accepts her true sub nature, he knows he’s in for a struggle. Beth has been taught by her late husband that she can only depend on herself--a lesson that will be a challenge for Jonathan to undo.

With the help of best friend Peter Hamilton and the atmosphere of the city’s premier BDSM Club, Reckless Abandon, Jonathan knows it’s a challenge well worth meeting. The only uncertainty is whether or not he can get Beth to completely surrender to him before another does her harm.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Shackled (MFM)
71 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I am torn about the rating on this one, I would actually give it a 3.5. The story line was well written but I wish the characters were a little more fleshed out. Also the children were mentioned several times but they were never a part of the story.
Bethany's character did grow and improve through the story but she still came across to me as not very caring. Also things just seemed to happen to easily.
Would recommend as a light read.
A good read - I like how she settled into her new lifestyle.
Professional Reviews

4.5 KISSES: "Bethany is forty-eight and widowed. Her children are grown and her nest is empty. While she thought that she would enjoy the freedom, she finds that something is missing. She believes that what she needs can be found in a D/s lifestyle so she asks Jordan Fitzpatrick to help her find a Master. Jonathan has loved Bethany for years and now that he is a grown man, he wants to take advantage of this opportunity to be more than Bethany's friend. Can Bethany look beyond the difference in their ages and take what Jonathan is offering? Will she accept the love of not one but two men? Shackled by Morgan Ashbury is first in the Shackled and Shameless series. It is loosely connected to Reckless Abandon but can be read as a stand alone. I enjoyed Bethany's coming of age. She is widowed and knows that something was missing during her marriage. I loved that she takes action to meet her growing need. I thought Ms. Ashbury did a great job of developing this character. She was moving forward but every so often she would be blindsided by her past. I loved that Jonathan had the patience to deal with those moments. I also loved that Jonathan listened to Bethany as a young man and took to heart what was spoken and unspoken. His love withstood time and the reality of the fact that she was older than him. It was great to see his maturity along with his dominant personality. And although the third in this relationship came late to the party, Peter fit. Ms. Ashbury didn't provide much about Peter but what she gave us added to the story and the relationship between Jonathan and Bethany. I thoroughly enjoyed this story." -- Tangie, TwoLips Reviews

4 STARS: "What's better than a strong, virile man who is Dominant and loving? Try two men who fit that bill. Are you intrigued yet? Well, you should be because SHACKLED is a red-hot read with love, hot men, and mild BDSM. It is sensual and sweet and extremely erotic all at the same time. Bethany is ready to start a new life. Widowed after being married to an verbally abusive and destructive man for 25 years, she's ready to explore the feelings that she suspects she's had her whole life. So when she asks, Jordan, the owner of the exclusive BDSM club Reckless Abandon, to find her a Master, she had no idea how drastically her life was about to change. Jonathan has been in love with Bethany for a long time, so when Beth comes into Reckless Abandon, he knows that he's going to claim her. She's always had to be so in control, so he's going to have to work hard to get her to submit. Between him and his best friend, Peter, another Dom, he may just be able to do that. But after a night of the three of them together, they realize they all want it forever. There were so many wonderful things about this book. Bethany is a fantastic heroine. She's 48, and she's been in a horrible marriage for 25 years. But through reading erotic romances, she finds that BDSM intrigues her (I love that!). She's always been in control of everything because she had to be, so she's not certain she can let go of it. Submitting to Jonathan awakens something in her, and watching her transform was amazing. Then Jonathan...YUM. Sexy, Dominant and wildly in love with Beth. I love that the two of them have this history together, and it's one that had nothing to do with sex. Jonathan is 15 years younger than Beth. It's mentioned a couple of times in the book, but I like the way that it's handled. It's not this big Cougar/cub type thing. It's just the way it happens to be. Then there is Peter, Jonathan's best friend. He's brought in towards the end of the book, but when they come together...wow. The three of them are hot together. There's a great story along with all this steamy sex. Beth is coming into her own after living with a man who stripped her of all self-worth. Jonathan's patience and understanding allows her to come out of her shell. The BDSM aspect of the book was light with some paddling, some bondage, and Dominance/submission, but it was nothing severe or heavy. I felt that it was a fantastic read, with a great story of love and getting the life you want after years of dealing with the life you had. The HEA was loving and sweet and wrapped the story up nicely. Let me note that this book is loosely tied to Reckless Abandon and Brazen Seduction as they center around the club Reckless Abandon. However, you do not need to read those other two stories to enjoy SHACKLED." -- Rho, The Romance Reviews

4 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Shackled starts off strong and stays that way throughout. While one could certainly see Bethany’s actions and adventures as taking place a bit quickly, I think the author did an outstanding job of explaining this character and her choices as the story moved forward. The character development of Bethany and Jonathan was great. You really felt as if you got to know them and understand their actions on a deeper level. Shackled is part of the Reckless Abandon world that Morgan Ashbury created. It’s a great addition to this line, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for her readers next." -- Jae, Dark Divas Reviews

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Jonathan opened the closet door, scanned the contents. His eyes fastened on one particular item, and he smiled. This tool would be perfect.

He’d given the man enough time to set things up after Bethany’s confession. Jordan’s office was just a short walk down the corridor from the one he’d been using. He stopped outside that door now and inhaled deeply.

He looked down at himself, pleased his cock pushed against his leather pants. Fixing a lazy smile on his face, he rapped twice on the door.


Not yet, but soon, I hope. Jonathan opened the door.

Bethany sat in the chair across from Jordan’s desk, looking so anxious a part of him wanted to scoop her up and cuddle her until she got her starch back. That’s not what she needs right now.

No, that wasn’t what she needed at all.

He let his eyes rake her, so she understood he liked what he saw. Then he turned his head to Jordan.

“She has agreed to accept my choice of master for her. Of course, I’ve promised her that she would be safe with you.”

“Of course.”

“Here is your master, Bethany. I’ll leave the two of you to get acquainted.”

Jonathan recognized the look of panic that crossed Bethany’s face when Jordan got up and left her alone with him.

“Stand up,” he commanded.

Bethany did so slowly, unable to hide the jitters that had overcome her. He wanted to reassure her, and knew that over the course of the next days and weeks he’d be constantly waging an inner war for control of his urges and emotions where this woman was concerned.

He pulled the item he’d been carrying out from behind his back and held it up for her to see. “Do you know what these are?”

“Yes. They’re shackles.”

“Close. They’re your shackles. Put your arms behind your back, and put your gaze on the floor. Now.”

Again, she moved slowly. Jonathan waited until she’d finally complied. He stepped behind her and took a moment to just stand close and breathe her in. Her familiar fragrance stroked his inner satyr, and his cock hardened even more.

He slipped the unforgiving steel around her wrists and snapped the shackles closed. Bethany shivered once. He looked down the front of her blouse and noticed her nipples had hardened into tight, little buds.

Leaning close to her ear, he said, “I’m going to take you someplace where we can get to know each other a little better. Master Jordan needs his office. Come, slave. Your training is about to begin.”





Bethany sighed as Jonathan’s soap-covered hands caressed her body. The sensation of slick hands cupping and smoothing over her breasts, then down across her belly, and stroking over her slit shot her to the very edge of orgasm. It amazed her she could become aroused again so quickly. Orgasms had always been a rare experience for her. She’d never had two in one week, let alone two in one day. Earlier, as her tears had subsided, a part of her had believed she couldn’t possibly want any more pleasure. She’d been wrong. The heat of Jonathan’s body, the sensation of the water and the soap and him aroused her to even higher heights than she’d already soared.

She wanted to come again very, very badly.

“Place your hands on the wall and lean forward.” His voice, deep, commanding, added another layer of excitement.

She didn’t understand why Jonathan thought she’d need much training. The words had barely left his lips and her body moved to comply.

“Spread your legs, shoulder width apart.”

Again her body responded of its own volition. She couldn’t hold back her moan of pleasure when Jonathan’s hands stroked back and forth over her pussy. He found his way between her folds so easily, as if he’d touched her there a thousand times before and knew exactly where to stroke to give her the most pleasure. When he used his fingers to rub back and forth against her anus, the spike in arousal came so unexpectedly, she gasped.

“Oh, baby, I’m so glad you like that. One of the things I’ve been dreaming of doing to you is fucking your ass. What do you think of that?”

“Oh, God.” That would be yet another first for her. She’d have sworn the idea held no appeal for her, but she’d been wrong. Having done a lot of reading in the past couple of months, she wondered what other sexual firsts she’d soon not only experience, but crave.

“Hmm, you shivered when you said that, and,” Jonathan paused, moving his hands from her pussy and ass to her breasts, “yeah, your nipples just got harder. Good. I want very much for you to enjoy all the delightfully sinful things I’m going to do to you.”

Bethany wanted to return the gift of the arousal coursing through her. “Please.” She felt Jonathan press against her and lean over her. The heat of his breath wafted against her ear just before his tongue teased her there.

“Please what, Beth?”

“I want to touch you. I want to taste you.” How could she explain to him how she felt right now? She’d been a wife for more than twenty-five years, and in all that time, she’d believed arousal and sexual heat to be fairy tales, some creation of fiction, or worse, a man’s cruel measure against which to find his wife lacking. How could she explain that in the few short hours they’d been together, Jonathan had not only given her more sexual pleasure than she’d ever experienced, he’d unlocked her need to lavish sexual pleasure in return?

Jonathan proved by his actions that she didn’t have to explain herself to him at all. He stroked his hands up her arms and gently pulled her hands away from the tile. He enfolded her in a hug, his cock pressed tight against her ass.  He kissed her neck and said, “Do what you will, sweetheart.”

Bethany wasted no time. She turned around, faced him, and stretched up to lay her mouth on his. She kissed him, eager to drink her fill. He tasted so good, and kissing him added fuel to her already flaming fires. Kissing had never been a turn-on for her, but it sure as hell was now. Could she kiss him so deeply, absorb him so completely, she’d be a part of him? Her lips and tongue left his mouth to taste and sample the flavors of his jaw and his neck.

While the shower continued to rain lightly upon them, she used her hands to test the strength of the muscles roping his arms and chest. She nuzzled the hair covering his nipples and inhaled his scent. She learned the subtle flavors of him, never before realizing a man’s chest could taste different than his chin, that both would hold a different flavor from his lips.

Bethany swirled her tongue around first one male nipple, then the other. She pulled back, surprised but extremely pleased when those small male buds hardened from her attention, much as her own had done earlier.

“You like that,” she said.

“What’s not to like? Keep going, Beth. I need more.”

Yes. She wanted, desperately, to give him more. She wanted to give him everything. She didn’t know if she could please him. Experience had taught her she was incapable of fulfilling a man. But she wanted to, God how she wanted to please and fulfill this man.

She stroked her hands up and down his sides as she continued to kiss and lick his chest, down toward his navel. His cock bobbed for her attention. She understood the mechanics of a blow job. She wasn’t certain of the technique, or if, despite wanting to, she really could do it. In the past—no. No more thinking about the past. Only the moment mattered, and in this moment, she wanted nothing more than to taste and pleasure the man who’d opened a whole new world of sensation and wonder for her.

Jonathan sucked in a breath, and she understood the closeness of her mouth to his cock aroused him. She’d come, but he hadn’t. Bethany slipped to her knees and fisted him. His cock, hot and hard, felt as if it was covered in the finest silk. Here, and only here, a man’s skin had a delicacy to rival a woman’s. She tore her gaze away from his magnificent dick and looked up at him.

“Show me how.”

She loved the strength of his fingers as they combed her hair then gripped her head. She loved the scent of him, so rich and male, so Jonathan right there at the base of his cock.

“Open your mouth for me, baby. Take my cock inside it. Use your tongue, and your lips. Suck on me.”

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