I can’t remember who taught me to read, but I was reading the Dick and Jane books when I started pre-school, and I’ve been reading ever since. I spent all of the allowance that I received from my parents and grandparents on Scholastic books and record albums (not to date myself)! My interest quickly turned to sci-fi, and then when I was about thirteen or fourteen, I discovered Harlequin Romances.

In high school, several of my friends and I used to tuck them into the textbooks that we were supposed to be reading in class, although I seriously discourage any student from doing this! (It sucks a lot when you get caught!)

I’ve read, literally thousands of books in my life, but I don’t always like the way that they turn out, or sometimes when I don’t like the characters, I won’t even finish reading the story! More than once, I’ve asked myself, “Why does he like her, she’s annoying!”, or, “Why does she like him, he’s mean!”

Of course, I’m an adult now, a single mom and grandma. I don’t get to read as much as I like, not recreationally anyway, as my long stretch of unemployment has encouraged me to return to school. Science textbooks are fairly awesome reading, but math, not so much! But I know that I have to do the work if I’m going to get that B.S. that I’ve been striving for.

A New York state resident all my life, I grew up in a big country house with my sister, parents and grandparents. I still prefer country living to this day although I have family and friends who live in the Big Apple.

My Freshman English teacher told me once that I’m always trying to write a book; of course he was referring to the fact that I was always the last one to leave the classroom when we took an essay exam. But, I guess that he was right.

I wrote my first romance story when I was eighteen but it never saw the light of day. When I finished the story that I began writing last summer, I took the chance and sent it out to Siren-BookStrand and was ecstatically happy that they decided to publish it.

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Q: What is the most important aspect of a story for you?

A: Likeable characters! I won’t even finish reading a story if I don’t like the hero or heroine. When I write, I strive to create characters that the reader wants to get to know.

Q: Why did you decide to go the erotic romance route?

A: I’ve always loved romance stories, for the exotic scenery, impending danger, or trip back into another time, as well as for the love between the main characters. But when I became an adult I realized that mainstream romance left a great deal of detail to the imagination. I had so much more fun writing about what great sex is really like rather than sugar-coating it, although, that can also be fun!

Q: Do you set time aside every day to write?

A: No, I write when the words are flowing, whether it’s before I go to bed or when I wake up in the middle of the night. Sometimes I can’t write for a few days because I have an exam to study for or other obligations but I definitely write whenever I can.

Q: What does your family think of your stories?

A: My kids think that it’s great that I’m being published, although there are a lot of jokes floating around about how women my age are supposed to be knitting and baking cookies instead of thinking about sex. I just tell them that I’ve been knitting and baking since I was ten.

Q: Do you find it difficult to write sometimes?

A: I can’t read or write in a noisy environment. I’ve always been one of those people who are easily distracted, so when I’m going to write, I set myself up in the most comfortable and quiet spot that I can find.

Q: Do you plan to give up writing when you complete your degree?

A: Absolutely not! Even if I find work right away in my chosen field I will always write because I love telling stories, and I really have way too much fun with this to consider giving it up.

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