Dream Date (MF)

Dare to Dream 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 126,347
6 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Romance author Kate Nichols can't believe her luck when rock star, Jason Grey, calls out the winning numbers that matches those on the ticket that she holds in her hand. She will be the one enjoying his company that evening! She only hopes that she’ll be able to maintain her composure around him. She’s been fantasizing about the man for years!
Jason can't believe how attracted he is to the woman sitting across the table from him. She isn’t his type, but he can't deny that he wants her bad.
Neither of them can get the steamy encounter that they shared out of their minds, but Jason makes the effort to seek Kate out and the two of them begin spending time together.
Kate is determined to enjoy every moment that she can with him, convinced that he will eventually become bored and move on, while Jason becomes determined to convince her that they are perfect for each other.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dream Date (MF)
6 Ratings (4.8)

Dream Date (MF)

Dare to Dream 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 126,347
6 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
OMG! This was such an amazing story. It was so funny but it was still a hot story. The two main characters in this story had amazing chemistry. I really enjoyed this story. I can't wait for more from this author!
Amanda Kay
Romance with Oh-So-Hot Turn-The-Page-As-Fast-As-I-Can Sex

Call me old-fashioned but I like romance with a happily ever after ending. Especially hot erotic romance (okay, not so old-fashioned), with a happily ever after ending.
Written in third person (my favorite), Dream Date begins with the heroine, Kate Nichols, as a star-struck life-long fan of rock star, Jason Grey. She’s talked into buying the chance to get a “Dream Date” with her idol. The sizzle for both the characters and the reader begin with that first date.
The story builds from there as you watch Kate and Jason, who initially just want to enjoy the instantaneous physical attraction between them, build a deeper relationship based on shared values, character, and genuine respect -- all while struggling with the differences between Kate’s world of privacy and near isolation versus the public world of rock star popularity. Ms. LaRocca expertly describes the conflicts, insecurities, and effects on both characters throughout the story.
Dream Date is the perfect combination of really hot sex blended into a heart-warming story that has you rooting for the happy ending yet not knowing exactly how it ends until you get to the last page.
Jill Blair




I’d like to present Jason Grey!” The volume of the screams and whistles was deafening. As before, Kate did not indulge. She simply watched him as he jogged up the steps, striding across the stage to accept the mike from the announcer’s outstretched hand.

Grinning broadly, his eyes hid behind dark sunglasses, he addressed the audience, “Thank you so much.”

The screaming and whistling started again and it was beginning to annoy Kate. The din had drowned out that amazing voice of his.

When the crowd had quieted down some he began speaking again. “I’ve been told that we’re on a tight schedule, so unfortunately, we’ll be keeping this short.”

A chorus of boos followed this announcement.

“Sorry about that, ladies. The good news is, it’s time to get out your tickets.”

The women, who weren’t already clutching them in their hands, retrieved them from wherever they had stashed them. Kate removed hers from her purse and Claire peeked over her shoulder, memorizing the number.

There was a great deal of fanfare as the independent auditor, flanked by his own security detail, crossed the stage to stand solemnly in front of Jason, holding a clear plastic bin full of ticket stubs.

A hush fell over the crowd and Jason wished everyone good luck before reaching his hand into the container. He grabbed a single ticket from somewhere in the middle, and handed it to the auditor, who made a note of the number before he returned the ticket to Jason.

“Everybody ready?” He grinned at the audience before he read off the numbers. “1-5-3-7-4.”

“Holy shit!” Claire hissed beside her.

Kate glanced at her ticket again. 1-5-3-7-4. But how could that be? She was bombarded by the sounds of disappointed women, the ones not holding the winning ticket. She held the winning ticket. She said nothing, and Jason called out the numbers again.

Claire grabbed her hand and raised it into the air. “1-5-3-7-4, right here!”

Everyone turned to look at them at once, the crowd of disappointed women, the group of men on the stage, and Jason Grey.

She couldn’t say that their eyes met. They were each wearing sunglasses, but still, a tingle of something penetrated her shocked senses. If Claire didn’t have her hand in a painful grip she may have actually passed out.

No, that isn’t right, she reminded herself. She wasn’t one of those screaming, crying, passing out, or underwear-tossing fans. She was simply someone who deeply appreciated his incredible talent. And his good looks, of course. And was someone who’d had more sexual fantasies about him than she cared to remember.

The announcer was back at the mike. “Congratulations! Please step on stage, Miss, so that the ticket may be verified by our independent auditor.”

Claire hissed in her ear, “Just breathe, dammit!”

“I got it!” Kate said weakly. “I mean, I’m okay.”

Claire reluctantly let go of her hand and Kate had to flex her fingers a few times to regain feeling as she walked to the edge of the platform, climbed the stairs, and crossed the stage, smiling weakly at the group of men standing there.

She avoided looking at Jason directly, concentrating instead on inhaling and exhaling as she passed her ticket to the auditor for verification. He checked her stub against the ticket that Jason had pulled out of the bin, the half that had her name and address written on the back. He asked her, her name and address and she responded, confirming that she had purchased the ticket. Satisfied, he nodded to the announcer who spoke into the mike.

“We have a winner! Congratulations again, Miss.”

The man shook her hand and she responded, “Thank you.”

Kate  turned to face the rest of the men as Jason stepped away from them. He stepped up to her and took her hand in his. The shock of heat that travelled up her arm at the contact quickly made its way to her center, suffusing her womb with warmth.

She was vaguely aware of the loud applause, the occasional boo and the flash of cameras as she struggled to regain her composure.

She  caught a glimpse of Claire literally jumping up and down out of the corner of her eye and an involuntary giggle escaped her lips. She sucked it up instantly, not wanting to make a bigger fool out of herself than she had already.

He leaned in close to plant a light kiss on her cheek. Kate detected the faint aroma of whiskey on his breath as the heady scent of his cologne wrapped around her. She swallowed hard, desperately trying to regain control of her instantaneous arousal. He whispered to her, before backing away, “I think that your friend is more excited than you are.”

“I’m still in shock,” she whispered back.

“Let’s hope it passes before dinner.” He smiled warmly and she was undone.

“One can only hope,” she continued to whisper.




“Jason? I need…” she began tentatively.

“I know just what you need, Kate,” he said sternly as he took down one of the larger bath sheets from the shelf. He draped it across the front of his body, tucking it under his armpits before he reached out to her, grabbing her around the waist and pulling her bodily from the Jacuzzi. He pulled her against him and quickly wrapped her in the towel, she was trussed up like a mummy before she even knew what hit her.

What are you doing?” she demanded to know as he strode into the man cave and made his way to the basement stairs. She was squirming in his arms, trying to kick her way free as he continued to ignore her, resolutely carrying her into his bedroom, where he took a seat on the foot of his king-sized bed.

“Jason, what’s going on? What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m fine, mostly. But you’re not going to be. You’re about to get just what you deserve for that little speech, and for putting a hole in my lip.”

“What do you think that you’re doing?” she demanded as he laid her out, facedown across his lap, allowing the edges of the towel to fall away, exposing her bare bottom.

“I’m going to spank this pretty little ass of yours just like you deserve, that’s what,” he stated casually.

“Are you nuts?”she demanded as she began to kick and squirm in earnest.

“And when I’m all done, when your entire ass is all pink and pretty and warm? I’m going to fuck you in it until you can’t see straight,” he continued as if she hadn’t spoken.

Jason maneuvered them so that her crotch rested against his leg, her ass still up in the air as he raised his other leg up and over hers, preventing her from being able to kick out. He lifted her just enough to yank the towel away, dropping it to the floor, bringing her bare skin into contact with his. An arm lay across her shoulder blades, applying just enough pressure to keep her in place, but still she squirmed uselessly in his hold. He felt the first flow of moisture touch his leg as her body responded to his erotic promise.

Jason chuckled. “You’re strong, angel, but you’re not stronger than me, now be a good girl and take your punishment.”

He was laughing? Bastard, Kate thought as she writhed uselessly against his legs. “This is for biting my lip, that really hurt.” Jason brought his hand down, palm flat, across the cheeks of her ass.

The sound of the smack filled the air. The sting of the slap against her ass combined with the surprise that he had actually done it. She simply gasped in shock.

 “This is for that ridiculous accusation that I intend to just toss you aside.”

Kate cried out this time when his hand connected with her bottom, her cheeks stinging and starting to burn, the painful tingling making her skin hot. But the vibration of the slap seemed to travel straight through to her core, right to her clit, which was beginning to swell.

 “This is for thinking that I could ever like fucking someone else as much as I like fucking you.”

Tears stung her eyes now, the trail of flames shooting from her stinging ass cheeks, quickly reigniting the embers that had remained at her core, his naughty words making her wet, the vibration of the slap echoing in her throbbing clit.

 “This is for thinking so little of yourself that you actually believe that someone else would be more suitable.”

She groaned aloud this time, finally recognizing that her hot, stinging skin, as well as the vibrations initiated from the force of the smack, were fuelling her approaching climax.

Jason smiled as he felt a fresh flow of moisture leak onto his leg. She rhythmically pressed her swollen clit against him. His dick was rock-hard, anticipating being buried ball-deep in her ass within minutes.

Kate could feel his thick dick, rock-hard and pulsing against her hip, and her pussy clenched with anticipation, even though, according to Jason, that part of her body wouldn’t be getting serviced anytime soon. She rubbed her swollen clit against his thigh, the hairs there stimulating her even more.

 “And last but not least, this is for the merciless roasting that I’m going to have to endure, until the end of time, because of this enormous hickey that you put on my neck.”

His hand landed on her ass for the last time, the smack harder than any that had come before. Her eyes stung again even as the jolt of pleasure in her womb took her one step closer.

Jason moved then, lifting his leg off of hers and coming to his feet, his arms now supporting her body as he lifted her, still ass up, and walked around the side of the bed to lay her out on her stomach, atop the bedspread. He quickly straddled her, leaning across her to grab the tube of lubricant from the drawer of the nightstand.

He gazed at her ass for a minute before he remarked teasingly, “Yup, bright pink and pretty just like I wanted,” he grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and squeezed. “And nice and warm, too.” He leaned forward to nibble on her pretty shoulder before he got started.

Kate whispered to him before he sat up again. “I hate you.”

Jason burst out laughing, “Of course you don’t, angel.” He applied some lube to the head of his aching dick, some more to his finger before tossing the tube aside. He spread her cheeks, inserting the lubed finger into her asshole, stroking briefly, that’s all she was going to get this time, his dick was gonna do all the stretching.

He spread her cheeks wider, the head of his dick breaching the tight little opening, and he groaned with satisfaction as her resistance gradually gave way, allowing him to slowly push into her until he couldn’t go any further. He leaned forward to whisper hotly against her ear, “You don’t hate this, do you, angel?”

Kate exhaled sharply, her voice laced with frustration and temper. “Would you just shut up and fuck me already!”

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