Syren Song (MFM)

Gypsy Cay 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,174
21 Ratings (4.0)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Shape-Shifters]

Enlora is a Syren caught between two lovers: Kai, the shark god, who wants her for himself, and Damon the assassin who needs her help. How can she choose only one when her heart belongs to both?

Both males want the Syren, but she's unwilling, or unable, to make a choice between them. The trouble is, she wants them both. And they both want her. So what's the problem?

The problem is they are two stubborn, dominating males who are used to getting their way, but when it comes to the Syren, they are willing to cooperate if it means keeping her love. Can two dangerous alphas share one woman? The Syren thinks she can prove that love does tame the most savage beasts.

In a compromise for her love, Kai and Damon find that three isn't always a crowd.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Syren Song (MFM)
21 Ratings (4.0)

Syren Song (MFM)

Gypsy Cay 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,174
21 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Penny Ash
Professional Reviews

5 Cherries: "Blaze Ballantine described in such vivid detail, I felt as if I was looking at a picture, rather than reading a book. Ms. Ballantine's descriptions of her characters and their surroundings are very good and make everything seem very real. What ensues is passion and erotic sex beyond my wildest imagination. Again, this author used realistic dialogue and delicious descriptions, making me feel as if I am right there with these people, instead of just reading about them. Syren Song is steeped in realistic dialogue, flowing descriptions and some of the most erotic sex you can read. So, if you enjoy the above mentioned, then I am sure that this book is just what you are looking for." -- Amaranth, Whipped Cream Romance Reviews

4 Stars: "Blaze Ballantine writes with an exotic imagination. She incorporates passion, paranormal, and danger in her latest book, Syren Song. Enlora and Damon are interesting characters. However, Kai is my favorite. I found him mysterious and fascinating. Fans of paranormal romance will love Syren Song." -- Anne Boling, ReviewYourBook

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“On your back,” Kai said. I realized in fevered confusion that he was talking to Damon. To me he said, “Ride him.”

I crawled on top of Damon, settling myself over his erection. He bucked his hips up to meet me, using his hands to pull me downward while he thrust upward. Once again he fully sheathed himself inside me and stroked hard. I bounced up and down desperately, determined to have an orgasm before the shark stopped us again. I was hovering right on the brink when I felt Kai’s hands begin to caress my back. His skin felt rougher than normal, letting me know he enjoyed directing our sex scenes.

“Bend forward,” he ordered, gently pushing me down so that my ass was easily accessible to him while Damon still filled the inside of my cunt. Stabs of fear and desire shot through me at the thought of both men inside my body simultaneously. Kai’s fingers parted my cheeks, then began stroking me with a lubricating gel that felt cool against the warm roughness of his fingers. He dipped one finger inside my ass, and I clenched against the invasion, full as I already was with Damon’s large erection. Suddenly, I wasn’t sure I could take both of them at once.

Damon put his hands on my hips, anchoring me against him tightly so that I couldn’t move my ass from its upturned position. Instead of Kai’s penis I felt something cool and round pushed into my anus. I gasped, squirming at the sensation, and my movements shoved Damon even deeper into my sheath. Then, what felt like another marble pushed into my ass, this one a little larger than the first.

“What are you doing?” I asked, my voice husky with the raw sexual pleasure the balls were unleashing within me.

I felt pressure again at the tight hole, making me jerk forward reflexively, as another, still larger, bead entered the forbidden zone along with the tip of Kai’s finger.

Kai leaned forward with his hand encircling the back of my neck. I could feel his chest against my naked back. “Pearls from Atlantis,” he explained in a whisper at my ear. “Strung on a strand of mermaid hair, twelve of them, each one larger than the other. When the human makes you climax, Enlora, I’ll pull them out one at a time until you scream with pleasure.”

I shivered, tensing as the next ball was inserted, along with the full length of Kai’s finger. He wiggled his finger around, moving the pearls teasingly. I groaned, the sensation felt like nothing I’d ever experienced before and I noticed that sweat had popped out on Damon’s forehead. He was breathing like a long distance runner. I realized the movement of the pearls must have been pressing on the head of his penis through the thin membrane of flesh inside my body. He gave me a couple of hard strokes, and I could feel the pearls shift before Kai’s finger moved them back to the spot he wanted them to stay.

“Got a lot more to fit in there,” he taunted seductively. “And they only get bigger, Enlora.”

I shook with anticipation, wanting Damon to fuck me hard, wanting Kai to pull the pearls. I needed them both. Damon began moving, short but urgent strokes that kept my ass bouncing so Kai had to work at getting the pearls inserted in my body, but he didn’t stop us, or tell Damon to slow down.

“I’m full,” I said at last, unable to see how one more object could fit inside of me but Kai wasn’t having it. He knew when he entered my body later that I’d be a lot fuller, but for now, he was playing with me. He enjoyed watching the beautifully colored Atlantis pearls disappear into my tight ass on his whim. I knew he relished the idea of pulling them out slowly, watching them turn my orgasm into a painful ecstasy.

I’d heard the stories about Atlantis pearls but never had them used on me. They were supposed to be magical, causing an orgasm so strong as to be dangerous. Now I wondered how many were left. I didn’t think I could hold another pearl but Kai proved me wrong.

“Last one,” he said softly. “Relax, Enlora. Let me pleasure you as you’ve never been pleasured. I meant to save these for our eternal joining, but I will gift them to you early.”

Eternal joining? Did the shark actually just propose marriage? I clenched tighter than a drum, squishing the pearls together, which must have had a seriously pleasant effect on the human. He groaned as if he were in pain and began moving inside me so hard I thought he would shove the pearls back out of my body. Suddenly, I understood why each was larger than the other.

Kai watched Damon fuck me seriously while I still had the silken cord and one last sea pearl left outside my body.  I could feel it smacking against my ass as Damon thrust into me, over and over, me bouncing up and down on his rigid cock like riding a bucking horse. At last, Kai reached out to stop our movements, pushing down on my back as a warning we should stop.

He drew the moment out, making me wait, making me wonder how large the last pearl was. His fingers traced down the cleft of my ass, and he teasingly tugged on the cord, flooding me with the most intense sensation I’d ever felt. I had Damon’s large penis throbbing inside of me while Kai applied a hint of pressure against the entrance of my ass. 

“Last one,” he said again. I felt the cool slide of lubrication gel channel down the crack of my hips as he began to push with deliberate slowness. I held my breath against the sensation of the large cold ball being twisted into the tight confines of my hole. It seemed impossible to stop my inner muscles from clenching and releasing in a rapid motion. My body tried to force the intruding objects out, while fingers and cocks were pushing in. I groaned, shifting and bucking and being held by eager hands and mouths as I lost myself in a tidal wave of pleasure.

Both men wrapped around me now, touching everywhere, kissing every available space of skin they could reach. I couldn’t tell who kissed me where. Didn’t care at this point. I trembled with sensation, stretched to the breaking point, riding on a wave of sensual pleasure so hard it felt painful. Still, my orgasm remained just out of reach.

Damon began stroking me hard, giving me no room to avoid the feeling of fullness pushing at me from front and back. The inflexible pearls sharpened the awareness of his thrusts, allowing me to feel the full effect of his power. At last, I felt the initial wave of orgasm overtaking me, and I shuddered with the first jolt of pleasure. Kai held the back of my head down against Damon’s shoulder anchoring me to him so that I couldn’t move away as he tugged gently on the strand of pearls. I jerked instinctively with the first searing bolt of pleasure, half screaming as he popped the largest pearl out of my body causing a delightful liquid burning sensation to release through me.

I’d never felt anything like it.


I thought I would die from the sexual gratification.

And it wasn’t only me. The human had reached his capacity for delight, even though he mindlessly pounded into me, groaning each time Kai tugged a pearl out of my body. The vibration of the pearls along with my voice had Damon nearly over the edge, ready to die with a smile on his lips. He shot his semen into me and collapsed, dropping back on the pillow, gasping for breath, hands fisted into the covers.

Kai gently disengaged me from the human and pulled me into his arms, his lips curved in a smile. “My turn, Enlora.”

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