A Pair of Jacks (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,440
81 Ratings (4.1)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

When Marie Maxwell's cover as an international smuggler is blown, the Parisian operative is called back to Washington D.C. to be placed in protective custody. Jack Benson and Jack Reno are a pair of renegade federal agents assigned the difficult task of keeping her alive.

Although agency rules forbid romantic involvement between covert personnel, Jack, Marie, and Reno can't reign in the passion they feel for one another. Isolated from the world at Ghost Moon Ranch in Wyoming, both men realize they are falling in love with the sophisticated Parisian.

Marie has her hands full dealing with the two headstrong agents and her attraction to both of them. Knowing their relationship is as dangerous as the assassin hunting her, will she choose her career, or will she lose herself to the all-consuming fire they ignite within her? Ultimately, Marie discovers love, and the pleasure in holding a pair of Jacks.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

"I love writing as much as I love reading. I can honestly say that I have no favorite genre. If a story is well crafted I'll read it, and I think my writing reflects that eclectic taste. I try to give my readers an entertaining story whether it is paranormal, suspense, action or romance. I want the reader to be in my world, to feel what my hero or heroine is feeling and to laugh, and sometimes cry, with the characters. But most of all, I want my readers to fall in love and feel the passion." ~ Blaze ~

A Siren Erotic Romance

A Pair of Jacks (MFM)
81 Ratings (4.1)

A Pair of Jacks (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,440
81 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Penny Ash
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Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "A Pair of Jacks is an exciting, seductive and romantic tale about three individuals who make a wonderful collaboration...The connection that develops between Marie, Jack and Reno is so passionate that I can't seem to imagine seeing them without each other. The oral and anal stimulation and double penetration is definitely quite memorable and deliciously erotic. I found myself so enthralled with the mystery and suspense of Marie's adventure I definitely couldn't put this book down until her journey was revealed. The relationship that transpires between Marie, Jack and Reno is the main focal point of this tale and the thrilling subplot of their adventure intertwines quite nicely, making a fascinating tale...I found it easy to imagine being Marie and being loved by two wonderful heroes. I look forward to many more adventures from this author." -- Tallyn Porter, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 CHERRIES: "A Pair of Jacks steams up the pages with its erotic tale of the stubborn Jack Benson, the gentle giant Jack Reno, and feisty Marie who can’t help but submit. This is an intoxicating and captivating love story between three unlikely people." -- Oleander, Whipped Cream Romance Reviews

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“Where are you taking me until we get this sorted out?”

It seemed like a reasonable question to distract herself with. As long as she didn’t think about Xavier, she’d be okay. She would deal with the grief later, in her own way, but not here, not now, and definitely not in front of Agent Jack Benson. It was a matter of professional pride. She didn’t want him to think her weak. Or think that her job was nothing more than a whim of the president’s niece.

“We’re going to meet Jack Reno. He’s someone I trust with my life, so I trust him with yours.”

“But where are you taking me?” she repeated.

Jack’s face tightened into an unreadable mask. Stubborn, Marie decided.Control freak. So why did she harbor this the attraction to him? The last thing in the world Marie needed, or wanted, in her life was a man trying to control her. She’d made her own decisions since her teenage years, and she wasn’t about to fall into some needy relationship at this point in her life. She slammed the brakes on her wayward thoughts. Whoa! Relationship? What the hell was she thinking? She’d just met Jack Benson. Xavier had been killed. Her life had been threatened. How did the word relationship even enter her mind? Obviously, she wasn’t thinking clearly. She must be suffering from some sort of stress factor.

“I’ll tell you when we get there.”  

His answer pissed Marie off. She had the right to know. It wasn’t like she’d be calling anyone to tell them where she’d be staying. Not only did he have zero personality, he was a macho bastard. She would show Jack Benson what she was made of before things got totally out of control.

Two could play this game, she decided. Her hand tightened around the gun he’d given her in the elevator, but before she could level it at him, Jack yanked the SUV to the curb. He grabbed her wrist and squeezed.

Give that to me.” The harsh whisper of his voice caused chills to dance down the center of Marie’s back. His face was so close, she could feel his breath against her skin. He applied more pressure and the gun dropped from her hand. “If you try something like that again, I’ll handcuff you and put you in the back.”

“You’re supposed to be protecting me,” Marie reminded him a little breathlessly. She tugged at the firm hold he had on her wrist.

Jack yanked her up against him, dropping his mouth over hers for a harsh kiss that demanded she surrender to him. When he drew back, his eyes glittered like cold blue diamonds. “I am protecting you, and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you alive. I don’t give a damn whether you like my choices or not. Understand?”


“Sallie and Walter went home,” he explained, dropping down beside her. “They have a cabin about a mile down the valley.”

The cool evening breeze ruffled Reno’s hair, inviting Marie to run her fingers through the disheveled curls. Instead, she played it cool, looking out over the barren landscape before she turned back to look at him. “So, how do you pass the time here?”

Reno licked his lips in a suggestive smile. “Depends on whether I’m by myself or with a beautiful woman.”

Marie knew the game was on and Reno had played the first hand. “Why don’t you show me what you do when you have a woman with you?”

“Oh fuck, baby. I’d be glad to do that.” Reno put his hand on the back of Marie’s head, threading his fingers through her hair and pulling her into a breathless kiss. At some point, she leaned into him, resting her hands against the broad expanse of his chest. He felt so right, so natural, and yet Jack stayed on her mind, too. She kissed him back harder, trying to wipe away the confusion in her mind, or was it the confusion of her heart? How could she feel this way? How could she want them both, even as she kissed the other one?

Reno slid his face down the side of hers, twisting his head so that he could lower his mouth over her lips. He kissed gently, exploring her, tasting her as his tongue darted out to flick over her mouth before demanding entrance.

He was working his hands up Marie’s back and sides, exploring every curve with infinite patience as he worked his mouth over hers, slipping his tongue between her lips. Marie gave into his touch, letting her own hands explore the hard planes of his body, slipping under the hem of his t-shirt to stroke the heated flesh that rippled under her touch.

Reno found the bottom of her blouse and ran his hands under the stretchable material, gliding his thumbs upward until he’d reached the peaks of her breasts. His hands cupped her, his thumbs brushing across the sensitive nipples as he worked his magic with a kiss.

Marie lost herself in the moment, shutting down her thoughts, letting herself simply feel the sensations that coursed through her pussy at Reno’s expert touch. He tugged her back against his chest so that his hand could slide down the front of her jeans. It was a tight fit, but he positioned her across his lap, letting the snug fabric mold his hand against the curve of her body. His fingers dipped between her legs to explore the moist entrance to her pussy.

“Does that feel good, darlin’?” he whispered, curling his fingertip over the swollen nub of her clit.

Feel good? No. It feels fucking better than good.

Marie shoved her hips upward to meet his measured strokes. “Hmmm. You’re talking too much, cowboy,” she whispered, pushing back against his wide chest and feeling the light stubble of his beard as he planted kisses along her hairline. He chuckled at that, rubbing her faster now, teasing her with a light pressure that had her body stretched out in a trembling mass of nerves and need.

“Relax. I’ll take you there.” Reno breathed in her ear. “I’ll fuck you anyway you want, Marie. Just tell me what you need, and you’ve got it.”

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