Bonnie S. Mata

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     Bonnie was raised as a little girl out on a ranch in Los Ojuelos, Texas, where Texas Rangers were once stationed back in 1850 to protect the trade route to Laredo and Corpus Christi, Texas. She came close to being born out at the Los Ojuelos ranch, but with her mother's prayers they made it into town which was 45 miles away. They ran out of gas, but were close enough to the hospital to run up the hill of the old Mercy Hospital in Laredo, Texas to get a wheelchair. Bonnie is of Irish and Mexican descent and is the youngest of her family of four growing up in a small town in Mirando City, Texas where everybody knew everyone.
     Back in the 70's, there wasn't much to do in a little town with only two TV stations dedicated to soap operas during the daytime, leaving Bonnie to sit on the front porch and watch the few cars pass by while daydreaming. In her mind there was always the question of, "What if?" As she grew older, the county opened a small library in town where she would read every single Harlequin Romance novel that was there to read, reading about far away places. Now here she is writing her own romance stories. "Who would have thought!" she said excitedly.
     Time has since passed, with so many beautiful memories of old Mirando City and she is now married and lives in Laredo, Texas. This December will be 21 years of marriage plus adding an addition 5 years of dating for a total of 26 years with her husband and best friend. She has two children with her husband, a son who just graduated from high school and a daughter who is in junior high, which have kept Bonnie pretty busy these past years at their school, as she always volunteered for room mother for her children.
     Bonnie currently looks forward to the special holidays where she and her siblings along with their children get together to catch up on what has been going on in their lives. "I love my brothers and my sister and all of my nieces and nephews dearly and believe that family is so important!" she says. "Yes sometimes we disagree, but just as the Mexican saying says, 'As you look at your hand your fingers are of the same hand, but they are each different and the same goes for family siblings.'
     "What is important is that we should never take things to heart and remember that we all have our own opinions and that's what makes us different and interesting."

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Q: Tell us about your writing.

A: Well, I don't write everyday because I'm self employed with my printing business and soap manufacturing business I'm so committed to. However, when an idea comes to me, I become obsessed and that's all I can think of is the story in my mind as it's coming together. I daydream thinking about the story and as I am imaging it I put the pieces together in my head. Then, I begin to write about it and continue until I finish the story.

Q: What is your favorite holiday?

A: Halloween! I enjoy buying lots and lots of candy for the children and decorating the front lawn. I also, enjoy having my friends and family over for a masquerade party.

Q: Who are your favorite comedians?

A: George Lopez and Carlos Mencia.

Q: What music do you listen to?

A: It all depends what I'm doing. If I am doing housework, classic rock like Gun's & Roses, Bon Jovi, The Eagles, and Journey just to name a few.
    When I'm enjoying myself in the backyard gardening or swimming, classic rock. Getting dressed in the morning which can take an hour, classic rock. When I write, soundscapes. I like the sound of the waves at the beach, the sound of rain, and the sound of a thunderstorm.
    For dancing music I like Tejano & cumbias. It is a style of Mexican American popular music with prominent accordion parts, influenced by the polka and country and western together with various forms of traditional Mexican music. Intocable, Los Palominos, Little Joe, La Mafia, Selena Quintanilla, and Emilio are some of my favorites. And when I drink Tequila, mariachi music such as Vicente Fernndez, Ana Gabriel, Juan Gabriel, and Pedro Fernndez.


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