Storm Love (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 92,092
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Cowboy Romance, love triangle]

Mia Garcia returns to her hometown in South Texas fearing for her life after a frightening mugging and near sexual assault in New York City.

Mia has loved rancher Wolf Benavidez for as long as she can remember. While visiting his ranch, a hurricane hits, leaving her stranded for several days. The many years of her fantasizing have finally become a reality with passionate lovemaking with Wolf.

After the storm, Mia goes back to New York, hoping to return to Texas, but forces working against them keep them apart. Mysterious events begin to take place at Wolf's ranch, making him believe that Mia is a bad omen.

Time passes, and Mia never hears from Wolf again, leading her to believe that he used her and she has lost him forever. She decides to move on with her life and starts dating New York City Detective Rossi, who pursues her aggressively, and a love affair ensues between them.

In the end, the mysterious events at the ranch come out in the open, along with Mia's secret and a painful decision that she must now make.

Note: This is a love triangle and is not a ménage or polyromance.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Storm Love (MF)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Storm Love (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 92,092
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Ariana Y. Farias



He climbed back on the bed and reached for Mia’s waist, pulling on her skirt to remove it, following with her panties. Mia said nothing and allowed him. She was ready to lose her virginity to Wolf.


“Yes, Mia.”

“I wanted to let you know that I’m yours for the taking. All of me, Papi.”

When he heard her words, he lost himself in that moment and felt his body on fire. Her words were the fuel adding to the burning passion that was ablaze within him, even more now that their bodies were both completely nude for the first time. He laid his heavy body on her petite one, found her lips, and kissed her with such passion. Wolf was so stirred up with her virgin body that upon feeling both their bare bodies touching each other, he thought that his body would melt onto hers.

Mia kissed him back, matching his passion as she threw her arms around him. She squeezed him tight as if a strong wind would blow her away from him. She felt his engorged, hard penis as he grinded on her abdomen. His kisses were feeding and fulfilling the aching and dark loneliness that only Wolf could relieve after so many years of waiting and longing for him.

Moving off her, he licked over her neck as if he could taste her flesh. His rough hand came between her thighs as he circled, pulling on her leg in order to access her pussy. His fingers moved in circles around her neatly trimmed small patch of pubic hair, causing her to flinch. Slowly he made his way, feeling her pussy folds, which were wet from her juices. His fingers rimmed the wet folds in feather light caresses, giving her goose bumps as he passed over them. Soon after, he slid one finger slowly between her slick pussy lips, separating them by moving his finger back and forth against her slit, exploring her, aware that she was aroused with wetness as she gasped in that moment. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes, enjoying himself, moaning her name softly. His finger moved a bit higher, finding her clit, which was snuggled inside her cozy, warm and wet pussy folds. It was waiting for him to awaken and show Mia what that little nub was made for.

“Good God, Mia, you have my body on fire. It feels so hot in here. You feel so good.” He began rotating his thumb lightly around her clit, applying more pressure, causing her to squirm and arch her back as she spread her legs more. He slipped two fingers inside her channel and drove his fingers in and out of her while he pushed on her clit a bit harder with his thumb, causing her body to jerk and her hands to pull on the bedsheet. She released a loud moan and closed her legs on Wolf’s hand as her vagina muscles tightened up.

“What’s happening to me, oh my God, Jesus and Mary. There’s this tingling sensation going throughout my body,” she said, panting, then took a deep breath. Mia hadn’t realized what a touch from Wolf could do to her. In that brief moment, she had lost herself completely to him in pure pleasure.

Wolf knew exactly what was going on. She had had an orgasm, so he slowly slipped his fingers out of her wetness, and when her legs relaxed, he was able to remove his hand from between her legs.

“Did you enjoy that?” he asked, kissing her neck softly, feeling her breathing as her chest moved.

Mia tried to catch her breath, “Yes... is this… What it’s all about?”

Wolf laughed softly. “Yes, pretty much so, but there’s more.” His fingers were damp with her juices, eager to penetrate her after feeling her.

“More?” she asked, breathless.

“Yes, now it’s my turn to feel like you did. Please don’t be scared, because you probably won’t feel what you did right now, maybe later you will. So, relax for now.” Wolf was trying to calm himself down, because he was lost in complete desire for Mia. He was excited as much as he was nervous, but knew that he had to be gentle since this was going to be her first time.

Even though he was nervous, he moved up on her, spread open her legs again, and slid her towards him. He had waited for this moment all his life. Wolf’s engorged penis was throbbing from the blood that had entered his cock and was already dripping with moisture. He aligned his erection with her wet pussy and slid it back and forth between her pussy lips, teasing her some more before penetrating her.

“God, Mia, I can’t believe this is happening.” She felt so good, and he couldn’t wait anymore, so he tilted his penis downward and entered her. He paused for a moment, enjoying himself, enjoying the warmth of her flesh surrounding and squeezing his cock. He took a deep breath as he thought about his next move. He released his breath as he gritted his teeth and made his first thrust forward. His body was on fire and perspiration was coming down his forehead. He was trying to hold back, but his desire for her was so immense, and he couldn’t do baby steps anymore.

“Oh, Mia, I just…oh God, I just can’t help myself anymore, please forgive me.” Closing his eyes, he threw his head back. He then brought his head forward and plunged almost all of his massive cock into her tight vagina then quickly finished up with another forceful push, causing her to scream as he opened her vagina walls for the first time. Her labia lips spread open beyond anything in her wildest dreams. Wolf had spread her so wide with his immense, thick, hard penis. He pulled out and rammed into her again, for she felt so good. She was wet, warm, and incredibly tight. He brought her closer again, grabbing her by her legs, and slammed in and out of her, moaning and saying, “Good God, Mia, you feel so fucking good.”

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