Faith (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 94,000
16 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Romantic Suspense]

What's a beautiful young virgin of strong Catholic faith to do when she meets up with a wealthy, sex-deprived, handsome bachelor?

During one of Manolo Guerra's monthly visits to his mother's grave site, finding a beautiful, young and single woman was not on his agenda that day. But that day, out of nowhere, things will change forever for both of them as destiny has finally come full circle.

She is of strong Catholic faith and her values have been set high, a total virgin she is and this makes Manolo desire her even more.  She is Tatiana Madrigal from San Antonio, Texas and was in Miami for just a short while. Finally, a woman who can love him for who he is and who can bear his child to leave his millions to.

It will be eight months of heavenly nights and days with her. He has lost years of sexual lovemaking, and she has never experienced any. They will explore each other countless times each day and night.

A Siren Erotic Romance 

Faith (MF)
16 Ratings (4.2)

Faith (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 94,000
16 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston


It had only been ten minutes into the Mass, when suddenly she felt a presence sit next to her. As she slowly looked to the side, she recognized the person. It was the customer from the store who had walked with her to the church. She smiled at him as she noticed that he had looked up.

Tatiana began to wonder why he came to sit next to her. The church was very big and had plenty of pews for the people to sit. If you were to yell in there, you could probably hear an echo from the emptiness. And since it was a weekday Mass, there really weren’t very many people inside the church as opposed to a Sunday Mass. And as a matter of fact, there were only about thirty people at the most inside the church. Tatiana became nervous and started to get upset with herself for being so friendly with the stranger.

That’s what I get for talking to the man. Now he probably thinks I want something from him or have something to give him. Oh dear God, please don’t let him harm me, she thought to herself as she closed her eyes for a brief moment. Oh God, please don’t let it be some psycho.

During the Mass, instead of paying attention to the priest, Tatiana’s mind was going wild with silly thoughts.

What if he follows me because he knows I don’t know my way around and that I’m from out of town? What if he rapes me! Oh God, what have I gotten myself into? she thought as she pulled her little black skirt down, trying very hard to hide her knees, hoping not to tempt the man, and made the sign of the cross. The stranger looked at her strangely, because no one else was making the sign of the cross.

As the priest talked, Tatiana hoped that the Mass would never end.

I need to stop thinking like this. My guardian angel would never let anything happen to me, she thought to herself, fighting the urge to bite her fingernails and her cuticles.

So after calming herself down, Tatiana tried hard to concentrate on what the priest was saying. It was now time to recite the prayer the Our Father as they remained standing. It is a custom that when you recite the Our Father that the people who are standing next to each other hold hands as they recite it. She extended her hand out to the stranger, and he looked at her with a weird look.

I don’t think he came to church often, thought Tatiana to herself because he really did not understand what she was doing until he saw the other people in front of them. When they finished reciting the prayer, she let go of his hand quickly, but he held on to hers for just a brief moment, enough to get her more nervous. So then she looked at him, and he smiled, and then he let go. At that point she started to get even more nervous, and all of a sudden it felt very hot inside the church. Tatiana was panicking because she knew that Mass was almost over. When it was over, Tatiana quickly kneeled down and started to pray.

Dear God, please keep me safe. Please send all your angels and saints to keep watch over me, she prayed silently as she held her eyes shut tightly, as if the sun were shining directly on them. Just then, before she got up, she said another prayer to herself. Please, Saint Anthony and La Virgen de Guadalupe, please take care of me!

As she was praying, she peeked through the corner of her eye and could see that the stranger was still sitting next to her.

Oh God, I think he is waiting for me. What shall I do? she thought to herself. Why doesn’t he leave?

She stayed kneeling there for a few moments more, looking at the big crucifix that was hanging in the middle of the alter, hoping that he would leave, but finally she stood up when she realized that he wasn’t leaving.

He quickly stood up after her and asked, “Would you like to have some coffee or something to eat with me?”

Tatiana looked at him and observed that he was well dressed. He looked like a decent man, for he was wearing a navy blue double-breasted suit with a crisp white shirt with a nice tan tie. Tatiana also thought about what Pepe had said, that he visits his mother often at the cemetery and would bring her flowers. At that moment Tatiana thought of the movie Psycho and how that son had loved his mother so much and how he was a killer and all.

Stop thinking like that! thought Tatiana to herself as she shook that thought from her head. She turned the other way to get her purse from the pew.

Tatiana tried hard to remain calm as she started to feel her face warm up. She needed to think of something quick to make her feel at ease.

So she thought, I guess it would be okay. After all, we are in a church, and he is asking me in a nice way. And, it looks so obvious that he is of Hispanic descent, which also means that he is Catholic, just like me, or he wouldn’t even be here. Hello! Well, I don’t think that a Catholic would have any bad intentions in a church, not even if you were a thief or a killer. You just don’t misbehave in the church, because most of us Catholics are superstitious. I mean, the church is seen or thought of as if you were in heaven and you know for sure that God is watching you very closely. So with that thought, Tatiana said, “Okay.”

As they walked out of the church, it started to feel very breezy. It was hurricane season still, and it had been raining in the state of Florida. So Tatiana held on to her little black skirt in hopes that the wind wouldn’t blow it up, showing her most private of all privates.


In his mind he thought, My wife was a virgin. How lucky I am. I even saw proof, and I even made her have an orgasm.

They stood in the shower for a while, just holding each other, and then they finished showering up. After they dried off, they went out on the terrace in their robes and sat down on a large chaise for two while they drank some wine.

“Are you going to work tomorrow, Manolo?”

“Of course not! I’m spending the day with you. Tatiana, I’m sorry that we didn’t go anywhere for a honeymoon. It’s just with such short notice with us getting married.”

“I know, but this is the way I would have wanted it. You know, spending my first night here with you instead of in a hotel room,” she said as she laid her head on his chest. “Look at that beautiful moon. I just love full moons, and this one…well, I’m not going to forget it!”

“Neither will I,” said Manolo. “So where would you like to go for a honeymoon?”

“I don’t know. I just want to spend every day with you at this point, and I don’t want you leaving on any business trips without me. Do you promise?”

“Yes, I promise,” he said, laughing.

“Where would you want to go?”

“I don’t know either. Maybe we can get some information later on this week.”

Tatiana took a big gulp of her wine and emptied it, set it down on the ground, and then turned to him and began to kiss his chest and run her hands over his hair slowly. She wanted him again as they sat enjoying the full moon. She nibbled on his neck and his ears. She wondered what was coming over her, but dismissed the thought as she then moved her hand under his robe, reaching out for his cock. She began to run her fingers, teasing him up and down along the large vein that ran the length of it as it began to pump blood into his huge manhood.

“It’s beautiful,” she whispered, her voice aroused.

“So now you like it?” he said, teasing her since she had complained earlier.

“Oh yes, very much!”

Manolo chuckled and lay there, enjoying her caresses as she wrapped her soft hand around the thick length of him. He groaned at her contact, squeezing her buttocks with his palms, thrusting his hips up to grind his manhood against her soft hand.

He then said, “Get on top of me,” as he lay there on the chaise.

Tatiana quickly did as he said, opening her robe as she spread her legs open and got ready to mount him. He held his cock steady as she knelt before him.

“Get on,” he commanded.

She quickly moved in and aligned her pussy as he guided her by her waist and his fingers dug into her as he pushed her down on him. She groaned as she felt her pussy spreading open.

“Oh my God!” she said as her eyes rolled back as he watched her expressions. She gasped as his mass began to enter her as she sank down onto him, fully consuming his shaft within her.

“Aye, Tatiana,” he said softly as he threw his hips up. He reached for her breasts and softly stroked them with his palms as she slowly rode him.

“You feel so good, and your pussy belongs to me now,” he said, as his eyelids became heavy as he enjoyed her riding him slowly.

“Yes, mi amor, I am all yours, Papi. Whenever you want me, at any time of the day or night, I am all yours. I will surrender to you because that is my duty now as your wife. I shall never deny you my love,” she said as she rhythmically rode up and down his cock, enjoying herself on him.

In hearing her, Manolo felt his ears get hot and his toes began to curl as he sat up and took a nipple in his mouth and sucked it hard. She closed her eyes and withdrew her nipple from his mouth as she started to ride him hard, bobbing up and down on his lap, piercing herself with his cock faster and deeper as he kneaded her buttocks.

Aye Dios mio!” he exclaimed as she rode him frantically, desperately making up for lost years of sex, never wanting the moment to end.

She moaned and groaned as she sank down onto him, selfishly wanting all of his cock buried inside of her as deep as it could go. She thought to herself, More, more, I want it all, as she bopped up and down, out of control. Her huge, ripe breasts bounced up and down as the moonlight shined down on them and Manolo lay there helplessly.

Manolo then shouted out as he came, emptying out inside of her as his jaw clenched and he grinded his teeth in satisfaction as she came to a halt. Her cunt was on fire. It was so hot in there from all the friction of his massive cock inside of her as she felt her vagina muscles tightening, followed by a tingling sensation inside of her.

As she remained straddled on top of him she could feel the pulsing of him coming in her, as she was coming off of her orgasm. This was awesome, she thought to herself as she gasped for air, I know I’m going to enjoy married life.

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