Black Lace (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 33,975
0 Ratings (0.0)

Jed Chance is the world famous lead singer of the rock band Black Lace. Once married to his best friend, he soon realised his love for her was not romantic, but they remained friends and she now manages the band. Jamie has been hugely protective of Jed since his former bandmate and lover outed him to the world.

The band faces a lineup change when their guitarist decides she wants to spend more time with her kids. Auditions start and in walks Donnie, a very talented, handsome, and openly bisexual musician. Jed vows to resist the attraction he feels for his new bandmate but finds temptation at every turn.

But lust isn't the only thing on Jed's mind -- he has a stalker who seems intent on ending his life. Jed finds himself fighting for his band, his heart, and even his life. Can he keep all three?

Black Lace (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Black Lace (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 33,975
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

They go through a few more auditions before anyone really gets Jed's attention. The info sheet says his name is Donnie Small and he's twenty-six. That's ten years younger than Jed, which makes him want to say no right away, because surely some kid won't fit into their band. Then Jed sees him, and he sort of freezes, trying to keep his face blank.

Donnie Small can't be any taller than five-foot-seven, and he's slight, almost delicate looking. He's pretty, really pretty. He stands out, too. His hair falls all the way to his ass, and it's dyed fire engine red, with a strip shaved out of the left side of his head. He has bright blue eyes, and Jed can see several piercings in each ear, a bar in his right eyebrow, and a ring in his left nostril.

He's wearing black jeans with the knees all torn to shit, a studded belt, a Green Day T-shirt, and an open purple hoodie that kind of clashes with his hair, but doesn't look bad. He's holding a cherry red guitar. His hands look comfortable and strong. He's also wearing a silver thumb ring.

Jed has seen various levels of nerves over the past few days. Donnie doesn't look like the most nervous person to audition, but he's not the most confident either.

"Donnie Small?" Jamie asks.

"Yeah, that's me. Hi." Donnie waves a little hesitantly, his smile shy and frankly adorable. Jed scolds himself. Donnie isn't a puppy. He's a grown man, and Jed isn't about to make a decision about his band using his dick, not again.

"So how did you hear about Black Lace?" Jed fires off the first set question.

"The band or the audition? Because I'm pretty sure everyone's heard about the band," Donnie says calmly.

"The audition," Brenton says a little firmly. Jed looks at Brenton, their six-foot-five, shaved-head drummer with steel grey eyes. He's thirty-three, with a tattoo of a purple orchid on his neck. So far, he's intimidated quite a few of the people auditioning.

Donnie doesn't look intimidated.

"I've been working as a session musician in a studio. They heard about the auditions and told me. I thought it was worth a shot, seeing as you only needed guitar and not vocals, since you have those covered." Donnie adjusts the guitar strap on his shoulder.

"And you thought you'd fit in with the gayest rock band to ever play?" Penny asks. She's actually the only other gay member of the band, other than Jed, but the band are all accepting, more than Jed had ever imagined they'd be.

"You can't ask someone's sexuality in an interview," Jamie reminds them, rubbing her temples.

"I don't mind. I actually work for a LGBT charity for homeless teenagers," Donnie says

"What made you want to do that?" Penny asks.

"I owed them. I want to be a musician full time, and they're all encouraging me to do more. I've been in bands my whole life, but I think you can find time for charity work because it's a more flexible job. And I figure if I make more money, I can do more to help people," Donnie says, looking nervous now.

"You owe them?" Drew raises an eyebrow. He's not as intimidating as Brenton, but he's pretty big: six foot tall, with spiky brown hair, but warm brown eyes. He and Brenton are both kind men, though, no matter what they look like.

"They helped me when I was a teenager."

"You're gay then?" Jamie asks, with a critical look on her face.

"What happened to not asking?" Jed asks.

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