Seduced by Shark Shifters (MMM)


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 24,870
0 Ratings (0.0)

At twenty-five, tall, strong Sam White was used to being independent. It was this fierce independence and drive that got him into law school and helped him survive his mother's recent death. It was this same strength and determination that drew fellow law school students and twins, Derek and Wyn, to Sam.

What starts as a study buddy friendship soon changes. Although Sam never really questions the feeling he has for his friends, on a drunken night when the twins tell Sam they are both in love with him, Sam has to rethink everything he's thought about himself, and them. After an explosive night trying to work out whatever they were feeling, Sam finds that being gay and being in love with him aren't the only things his two best friends have been hiding from him.

In a bloody water battle, Sam soon learns these law students really do become sharks, and they'll risk their lives to protect him.

Seduced by Shark Shifters (MMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Seduced by Shark Shifters (MMM)


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 24,870
0 Ratings (0.0)
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That was the night we found our booth. Shelia led us straight to a back corner booth that we later came to request. I'm not sure when exactly it happened, or what they said, but I know by the end of the second round of drinks, I had forgotten all about the little bathroom awkwardness and was feeling quite at home with Derek and Wyn. Each of them had a hand on one of my shoulders, and I was telling them everything about my life. I even talked about my mother's sudden death. It was the first time I had really opened up to anyone about it.

When we stumbled home that night, they walked me to my room. Inside, they were more than a little solicitous.

"I could help you make the bed," Derek said.

"Or we can all do it," Wyn suggested.

A few minutes later, the bed was made.

"Thanks for a fun night, guys," I said. "This was really great."

I was a little drunk, and feeling that super happy feeling you get when you're drunk and you've had an amazing time. It had been a long time since I had had a social life, and I was enjoying the feeling. After a few years of isolation, I felt like I was finally back in civilization. I felt like I was human again. Talking about my mother's death with someone who I wasn't trying to help deal with it, like my dad or my brother, had given me the freedom to process my own feelings. All night, it felt like their attention had been on me. I wanted to thank them, but I didn't want to sound stupid. I settled on reaching out and fist bumping them one at a time.

"Could I get a hug?" Derek asked.

"Sure," I answered, leaning a little toward him.

I wasn't sure how to do this. I usually only hugged my family, but Derek knew exactly what he was doing. He reached over and embraced me. His arms wrapped around me and he put his face in my neck and just held me for a minute. His cologne caught my nose and I breathed it in. He moved his waist closer so that we were pressed together. His arms pulled me in even more, and he moved his head up a little to my ear.

"I really like you," he said.

"And so do I," Wyn said, pulling on us both. "My turn for a hug, bro."

Derek released me and turned to Wyn.

"No time for all that, Wyn. Our new buddy is a little drunk and needs his rest," Derek said, reaching around and grabbing his brother's arm to lead him to the door.

"You're right," Wyn said, and pushed his brother toward the door as well.

The action seemed to make Derek release his hold on his brother's arm, and they moved to the door together. Just as they reached the door, Wyn turned around and grabbed me.

"So let me just make time for this," he said, and then pulled me close and putting a hand on each of my cheeks, planted a kiss on my mouth.

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