[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Capture Romance, M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, HEA]
Teddy Avalon isn't strong or healthy for an omega werewolf. This makes it pathetically easy for him to be captured and carried away when a fever strikes, and after being abused by alphas before, he's terrified to find himself claimed by another. Even one as handsome as Thane.
Thane is a mountain lion shifter, and he's suffered a curse that put him to sleep for thousands of years, separating him forever from the man he loved. He wants revenge. He wants to challenge Alistair for starting it all, and the best way is by taking an omega from his pack.
But Teddy has clearly been abused, and Thane finds himself caring the man back to health instead of using him as a servant. To keep from having to give him back to the hands that he believed did so much damage, Thane will even give up the idea of revenge so that Teddy will forever be safe in his arms.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Loving Teddy (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Now this book took me by complete surprise, as most of her books tend to do. Ms. Jacks has a way in sucking you into her writing within the first couple of pages. And, sooner then you'll know, the book's finished and your left craving for the next one in it's series. This happens to me each and every time I read one of her books.

Loving Teddy is a bit on the romance side. Within each of the other books, we've seen a variety of emotions displayed, but none as deep as Teddy's Mate has felt for him. Within the book, quite a few new 'secrets' are mentioned, things that I wont get into detail here, in case there's still some folk's who've yet to read it.

I promise this book will leave you both emotional, sharing Teddy's deep feelings, along with his Mate's, the entire ride throughout the book. Top Notch, this one is!
Wynter Sage
Professional Reviews

"Well, wasn't this book the surprise that got me to sit up and pay more attention! I was wondering what would be next in the series, after the first four volumes had covered the stories of the four ancient werewolf brothers with the mysterious powers. They freed a group of abused omegas in book four, so I suspected they might be finding mates (made more difficult by having been kidnapped). Turns out that there is a mountain lion shifter who has also spent centuries asleep, affected by the same curse Alistair, Rowan, Edward, and Bishen suffered from. In fact, there are some more fascinating revelations about the curse's origins and who may be behind it, as well as about who else has been affected by it. I love all those secrets and mysteries being slowly revealed as the background story develops more with each book. Teddy is an omega whose self-confidence has been obliterated by years of abuse. He has the same fear of alphas that Gabriel in book four suffered from, in fact, all the rescued omegas suffer from it to some extent. Teddy has the additional problem of having been ill on e regular basis, so when a fever strikes and he gets abducted, he expects the worst. Strangely enough, that does not happen, but Teddy is so confused and trying to adapt to his new circumstances, that basic communication breaks down and stays broken, meaning there is basic information he neither asks for nor gives, leading to more misunderstandings and an almost-catastrophe. Once Teddy realizes that Thane is his mate, the gloves come off and he is more courageous than he ever thought he could be in his bid for Thane's affections. Thane, the mountain lion shifter with powers of lightning and thunder, realizes he has made a mistake in abducting Teddy almost the minute he gets him to his den. He realizes Teddy has been abused and assumes it was the alphas he just freed him from. As attracted as he gets to the smaller wolf shifter, he is determined not to touch him. Luckily, that doesn’t last very long with Teddy determined to seduce him, and the two start what they think is going to be a beautiful relationship. Unfortunately, Alistair and Rowan have not given up on finding the kidnapped omegas and track down Thane so they can free Teddy and punish the cat shifter. Total mayhem ensues after they bet him up and leave him for dead, and it takes a while and several efforts for everyone to figure out what's really going on. If you like series with a developing background story, pieces of which are released in each installment, if you enjoy reading about two men who have to find a way to communicate and stop the hatred between their species, and if you're looking for a tension-filled read with some great mythology in the background, and oh yes, lots of hot bedsport, then you will probably like this novella. I believe it odes well for the next few books!" -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Teddy figured it was only so easy for someone to kidnap him, because he hadn’t exactly been walking with the rest of the group.

Okay, so there had been no group at all. He’d been by himself. To be fair though, he wasn’t feeling that well, so no one wanted to walk with him anyway, even if he was in his wolf form.

He hadn’t even known he was being watched until it was way too late, and he hadn’t been able to cry out until, well, he hadn’t. His attacker had jumped on him, and that was all she wrote because Teddy completely passed out at that point.

Strange, considering his head wasn’t exactly hurting when he woke up, so it wasn’t like his head had been bashed in. He wondered how the alpha had done it.

Surely the man had to be an alpha because he walked with such a confidence in himself and everything around him, that there was no way he couldn’t be an alpha.

“Why did you take me?” Teddy asked, and he felt so damned cold, but even with fall coming, the fact that he was naked shouldn’t have left him shivering so much.

Yeah, he was definitely sick.

The alpha, while naked, didn’t give Teddy the impression that he wanted to do anything evil or twisted to him. He seemed to be spending too much of his time not looking at Teddy for that to be possible.

Teddy was almost too afraid to speak again, but he’d already fainted while being kidnapped. He didn’t want to be any more of a coward by not asking important questions either.

“I’m not valuable. Why did you take me? What are you going to do with me?”

Finally, the alpha looked at him, and Teddy was struck by how magnificently gorgeous his hard blue eyes were.

He could feel arousal that was pooling in his belly, and for the first time, he was glad that he was starting to run a fever because it meant that his body was too focused on healing to produce an erection.

The last thing he needed was for his kidnapper to take that as some sort of open invitation to rape him.

“It’s time for you to get up. We have to move,” the man said.

Teddy’s heart was thumping in his chest. Fuck. He knew this drill. This was exactly what happened when alphas claimed omegas for their packs, and Teddy had already gone through this with his first pack, right before he’d run away and was claimed by Rowan.

But Rowan wasn’t a cruel leader. He treated Teddy and the other omegas well, and Teddy didn’t want to leave him.

Teddy shook his head without meaning to. “No,” he said.

The alpha raised a brow at him. He had the most magnificent silver hair that Teddy had every seen in his entire life, but he didn’t look old. He looked like he was in his midthirties or something.

Unfortunately, that look on his face was exactly the sort of thing that an alpha could use to make an omega do what he wanted.

He walked forward, and Teddy found himself crouching in on himself. He tried to keep eye contact for as long as he could, but he failed, and eventually he had to look away from the man.

“You are in my care now, omega. You will get up, and you will follow me. Am I being perfectly understood?”

Teddy didn’t know what this man was capable of, and he didn’t want to be beaten, so he nodded. “Yes, alpha,” he said.

The alpha above him sighed. “I do not…” he said, but then trailed off.

Teddy didn’t know what the man was about to say, and he didn’t want to know.

He squeaked, probably sounding like a total weakling when the alpha reached out and grabbed him by the arms and pulled him up into a standing position.

Teddy wanted to cry. He sniffled a little, but he held himself in check as he was forced to leave behind the only good pack he’d ever been a part of in his entire life.

The strange thing, though, was that when the alpha had grabbed him by the arms, his touch sent something through Teddy’s skin that almost made him feel better, though he was pretty sure he was going to get worse as far as his illness went if he kept on walking naked in this damp weather.

It had to be because the man was warm. Yes, that was it. It was because he was warm and Teddy felt so damned cold, that was the only reason why he was walking so close to him.

“What should I call you, alpha?” Teddy asked. That was the first thing he knew he was supposed to learn whenever he came into a new pack. Always learn to call your superiors what they want you to call them. Some didn’t like being referred to as alpha. Some wanted to be called by their first or last names.

“You may call me Thane,” the man said, and he pulled Teddy closer as they walked.

After that, Teddy didn’t feel like he was in danger anymore. He actually felt kind of safe.




Thane put Teddy’s legs up onto his shoulders, and he smiled down at his mate, who was still very clearly overcome with lust. “Your heart is beating fast, little one.”

“I’m embarrassed,” Teddy said.

“For what?” Thane asked.

Teddy bit his lips together, but Thane truly did not understand. Then he did, and he smiled. “Ah, the position?”

Teddy nodded and made a noise of agreement, and the red on his face became an even deeper shade.

Thane laughed softly. “Do not worry, love. In a moment you will hardly notice that at all,” he said, and returned his slick fingers to their former duty of stretching out his mate’s entrance.

Teddy inhaled a deep breath through his mouth when he was breached, and then he sighed and seemed to relax a little. “This feels good,” he said, and he reached his hand down to fist his swollen cock. “I really like this.”

Thane was curious about any other sexual experience that his mate seemed to have. Teddy was embarrassed by the position he was in—not so much at that very moment—and yet he’d been very forthcoming in claiming his want for Thane.

It seemed he already knew how to have sex, and he was following Thane’s lead nicely, but something about this seemed new to him.

Thane did not want to ask. He wanted to know, but in case his former experiences were bad, as bad as Thane suspected they were, then he did not want to destroy the glow that was around his mate at that moment by bringing up possibly painful memories.

Thane forgot all about those as he watched Teddy breathe, moan, and pant beneath him. The man thrust his ass against Thane’s fingers, and into his own fist. “You are beautiful, love. I cannot wait to claim you,” Thane said.

Teddy opened his eyes and smiled up at him. “Then do it. I’m ready,” he said.

Thane was not entirely sure about that, and it must have shown on his face because Teddy was insistent. “I mean it. I can do it. Please. Claim me. I need it. You don’t know how bad it’s been these last couple of days without it.”

Ah, so he had been suffering when he believed that Thane was rejecting him. “I don’t want you to suffer anymore,” Thane said, and he was gentle when he pulled his fingers out of Teddy’s body.

Teddy didn’t flinch, but he looked down and carefully watched Thane’s hands as he poured more of the oil into his palm and stroked his cock with it.

He leaned down over Teddy’s body after that, all but bending the man in half as he pressed the dark crown of his cock against Teddy’s pucker. “You are mine after this. There will be no going back,” Thane warned.

“There’s no going back right now anyway,” Teddy said.

So long as he knew what was to come. Thane pushed forward.

Tight. He was gloriously tight and warm around Thane’s cock. It was wonderful, and Thane moaned as he slowly pushed inside of his mate inch by agonizing inch.

Teddy’s hands were clenched tightly at Thane’s shoulders, and even though Thane could feel the bite of his mate’s nails as Teddy gripped him tight, that was nothing compared to the pleasure that was squeezing him so tight.

“Oh, yes,” Thane moaned. How was it that he’d been denying himself this for so long? He was out of his damned mind.

Thane made sure to stop at regular times so that Teddy could adjust to his size. The smaller man seemed to be doing well. Every once in a while he appeared to be having trouble, perhaps even hurting a little bit, but then Thane would simply stop and wait for his mate to be ready again before continuing.

Then his testicles were touching the back of Teddy’s thighs, and Thane was all the way inside of his mate, just where he needed to be.

That feeling of being complete, of being right where he needed to be, was just as he remembered it. It was the exact same feeling he had the last time he was with his former mate, and it was just as wonderful now as it had been then.

Thane never wanted to move from this place. This was exactly where he wanted to be.

Teddy was pressing soft, loving kisses to Thane’s neck and shoulders, and he’d never felt more loved. His heart swelled with affection for the smaller man, and he pulled back just a little before softly plunging back in.

It was a soft sort of loving, with a slow buildup, just the way Thane liked it to be. He carefully watched Teddy’s reaction, noting the soft moans, how his mate closed his eyes and smiled for each forward thrust.

The man was also a talker, it seemed. Though Teddy never seemed to know what to say. “That’s nice. I like…oh, Thane, just like…right there,” he said, and he continued on like that, always starting and stopping his sentences, but Thane knew what his mate was telling him.

It wasn’t difficult for him to realize that his mate was enjoying this.

Thane would have liked it to be a slow climb all the way to the end, but that wasn’t how this was going to work. He was holding back his own pleasure, and that never lasted very long for him as his balls tightened almost all the way into his body, and his dick swelled even more inside of his mate as he prepared to come.

Teddy seemed to like it when Thane’s cock had that reaction, so Thane was hardly worried about hurting the other man.

“I’m going to come inside of you. My seed will be in you and there will be no stopping what will happen,” Thane warned. One last time, Thane was going to tell him just once more so that he could be certain his mate was absolutely sure.

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