Sunset Club Box Set (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 271,433
0 Ratings (0.0)

This box set combines A.C. Katt's best-selling series Sunset Club, which focuses on the premier gay club on the Jersey Shore with the same name. Contains all 5 books in the series, including:

You in My Arms: Jason Monroe is his sister Kitty’s guardian after their parents’ death. He's working two jobs to keep them afloat, and doesn't have time for love. Until Zach Montgomery, the owner of the Asbury Park Sunset Club, the premier gay bar and dance club on the Jersey Shore, comes calling. Can Zach make it easier for Jason to uphold his priorities ... and maybe get himself added to the list?

Bobby's Old Man: Keith is in love with Bobby but thinks he’s too old for the younger man. The two start as “friends with benefits,” but Keith dumps Bobby when it turns serious, leaving Bobby broken-hearted. When tragedy strikes and Bobby needs Keith, he lacks trust in his former lover. Can Keith convince Bobby that this time is for real, or will the two never reconcile?

Waiting for Mark: For more than a year, Reggie has been sitting at the end of the bar waiting for Mark to see him as something other than a customer. Then Mark gets in trouble helping Reggie's friend Bobby. Now a violent ex-lover is threatening Mark. Reggie offers Mark the safe haven of his basement apartment. Can Reggie convince Mark his safe haven is his arms instead?

Beau's Baby: Jack discovers his first love's wife has died in childbirth and his ex-lover killed himself, leaving the sickly newborn to Jack. Carlo has been chasing Jack for nine months and sees baby Bella as an opportunity to get Jack in his house, as well as his bed, permanently. Can they find their way in their new relationship as partners, husbands, fathers?

Average Gray: Grayson Grey has a huge crush on Enzo Del Monte, but Enzo is distracted with Sunset manager Mike Green. Two revelations are going to change all that’s going on: Gray finds out Mike is not gay, he’s just working Enzo for a large sum of money, and Mike is stealing from the Sunset. Gray attempts to ride to the rescue but winds up being rescued himself.

Sunset Club Box Set (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Sunset Club Box Set (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 271,433
0 Ratings (0.0)
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EXCERPT FROM "You in My Arms"

"We are going to get you laid, dude, and we've picked out a great prospect." Bobby smirked and turned Jason's shot glass back up and asked the bartender for another shot of Jameson's for his friend.

The bartender came over and poured Jason a shot. He looked at Bobby in exasperation. "What? Now you're not even drinking?"

To distract Bobby from the shot of Jameson's in front of him, he changed the subject.

"Is getting laid now a spectator sport?" Jason asked mulishly. It had been a fun evening, especially seeing all the guys together again, but Kitty was up at seven A.M. and it was already past midnight.

Bobby read his mind. "Don't worry about Kitty. My parents are keeping her overnight and I'll bring her back in the morning. When do you get a Saturday night off? Take advantage of it."

"But she doesn't have her blue rabbit and her Hello Kitty pajamas, she'll be upset." Jason sobered up.

"It's handled my friend, blue bunny and PJs included. Now look down the bar."

He breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't want to deal with a hysterical Kitty when he got home-if he got home. His legs weren't working.

Sitting at the end of the bar was a man who even in his present state of inebriation Jason had noticed eyeing him up all evening. Obviously, Bobby had noticed it, too.

"You're not going to say anything to that man. Bobby, if you go down to the end of this bar you are so dead that even the guys won't be able to save your ass."

Bobby smirked. Jason gave up. Bobby was going to do whatever it was that he was going to do and Jason couldn't stop him. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

Bobby got up and said, "I'll be right back."

He left Jason sitting at the bar with the drink he didn't want and sauntered over to the black-haired stranger. All right, I've been doing my share of eyeballing him, too. Jason laid his head on his arms, hiding his eyes.

So shoot me. I was looking not touching. Bobby was speaking to the stranger with grand, wide drunken gestures. Did Bobby actually go over there to ask this guy to screw Jason? Oh, God no. I'm going to kill him and this time I really mean it.

* * * *

Zach Montgomery had been watching the young man at the end of the bar all night. At first, there had been a crowd around him but they'd trickled away as the night wore on. The kid pushed all of Zach's buttons. He'd noticed him as soon as the kid walked up to the bar with his friends. The group went back and forth to the bar all night but the kid stayed where he was as if the party revolved around him. He was broad shouldered, had curly light brown hair was slim hipped and had powerful legs and arms. The T-shirt he wore outlined his perfect six-pack. He didn't look like he held his liquor very well but he had wisely turned over his shot glass indicating he didn't want a refill. That was until his friend filled it for him.

The kid had spoken with great animation to his light-haired friend as if his friend was about to do something stupid. He'd thrown his arms up in resignation and surreptitiously eyed Zach from under his eyelashes, then put his head down on the bar. Zach had been about to make his move when the friend came trotting up beside him.

"Hi, I'm Bobby. My friend down the end of the bar is Jason. He's interested in you but too shy to make a move. I've seen you watching him for the greater part of the evening. Are you interested? We're looking to get him laid."

Zach began to laugh. The kid had a pimp. "Who's we?"

"His former team mates from the state champion Ocean Township soccer team of 2010. It's his birthday -- he just turned twenty-two." Bobby repeated himself, "He really needs to get laid."

"Any particular reason he can't do that himself?" Zach asked laughing.

"Like I said, he's shy." Bobby stood there waiting. Zach looked down the bar. The kid, Jason, Bobby had said, lifted his head off the bar and sent his friend black looks. Zach had a feeling that Bobby got black looks from Jason often enough that he was immune.

Zach thought about his options. He didn't do relationships but this kid wasn't looking for one according to his friend and he looked too delicious to pass up. He'd go down the bar, speak to him, and lay it on the line. Then, he can at least tell himself he tried. He looked the friend up and down and said, "Lead on."

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