The Gods of Chaos Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Gods of Chaos

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 73,070
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Fantasy, Cowboy, Gods, Bondage, Spanking, Sex Toys, MM]

Dance with the Devil

When his fast and loose lifestyle finally catches up with him, Archer finds himself in hot water with the Gods of Chaos. Cursed by an irresistible charm that leaves men panting and pawing at him sounded like a dream come true, but Archer soon finds himself trapped in a nightmare. Levi Dawson lived a lonely but content life in his little hometown. When Archer Neilson walked into his bar for a drink, Levi knew he had to have him. Rescuing the smaller man from the town troublemakers wasn’t how he’d have planned their first meeting, nor did he imagine himself inviting the man to live with him. Doubting he can tame his lust and change his wicked ways in just thirty days, Archer has no issues falling into bed with the cowboy. Falling in love was a whole other story, though, and it was never supposed to happen.

Devil's Playground

Two years ago, Silas Ritchie butted heads with the Gods of Chaos and lost everything. He lives on the streets, finding shelter and food wherever he can and just trying to survive. When a new friend offers him a job and negotiates a second chance for him, Silas will do whatever it takes to reclaim his old life—even pass up a chance on love. When he was told of Silas’s situation, Bryn expected he’d be working with a drunken vagrant. Even with his shaking hands and tattered clothes, Silas is no vagabond, and Bryn finds himself instantly captivated by the small man with sunflower eyes. He can see right through Silas’s brave façade, but unfortunately, convincing the guy to let him help proves to be no easy task. Falling in love with the starving artist, however, was as easy as breathing.

The Gods of Chaos Collection, Volume 1 (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Gods of Chaos Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Gods of Chaos

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 73,070
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Dance with the Devil


The crowd inside the bar was restless, and all talk seemed to center around the newcomer who’d strolled in to order a burger then disappeared just as quickly. Surprisingly, everyone was commenting on how much they wanted the man, though not a one of them swung in that direction. It was damn strange.

The kid had seemed nice enough, though he’d barely spoken a handful of words during his brief sit at the bar. He looked a little pale and kind of pinched, like he could have used more than the one burger he’d ordered. Levi still thought he was the most gorgeous thing he’d ever seen. While he felt a pull toward the younger man that made his dick ache inside his Wranglers, it was nothing compared to how the other cowboys were talking about the guy.

“Did you see how them Cooper boys lit outta here?” one of the regulars asked the man sitting beside him. “I reckon they’re gonna take care of that pretty boy. Hope he gives ’em a good ride.” His laugh was harsh and made Levi’s skin crawl.

The Cooper brothers were Trouble with a capital T. Wherever they went, bad shit was soon to follow. If they’d set their eyes on the drifter, they’d have him with or without his consent.

“Fuck!” Levi didn’t like getting in the middle of shit, but three against one was not only unfair but downright dangerous. Throwing the dish rag on the bar, he motioned for his cook to keep an eye on things before he hurried around the bar and right out through the front door.

His stomach flopped over and his heart kicked against his sternum when he heard a soft whimper coming from the back of the parking lot. Slipping behind the parked cars, Levi crouched low as he jogged in the direction of the sound. He just hoped he wasn’t too late.

“Son of a bitch!” Justin Cooper yelled, and Levi ducked down lower, pressing his back to the front bumper of an old, rusted Ford.

He closed his eyes and winced when the unmistakable sounds of good beat down ensued. Pulling his cell phone from his pocket, he called the sheriff’s department, keeping his voice low as he outlined the situation. Ending the call, he crept closer to the side of the vehicle and peeked around the side.

“Just spit in your hand,” Justin was telling his brother Jimmy.

They had the poor kid all but naked, his ass in the air, and unconscious from the looks of him. No way could Levi wait for the sheriff to arrive. While he was a damn big man himself, there were three of the Cooper brothers, and they were drunker than a couple of skunks. Getting his ass handed to him wasn’t going to help the kid, but Levi had seen enough. He wasn’t about to sit in the shadows like a fucking coward and let them sexually assault the young man.




Archer jerked his head away, gasping for breath as his chest heaved beneath Levi’s.

“Please,” he whimpered, his eyes blazing with a desire that rivaled Levi’s own.

The one simple word finally brought home the words that Levi needed to say before they went any farther. “I’m keeping you, Archer Neilson. If you say yes and we do this, that’s it. I’m not letting you go, so you need to be sure.”

Archer just smiled up at him and wound his arms around Levi’s neck. “Okay.”

“Okay?” Levi’s dick screamed at him to shut the fuck up and get on with the good stuff, but he had to be sure. He’d meant every word of it, and he needed Archer to know that. “Are you sure? We haven’t known each other long.”

“I know enough. I was scared that you wouldn’t want me around when my thirty days are up, so yeah, I’m good with you wanting to keep me. I’d be even better if you’d stop talking and fuck me already.”

“Mouthy little shit.” Levi nipped at Archer’s lips in reprimand, but it only served to make Archer’s chest rumble with a strangled groan. Reaching for the box, Levi tore it open, ignoring Archer’s chuckles when the strips of condoms flew out like one of those snake in a can gag gifts.

Tossing one at Archer, he hoped the man got the hint because Levi was currently focused on trying to remove the safety seal on the lube with trembling fingers. He wasn’t having much luck, though. A loud snarl of frustration curled his lip, and he almost threw the bottle across the room. He was so relieved when he finally managed to get it open that he actually let out a whoop of victory.

Looking down at his lover, Levi glared and pointed a finger in the man’s amused face. “Don’t you do it.”

Archer squeezed his eyes together and shook his head quickly. “I wouldn’t dream of it.” Then little snorts escaped his nose before he broke down completely and began to laugh. It was so full of joy and happiness that Levi couldn’t help but laugh right along with him. He’d never had so much fun with a bed partner.

In just the short amount of time they’d been together, Archer was quickly becoming more to him, though. He didn’t want the man in his bed for only a night, or even two weeks. It was too early to tell if they’d make for the long haul, but he knew he wanted Archer to stick around and give them a chance at a future.

A wave of tenderness swept over him, unlike anything he’d ever felt before, and suddenly, everything needed to be perfect for their first time together. While not a selfish lover, it was another first for him. Levi had a feeling he’d experience a lot of those with the sweet man beneath him.

Then those talented fingers wrapped around his hard cock again, expertly rolling the rubber down his engorged length, and Levi gasped and shuddered from the touch. Sliding down Archer’s body until he knelt between his bent knees, he placed gentle kisses along the inside of his lover’s thigh, ghosting his fingertips up the outside of the other.

He took his time, exploring Archer’s body like the treasure it was until the man quaked beneath him and panted for breath. When he’d tasted every part of Archer’s skin he could reach, he slithered his tongue along the thick, pulsing length of Archer’s cock.

Archer cried out, his shoulders pressing deeper into the mattress as he arched his hips, pressing up into Levi’s questing mouth. Levi gave the gorgeous dick a few more good strokes with his tongue, and then he backed off to just stare at the delectable picture of complete debauchery below him.

Slicking his fingers and coating his latex-covered cock, he tossed the bottle back to the mattress and skimmed his slippery fingers along Archer’s crease, glorying in the soft, needy whimpers pouring from his lover’s pouty lips.

Pushing just one finger between the rounded globes, he circled the tight muscles of Archer’s hole, caressing them with a gentle but constant touch until they began to loosen for him. “That’s it, baby. Just relax and let me take care of you.”

Archer’s eyelids flew open, and he stared up at Levi for the longest time before nodding dazedly. Levi didn’t understand the reaction, but he took Archer’s acceptance as a good sign to continue what he was doing.

Inserting just the tip of his index finger through those clenching muscles, Levi took a deep breath and groaned when Archer’s ass seemed to suck the rest of his digit right in. “So eager,” he whispered. “So hungry for me.”

“Yesss,” Archer hissed, jerking his hips and pushing back against Levi’s hand. “More, please, more.”

Keeping his movements slow and steady, Levi pumped his finger in and out of the silky channel until Archer relaxed enough for him to add a second. By the time he had three fingers sawing in and out of his lover’s welcoming heat, Levi was holding on to his control by a thread. His cock throbbed to the point of pain, his balls ached, and his belly cramped with the need for release.

Extracting his fingers, he lined up the tip of his cock, and covered Archer’s torso, dipping low until they were nose to nose. “Tell me you want this, Archer. I meant what I said before. I can’t have you for just one night. I need more than that.”

“I want this, Levi. I want you. Please, don’t make me wait any longer.”

That was all he needed to hear. Levi rocked his hips forward, nudging against Archer’s hole until the crown of his dick popped through the guarding muscles, and he sheathed himself in the mind-melting heat.


Devil's Playground


“I’ve got a new guy coming in today. I need someone to show him the ropes and look out for him. Can you handle it?”

“Sure, boss.” Bryn Jacobson shrugged. “I don’t mind helping out, but why not ask Quinton?” The new foreman seemed like the most logical choice to him. Quinton had been the one to oversee his work for his first couple of weeks on the job.

“Quinton’s a good guy, but I think he’s a little too intense for Silas.” Dante scratched the back of his neck and he seemed to be considering his next words. “Silas has been living on the streets for a couple of years now. He’s the most unassuming person you could hope to meet, and he’s pretty nervous about this job. His…his hands shake.”

Bryn frowned. “Is he a boozer?”

“He drinks, but he won’t show up drunk on the job, if that’s what you’re worried about, man. I need someone to work with him and find out what he’s capable of doing. Just keep an eye on him and let me know if there are any problems.”

Bryn wasn’t thrilled about the assignment, but he couldn’t exactly tell his boss no. “Yeah, I’m on it. When’s he getting here?”

“He’s waiting in my truck. I wanted to talk to you before I introduced him.”

Swallowing his sigh, Bryn nodded and turned to retrieve his work gloves from the cab of his pickup. “Bring him over.” He had a job to do. He didn’t want to be babysitting some hobo off the street because Dante had a bleeding heart. Unfortunately, no one was giving him a vote.

“Bryn Jacobson, meet Silas Ritchie,” Dante said a minute later.

Plastering a smile on his face he hoped didn’t look as fake as it felt, Bryn turned around and extended his hand. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Their eyes met as Silas clasped his hand, and Bryn felt like he’d been punched in the gut. Silas wasn’t some old drunk living under an overpass. He was handsome—breathtakingly so. His eyes looked like sunflowers with rings of green, brown, and yellow. His body was lean and fit, and Bryn could see the muscle definition beneath the plaid shirt.

His hands were slim and dainty—nothing like he’d have expected from a man who’d lived on the street for years. He had the hands of an artist, and Bryn found himself caressing the knuckles with his thumb.

Realizing his actions and the fact that he’d been holding Silas’s shaking hand for much longer than necessary, he quickly released his grip and jerked his hand back like he’d been burned. “Right, so we should probably get started.”

Bryn’s hands were trembling as violently as Silas’s as he fought to control his rapid heartbeat. He’d never had someone affect him so instantaneously before. He was so off-kilter, it took him a full minute before he realized Silas hadn’t spoken a word.

“Then I’ll leave you to it.” Dante clapped Silas on the shoulder, gave Bryn a knowing smirk, and strolled away whistling to the morning sun.

“I know you’re probably not thrilled about having to babysit me,” Silas said quietly, echoing Bryn’s thoughts from moments ago. “Just show me what to do, and I’ll stay out of your way.” His voice was low, soft, and serene. It had a hypnotic quality to it that had Bryn completely captivated.

Damn, he really needed to get himself together. He didn’t have time for an affair, and certainly not with some homeless guy his boss had plucked off the street. That’s what he told himself, anyway.

Silas didn’t look or act like a vagabond, though. He was well-spoken, polite, and obviously not falling-down drunk or crazy. His holey jeans and thin T-shirt might have seen better days, but considering what they did for a living, he wouldn’t stick out around the construction crew.

“You’ll need to get you some work boots.” He eyed Silas’s beat-up white sneakers as he spoke.

Silas bit his lip and dropped his head as his cheeks flushed. Bryn wanted to kick himself. The only excuse he had for the numb-nut comment was that his brain didn’t seem to be functioning properly in Silas’s presence.

“Your sneakers will be fine,” Bryn mumbled lamely. “C’mon and let’s get started.” He jerked his head to the building behind them. Their newest project consisted of five run-down and graffiti-covered duplexes that Dante had purchased for a steal at the bank auction.

Silas held his shaking hands up in front of him and frowned. “I don’t know what I can do. I don’t want to put anyone in danger.”




Their movements were slow, tentative, as their lips moved closer together. When they finally met, Silas couldn’t contain the moan of pleasure that rumbled in his chest. Then, suddenly, things weren’t so tentative anymore. Silas was dragged into Bryn’s lap to straddle his powerful thighs as he attacked Silas’s mouth with enough fire and passion to send the room up in flames.

Proving to himself and to Bryn that he wasn’t afraid to be an active participant, Silas moved his hands over Bryn’s smooth, bare chest, kneading the muscles of his pectoral, and then moving on to pinch and tug at his erect nipples.

Bryn groaned into his mouth, and his hands held Silas’s hips in a bruising grasp. His back bowed and he thrust upward, grinding their hard cocks together and sending Silas into overdrive. “Please,” he begged. Considering how his life had been for the last couple of years, some might expect that begging came easy to him. In actuality, it was the first time Silas could remember pleading for anything in his life.

“Please, what?” Bryn rasped. “Tell me what you want, baby.”

Oh, Silas liked that even more than babe. No one had ever called him by an endearment before, unless twerp or asshole counted. He doubted they did. “I want you, Bryn.” There, he’d said it. He’d put himself out there, and now it was up to Bryn to make the next move.

And, boy, did he. In the next heartbeat, Silas found himself on his back, his shoulders pressed into the cushions of the sofa, and his hips lifted as Bryn jerked his sleep pants down his legs. Silas lay there panting and squirming, his skin flushed and his eyes wide as he watched Bryn stand and push his boxers off his hips to reveal his long, thick, and dripping cock.

Lifting his arms in silent invitation, Silas moaned when Bryn descended over him and their bodies met for the first time without any barriers between them. Bryn’s hands were everywhere, and Silas swore he had more than two. They rocked together, their dicks sliding over one another, creating a delicious friction that sent his head spinning and his balls aching.

The snick of a bottle cap penetrated the lusty haze around his brain, and Silas jerked out of their mind-numbing kiss to stare up at Bryn in accusation. “Where did you get lube?”

“I hid it in the couch cushions when you were picking a movie.” Bryn didn’t sound the least bit apologetic. “Yes, before you ask, I planned this. Well, not so much planned it, but I hoped for it.”

Since it was exactly what he wanted as well, Silas couldn’t hold on to his indignation. “Then, I guess you better get to it.” He grinned seductively and arched up to press their lips together again.

Bryn growled, low and sexy, as he guided Silas’s legs around his back and devoured his mouth, licking inside and leaving no crevice unexplored. “I told you that I can’t get diseased,” he panted a long time later. “Do you trust me?”

Silas nodded without hesitation. “I haven’t been with anyone since Henry, but I still get tested at the free clinic every six months. I’m clean, Bryn. I swear it.”

“I trust you,” Bryn whispered at the same time his finger pressed between Silas’s rounded globes and began circling his clenching pucker. “How do you do this to me?”

Silas didn’t know what Bryn was referring to, and he wouldn’t have had an answer anyway. There was nothing special or spectacular about him.

“I can’t think of anything else when I’m around you,” Bryn continued, working his slippery finger into Silas’s hole and pumping gently. “It hasn’t been long enough. I shouldn’t feel like this.”

He wanted to ask exactly how Bryn felt, but decided maybe he didn’t want to know the answer just yet. That thick finger continued working in and out of his quivering hole, pushing in a little deeper each time. Silas arched his back and rocked against the invading digit, moaning and whimpering at the intense pleasure that coursed through him.

Thankfully, Bryn seemed to be finished with conversation, and he dipped his head to Silas’s chest and sucked one copper-colored nipple into his mouth. He flicked his tongue and tugged with his teeth, torturing the little nub as he inserted a second slick finger into Silas’s needy entrance.

It was too much and not enough, all at the same time. He could barely breathe, his body felt like it was burning from the inside out, and electric shocks raced up and down his spine in an endless loop. When Bryn moved on to the other nipple to begin the torture all over again, Silas wasn’t sure how much more he could take before went off like a Roman candle.

“Bryn, I need…I…please!”

In response, Bryn slipped a third finger into Silas’s hole, twisted his wrist, and pumped harder. “I want you to come for me.” His voice held a growly quality that made Silas’s dick jerk and pulse. “Come for me, and I’ll give you want you want.” He punctuated his demand by biting down on Silas’s nipple and thrusting his fingers deeper to nail Silas’s prostate.

Howling out to the ceiling, Silas bowed up off the cushions as his cock exploded into long, creamy ropes of cum. His orgasm seemed to go on forever, and by the time he came back down to earth, his chest and abdomen were saturated with his release.

“Beautiful,” Bryn whispered reverently as he eased his fingers out of Silas’s convulsing hole and retrieved the bottle of lube to slick his impressive cock. “It’s your choice, Silas.” He bent over him, covering Silas’s smaller body with his own and staring right into his eyes. “You can say no, but I really hope you don’t.”

The crown of his cock slid up and down Silas’s crease before settling against his entrance. “How could I say no to this? To you?” He snaked his arms around Bryn’s corded neck and pulled him into a sweet kiss. “Yes, Bryn.”

The moan that fell from Bryn’s plump lips was full of need and gratitude as he flexed his hips, pushing into Silas’s yielding body.

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