Devil's Playground (MM)

Gods of Chaos 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,303
36 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, gods, bondage, spanking, sex toys]

Two years ago, Silas Ritchie butted heads with the Gods of Chaos and lost everything. He lives on the streets, finding shelter and food wherever he can and just trying to survive. When a new friend offers him a job and negotiates a second chance for him, Silas will do whatever it takes to reclaim his old life—even pass up a chance on love. When he was told of Silas’s situation, Bryn expected he’d be working with a drunken vagrant. Even with his shaking hands and tattered clothes, Silas is no vagabond, and Bryn finds himself instantly captivated by the small man with sunflower eyes. He can see right through Silas’s brave façade, but unfortunately, convincing the guy to let him help proves to be no easy task. Falling in love with the starving artist, however, was as easy as breathing.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Gabrielle Evans is a Siren-exclusive author.

Devil's Playground (MM)
36 Ratings (4.7)

Devil's Playground (MM)

Gods of Chaos 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,303
36 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
OMG - I laughed so hard with this story - and I loved the characters too!
Professional Reviews

4 NYMPHS: "Butting heads with Appraxia, one of the Gods of Chaos, costs Silas Ritchie everything and he’s been living on the streets or in shelters for the past two years, trying to survive. When Dante offers him a job and Rayne negotiates him another chance with Appraxia, Silas is willing to do whatever it takes to reclaim his life. When told to watch over Silas, Bryn expects to be working with a drunken hobo, but even with his badly shaking hands and ragged clothes, its obvious Silas isn’t a bum. Bryn is instantly enthralled by the small man but convincing Silas to let him help isn’t easy. Can Silas find love, redemption and reclaim his life and ability to paint, or will he spend the rest of his life on the streets alone? Devil’s Playground is book three in Gabrielle Evan’s Gods of Chaos series and because of the returning characters from Devil Did Grin, I recommend they be read in order. Past his month of redemption, Silas is still a proud, kindhearted man…one Rayne and Dante want to help. Since these two are sprinkled prominently throughout the story, it’s important to read their book first. You have to like Silas. Ms. Evan has given him a warm and charming personality and a well developed background. Then there’s hunky Bryn. You’d never imagine this hardworking and tenderhearted man would have so many unexpected secrets in his life (watch out for the plot twists). The emotional connection between Silas and Bryn is intense from the start and it only grows stronger the longer they’re together. And let’s not forget the sex. When they finally allow their relationship to turn physical, these two are sizzling hot together. But Silas and Bryn also enjoy each other company, so you’ve also got some fun, bantering dialogue, mixed into this smooth flowing, well plotted story. There are several other secondary characters to watch for. Aiden, Bryn’s brother who pops in and out, as well as a villain, and even one or more of the troublemaking chaos gods who make intermittent appearances. Look for Devil’s Auction coming next." -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

4 STARS: "The Gods are out and creating Chaos in the lives of humans again. DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND is the third book in the Gods of Chaos series and this time we learn what Silas, the homeless man from book one, did to get himself on the Gods shit list and find out if he can take advantage of a second chance. Silas has been living on the streets since losing everything and everyone in his life when he failed the test set upon him by the God Appraxia. He is given an opportunity to work for Dante's construction crew for a chance to get his life back on track. Appraxia also decides to give Silas another thirty days to try and pass his test. Bryn Jacobson works on Dante's construction crew and isn't happy about being given what he thinks of as a babysitting job. It's up to him to find the man that his boss brought to him a job that he can do with hands that shake like crazy. But one look into Silas' eyes and everything changes for Bryn. Can both men open up and trust for a chance at a love that can heal not only the heart but the soul? My favorite thing about this series is the opportunity for second chances. When we met Silas in the first book, he was one of those characters that stood out and made you want to read his story. He was a broken man who seemed to just accept what fate…or a God had done to him, that it was what he somehow deserved. Bryn is thoughtful and watching him grow to care for Silas made for an enjoyable read. Finding out about his secrets…made me laugh. Ms. Evans once again finds a way to make even the naughtiest of Gods redeemable. I think the best parts of the story are reading about the Gods' interaction with each other and the men whose lives they have touched. So if you are looking for a light, fun read where one character completely screws up a sports metaphor, then take DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND for a ride." -- Tyra Berger, The Romance Reviews

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Their movements were slow, tentative, as their lips moved closer together. When they finally met, Silas couldn’t contain the moan of pleasure that rumbled in his chest. Then, suddenly, things weren’t so tentative anymore. Silas was dragged into Bryn’s lap to straddle his powerful thighs as he attacked Silas’s mouth with enough fire and passion to send the room up in flames.

Proving to himself and to Bryn that he wasn’t afraid to be an active participant, Silas moved his hands over Bryn’s smooth, bare chest, kneading the muscles of his pectoral, and then moving on to pinch and tug at his erect nipples.

Bryn groaned into his mouth, and his hands held Silas’s hips in a bruising grasp. His back bowed and he thrust upward, grinding their hard cocks together and sending Silas into overdrive. “Please,” he begged. Considering how his life had been for the last couple of years, some might expect that begging came easy to him. In actuality, it was the first time Silas could remember pleading for anything in his life.

“Please, what?” Bryn rasped. “Tell me what you want, baby.”

Oh, Silas liked that even more than babe. No one had ever called him by an endearment before, unless twerp or asshole counted. He doubted they did. “I want you, Bryn.” There, he’d said it. He’d put himself out there, and now it was up to Bryn to make the next move.

And, boy, did he. In the next heartbeat, Silas found himself on his back, his shoulders pressed into the cushions of the sofa, and his hips lifted as Bryn jerked his sleep pants down his legs. Silas lay there panting and squirming, his skin flushed and his eyes wide as he watched Bryn stand and push his boxers off his hips to reveal his long, thick, and dripping cock.

Lifting his arms in silent invitation, Silas moaned when Bryn descended over him and their bodies met for the first time without any barriers between them. Bryn’s hands were everywhere, and Silas swore he had more than two. They rocked together, their dicks sliding over one another, creating a delicious friction that sent his head spinning and his balls aching.

The snick of a bottle cap penetrated the lusty haze around his brain, and Silas jerked out of their mind-numbing kiss to stare up at Bryn in accusation. “Where did you get lube?”

“I hid it in the couch cushions when you were picking a movie.” Bryn didn’t sound the least bit apologetic. “Yes, before you ask, I planned this. Well, not so much planned it, but I hoped for it.”

Since it was exactly what he wanted as well, Silas couldn’t hold on to his indignation. “Then, I guess you better get to it.” He grinned seductively and arched up to press their lips together again.

Bryn growled, low and sexy, as he guided Silas’s legs around his back and devoured his mouth, licking inside and leaving no crevice unexplored. “I told you that I can’t get diseased,” he panted a long time later. “Do you trust me?”

Silas nodded without hesitation. “I haven’t been with anyone since Henry, but I still get tested at the free clinic every six months. I’m clean, Bryn. I swear it.”

“I trust you,” Bryn whispered at the same time his finger pressed between Silas’s rounded globes and began circling his clenching pucker. “How do you do this to me?”

Silas didn’t know what Bryn was referring to, and he wouldn’t have had an answer anyway. There was nothing special or spectacular about him.

“I can’t think of anything else when I’m around you,” Bryn continued, working his slippery finger into Silas’s hole and pumping gently. “It hasn’t been long enough. I shouldn’t feel like this.”

He wanted to ask exactly how Bryn felt, but decided maybe he didn’t want to know the answer just yet. That thick finger continued working in and out of his quivering hole, pushing in a little deeper each time. Silas arched his back and rocked against the invading digit, moaning and whimpering at the intense pleasure that coursed through him.

Thankfully, Bryn seemed to be finished with conversation, and he dipped his head to Silas’s chest and sucked one copper-colored nipple into his mouth. He flicked his tongue and tugged with his teeth, torturing the little nub as he inserted a second slick finger into Silas’s needy entrance.

It was too much and not enough, all at the same time. He could barely breathe, his body felt like it was burning from the inside out, and electric shocks raced up and down his spine in an endless loop. When Bryn moved on to the other nipple to begin the torture all over again, Silas wasn’t sure how much more he could take before went off like a Roman candle.

“Bryn, I need…I…please!”

In response, Bryn slipped a third finger into Silas’s hole, twisted his wrist, and pumped harder. “I want you to come for me.” His voice held a growly quality that made Silas’s dick jerk and pulse. “Come for me, and I’ll give you want you want.” He punctuated his demand by biting down on Silas’s nipple and thrusting his fingers deeper to nail Silas’s prostate.

Howling out to the ceiling, Silas bowed up off the cushions as his cock exploded into long, creamy ropes of cum. His orgasm seemed to go on forever, and by the time he came back down to earth, his chest and abdomen were saturated with his release.

“Beautiful,” Bryn whispered reverently as he eased his fingers out of Silas’s convulsing hole and retrieved the bottle of lube to slick his impressive cock. “It’s your choice, Silas.” He bent over him, covering Silas’s smaller body with his own and staring right into his eyes. “You can say no, but I really hope you don’t.”

The crown of his cock slid up and down Silas’s crease before settling against his entrance. “How could I say no to this? To you?” He snaked his arms around Bryn’s corded neck and pulled him into a sweet kiss. “Yes, Bryn.”

The moan that fell from Bryn’s plump lips was full of need and gratitude as he flexed his hips, pushing into Silas’s yielding body.

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