Wickedly Betrayed (MF)

The Wicked Series

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 76,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

As an escape from her abusive marriage, Emily fell head over heels for her husband's bodyguard. But when he betrayed her, she left and never looked back. Now, three years later, Emily is forced back into the arms of the very man that showed her what it means to be loved but also shattered her so completely.

Leo Cruz was the only man that ever made her feel like a woman should. With his scruffy good looks and honey-colored eyes, he melted all of her carefully placed defenses with one dimpled grin.

When tragedy strikes and she is asked to search for her wayward brother, she is forced to face her past head on. Secrets are revealed and passion ensues as Emily fights to find not only her brother but the truth.

Be Warned: anal sex, abuse, violence

Wickedly Betrayed (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Wickedly Betrayed (MF)

The Wicked Series

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 76,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

All the blood drained from my face as I forgot about the phone in my hand, and dropped it to my bare thighs. It was a trick of my ears. There was no way that deep voice that sent shivers down my spine was who I thought it was. It was too cruel to truly be him.

I winced and squeezed my eyes closed, willing it away. It was a bad dream, that was all. I heard the soft chuckle I knew so well.

“You gonna move your bag so I can sit down, or are you gonna make that nice stewardess yell at me for clogging the aisle?” Leo’s sultry voice filled my ears once more and my eyes sprung open.

I turned my head in his direction so fast my neck nearly popped at the motion. It was real. He was really here.

He stood with his bulky body leaning nonchalantly against the opposite seat from me. His tattooed hands were crossed in front of him as were his ankles, as if he had all the time in the world.

The worn work boots on his feet looked like they had seen better days with the number of scuffs that marred the toes and sides. His holey faded jeans had also been well worn. I swallowed hard as I gazed at those powerful thighs hidden away under the tautly stretched light-blue denim. I diverted my eyes from the slight bulge at his fly as I continued my trail north.

His maroon-and-blue flannel, long-sleeved button-up was left open to expose the white shirt underneath. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbow, revealing corded forearms and thick dark ink that traveled up under the fabric. Those biceps were thick under the soft fabric, a testament to his physical fitness. His beard was little more than overgrown stubble, but it was well-maintained and still looked just as luscious as the last time I’d been forced to interact with him.

His hair still tickled the tops of his ears in wavy, light-brown locks with threads of sun-bleached highlights throughout. His longer hair partially covered the tops of those honey-colored eyes that were taking in my every detail, as I did his.

I watched as he pulled a plump lip behind his teeth and sucked it slightly before releasing it with a small tsk. The movement reverberated straight to my core and I felt a distant throbbing form down low. I squeezed my thighs together to ward off the sudden ache and that bright gaze shot right to my exposed limbs as his nostrils flared slightly. A lazy grin creased his lips as he met my eyes again.

As if his smirk had broken the spell he had captured me under, I scowled at him. I sucked in a large breath and turned in my seat to face him.

“What the fu—”

A small little slip of a woman came up to the two of us and interrupted me. The short brunette smiled at Leo with dazzled eyes and I nearly vomited on the spot. Of course, she thought he was hot. Anyone who wasn’t blind would say the same thing. I tried not to snarl as he returned her smile with a soft grin of his own.

“Excuse me, sir, the captain has put on the “Fasten Seatbelt” sign. I’m going to have to ask you to take your seat.” She blushed, actually blushed at the fucker.

His stupid grin widened as he regarded the delicate female. “Yes, ma’am. I was just asking my traveling companion if she wouldn’t mind moving her bag.” His slight Brooklyn accent drawled from his lips before he winked at her. I swear she sighed before turning her eyes to me.

She squinted as if sizing me up before speaking. “Ma’am, it’s the airline’s policy you stow all carry-ons in the overhead bin. If you need assis—”

“I got it,” I said from behind my clenched teeth, cutting her off.

She hardened her stare at me before returning her attention to Leo, who happened to be grinning back at me. I nearly saw a tinge of red when she grabbed his biceps in an overly friendly gesture before telling him to let her know if he needed anything further. He never took his eyes off me when he nodded. With one last scowl in my direction, Ms. Skanky Stewardess walked back toward the front of the plane.

Leo and I locked eyes again as I continued to throw daggers at him. If looks could kill, he would be dead a hundred times over.

He smirked at me again before finally moving. He extended his hand toward me before he spoke. “Give it here, I’ll put it u—”

“I said, I got it,” I repeated.

He held his hands up in defeat but otherwise didn’t move.

I huffed loudly as I moved my phone from my lap into my seat and stood. I grabbed my heavy bag before I turned my back to the solid slab of muscle in front of me.

Even though we were technically in first-class, like most airplanes, space was cramped. I managed to get the overhead bin open without touching Leo, but when I raised my bag above my head to shove it in the tiny cubby, I felt my overly curvy backside graze against the front of his jeans. I heard Leo’s sharp intake of breath and couldn’t help the smile that formed on my lips.

Paybacks were always a bitch.

I may have wiggled my ass more than necessary as I tried to shove my bag into the tiny space above my head. I stood on my tiptoes as I pushed it a little further, making sure to expose a little of my midriff as my shirt rose with my stretch.

Leo didn’t attempt to move at all but I could feel the tension rolling off him in thick palpable waves as I moved against his crotch. Not a lot, just enough he could feel. The surge of feminine power that rushed through my body was giving me a crazy high. That was until I felt his hands circle my hips, halting my wiggling.

I sucked in a sharp breath of my own as he stepped closer to me. His calloused fingers touched my bare flesh at my hips as I felt his breath fan across the hair that draped down the back of my neck. I just barely stalled the shiver that tried to wrack my body as he spoke softly.

“Careful, Princess. Wouldn’t want to get something started you’re not ready to finish,” he whispered as one of his hands trailed from my hip up my side.

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