Loco's Angel (MF)

Midnight Reapers 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,601
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic BDSM: Erotic Romance, Suspense, Sex Toys, Contemporary, Motorcycle Club, MF, HEA]

Sometimes an angel thrives in darkness.

Loco North is my darkness, my one regret, and my greatest heartache. He’s also the only man I know who can protect me when I escape the monster from my past. I need his help and it comes at a price I’m terrified to pay. He’ll make me suffer for keeping his daughter from him. He’s calling all the shots, but I’m not the naive girl I used to be.

This time if he wants me, there’s a price he’s going to pay. I’m about to show this bad boy I’m no angel and in return I want the one thing he always kept away from me. I want Loco’s heart and there’s nothing I won’t do to get it.

When my demons catch up with me, a decision must be made. Do I choose the new life I’ve fought for, or do I sacrifice myself for love?

Loco's Angel (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Loco's Angel (MF)

Midnight Reapers 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,601
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


They say love never dies, and whoever the hell they are, they must have had lead in their brains because right now, I don’t feel an ounce of love as I glare at Loco and participate in a silent staring contest that is driving me crazy.

“I said no,” I hiss, snapping because the man is a cyborg, and he hasn’t even blinked.

“Angel, be reasonable. Until I know Viper’s ass is dead and he isn’t a threat, I will stick to your ass, and that includes sleeping in this bed with you. How the hell am I supposed to protect you when I’m in the clubhouse?” he mutters, his big beefy arms bulging where they’re crossed over his chest.

His muscular chest leads down to an eight-pack and a V I can’t seem to stop staring at. How the hell Loco put on more muscle than he had when he left the Marines is beyond me, but it looks good. Really good, I admit when my nipples tighten and my core contracts, reminding me that I am still a woman.

A woman who used to like sex. Loved it, in fact, since I was married to a sex fiend who couldn’t seem to keep his hands off me.

Oh God, would you stop it, Brianna!

“I don’t need you to protect me. I need you to leave me the hell alone. What part of I hate your guts are you not getting, Loco?”

“Justin,” he grumbles, frowning when I pull a face and shake my head violently.

Loco. Justin is the man I married who wasn’t a complete dick face. You’re a dick face, and I hate you, so your name is Loco,” I huff, stomping my foot when he just stares at me.

You know what, fine. I don’t need to sleep in the bed. There’s a perfectly great sofa downstairs that is more than big enough to fit two of me.


“Stop calling me that, bastard. I’m not part of your silly club anymore, and I don’t want your stupid road name. Stupid fucking asshole. I should have gone to Boise when I had the chance,” I spit to myself, calming down long enough to check in on Ginny, who is fast asleep in her crib and doesn’t seem at all aware of the tension in the house.

But come on. It’s been a whirlwind since they showed up at the trailer and practically dragged me here, and Loco hasn’t left the house for anything other than church.

“Boise sucks. Trust me, it’s a shithole with nothing to recommend the place unless your kink is boredom. Where the hell are you going?” he whispers, stomping after me in his sexy gray sweatpants as if he’s God’s gift and has every right to tempt me the way he is.

I want to kill him for torturing me, mostly because I hate that I’m turned on by his sexy body and the memories that just won’t quit. I can’t believe I’m still attracted to this pig, and I really cannot believe he thinks it’s possible for him to…

I don’t even know.

“I’m going to sleep on the sofa. You take the bed,” I mumble, bypassing the sofa to storm into the kitchen and flick the kettle on.

What I need is tea, some nice soothing chamomile tea, and maybe a hammer so I can knock some sense into myself. But, like, what the hell is happening here? How dare Loco turn out to be an amazing dad, and how freaking dare he make my heart go all squishy by showing me that he adores Ginny just as she is?

It makes me melt and infuriates me at the same time because it shows me exactly what I could have had if Dustin hadn’t attacked me and screwed up my life, and if this meathead hadn’t believed something he should have known I would never do.


“Angel, you need to calm down and listen. Just listen to me,” Loco says, walking over to lean against the counter with his arms crossed and his crotch on full display.

I find it offensive that his dick looks nice just hanging around in his pants, and I find it even more offensive that I am dying to see it again. And do other things when I should hate him. I have every reason to hate him, dammit.

I just…don’t.






“Just one night,” I whimper, my tongue coming out to lick at my dry lips and stroke over his.

Loco shudders, a deep growl working its way up his chest, and then he lunges, his mouth taking mine in a brutal assault that tastes like him, like me, like something too right. I kiss him back ravenously and don’t fight when he sinks his hands into my ass and lifts me, forcing his way between my legs until he’s grinding against my pussy.

“Oh God,” I moan, ripping my mouth away when I need air and just a moment to think—

I don’t get a chance. He won’t give me a moment to stop the madness when he kisses me with a growl and turns, moving us. I feel every grind against my wet sex, every scrape of his cock against my thumping clit, and God, the need that causes is so intense I almost come when he groans and pins me to the wall just inside the bedroom to pump against me.

“Gonna wreck this pussy, Angel,” Loco snarls, pumping against me with enough force that my hips slam into the wall.

I moan, my mind growing foggy with arousal, with every hard pulse that hits my clit and makes the tension rise, building so fast my panties are drenched and clinging to me.


“Justin,” he insists, taking my lips again in a demanding kiss that has my mind trying to rebel because this isn’t me taking from him like he said I could.

He’s tricking me, controlling it all, moving me exactly where he wants me, and while I don’t want to be okay with that, I’m unable to fight against the passion that invades me. So I kiss him back and take it. Because I need it.

Because I need him.

“Say it, Angel,” he says roughly, his tongue licking down until I feel his teeth sink into my throat before he sucks down hard.

The contact is electric, and I become desperate for more. He knows that’s my spot. Oh God, I need to fight this, but it feels so good all I can manage is a whine when my back hits a soft surface, and Loco starts to tear at my clothes. I’m naked in moments, my skin pebbling in the cooler air when he pulls back to stare down at me.

I want the light off. My body is different, changed from the toned glow of youth, but he seems to like if the groan he lets loose is any indication.

“Look at those tits, baby. So full and pretty. Did you suckle our baby, hmmm?” he croons, dropping his cut and reaching back to pull off his shirt.

I gulp, my eyes going to his left pec where my name still exists, and I feel something warm flood me. He kept me there, my mind purrs happily, equal parts aroused and heartened at the sight.

“Tell me, Angel. Did our little one suckle here and feed from your body?” he asks, coming down over me to press me into the mattress and lick over my nipple with a growl.

“Yes. But, but not for long. I couldn’t make enough milk to--Loco!” I moan when he bites down softly, the edge of his teeth sinking into my nipple before he licks it gently and sucks.

“Justin,” he croons, sucking on me, going from one nipple to the next until I’m a writhing mess as I clutch at his hair and pull him closer.

My clit is on fire now, throbbing so strongly it burns with need, and he must sense this because he pops off my nipple with a dark smirk before licking his way down my belly. Stopping just long enough to lick at the few silvery lines on my belly, he keeps those smoky eyes on me and watches me, watching him as he wiggles his tongue in the very top of my slit.

So close. Oh God, he’s so close to my clit I nearly scream when he pins my hips, stopping all movement.

“Say it, Angel. Say it, and I’ll lick your swollen little clit until you come,” he purrs, tickling his tongue against my skin in a teasing drag that has me seeing stars.

“I can’t. Please. Please just do it,” I wail, my hands pulling at his hair when I try to shove his head down and grind against his lips.

I want that kiss, need it so badly I’m shaking and drenched, the sticky heat between my legs a steady flow now.

“Say it first. Use my name, Angel, and I’ll suck this little pearl until you squirt my face with your cum. Want that, Angel,” he growls, rubbing his cheek against my mound as if he’s having a hard time controlling himself.

That, more than anything, drives my decision, a decision I know I’m going to regret. 


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