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B-52 Nose Art
0 ratings
Danny Causey parked his vehicle at the end of a row of B-52s, put on his sunglasses and pulled on his cap to shield his eyes from the relentless Arizona sun. He walked down endless rows of aircraft, the only so MORE...
Black Daddy - white sissy
It’s the year 2039 and the Matriarchal Revolution is complete. Women are now permitted multiple husbands and lovers, and males have been classified as Alpha, submissive or worker drones. Rachel Thorn has taken MORE...
Bare It All
0 ratings
Kieri wanted to take a walk on the wild side and friend Daniela was happy to oblige. Daniela suggested the Bare It All, a club where anything goes. But Kieri hadn't anticipated running into her first love...Gra MORE...
BJ's Cowboys
2 ratings
When BJ stops by her old home town she’s not sure what she’s searching for, or what she’ll find. Was she looking to put the past behind her—or resurrect it? Her old lover, Bill, has his own ideas, of what he le MORE...