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Carolina Barbour grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she spent her youth before moving to Texas, which is her current residence after 20-odd years. A place she now calls home, but still has Hoosier blood running in her veins that often make her yearn for family, the White Castle burger at 3:00am, and the vibrate splashes of colors on display when seasons change.

She enjoys warm summer months of Texas that seem to extend into fall, and even later into winter months, feeling like an extended summer vacation for her family,  and two miniature schnauzers who enjoy time outdoors.

Carolina enjoys writing a good novel with believable characters, suspenseful plotssuspense genre is her first love. When creating the story, she does not have a qualm about stepping outside the box to bring her readers a page-turner. Her characters must make you laugh, swell with tears, or even feel angerall types of emotionsbefore Carolina feels she has done justice by her readers.

Barbour found out her love for writing when she attended an English course at the community college, where creative writing was the professor's niche. Her teacher made the students write story after story, always challenging them to go further. Carolina was clueless then about her love for writing, or that she was even capable of penning a good story, until her professor suggested she take up writing as a career.

Pure Distraction is Carolina's first published novel; an erotic sci-fi thriller. Carolina had such fun writing this story, she cannot wait to bring her readers more of the Pure Series, along with other interesting novels she is currently writing.

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Carolina Barbour

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Q: How did you get started writing?

A: After years of wanting to be a writer, dreaming, I just started typing one night on a story idea I had in my head a long time. I stopped thinking about writing and started doing it. Sometimes you have to just go for it, jump in feet first, and see what happens.

Q: What is an average day writing like?

A: Actually, I rarely write during the weekday because I work a full-time job that keeps me busy. I do most of my writing on the weekends, starting around midnight until 6:00 in the morning when my husband and kids go to bed.

Q: Do you do an outline of your story idea before starting?

A: No, I never do a story outline. I tried it one time, and it drove me crazy because I prefer to let the story flow as I write. If I outline, I feel obligated to follow the outline, and that sometimes makes for a dull story. I usually start a manuscript by sitting down at my laptop and start typing. If I do any prep work, it's usually to jot down the character names, one sentence storyline, and then go from there. I do a lot of free-form writing. I just go with whatever I feel at the time. I get the entire story down first, and then change and edit afterwards to make sure it all makes sense.

Q: How long did it take you to write your first novel?

A: I wrote the rough draft for Pure Distraction in 6 weeks, then went through multiple weeks, editing the manuscript. In all, I would say it took me three months from beginning to submission.

Q: How do you keep the storyline/chapters together in your head?

A: I haven't figured that out yet. I use notes sometimes, but mostly I scribble on any piece of paper available. When I feel like I need to get organized (smile) I will use Notepad to jot down thoughts. But mostly I just type, type, and type some more. I worry about how the chapters flow and the story comes together during the editing phase.

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