Twice The Pleasure (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 79,270
53 Ratings (3.9)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Western Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Jayce is a pretty face, a gambler, and deadly. When a poker game goes bad, she is forced to flee and ends up in the arms of a nefarious Mexican. Two dangerous, appealing strangers come to her rescue. A gambler at heart, Jayce bets against the odds. Her sexual attraction for both men is nothing but curiosity.

Forging into the forbidden pleasures of ménage a trois is not an easy decision for Jayce. The Banner brothers' superior art of seduction becomes too much even for her bluff. With the last hand dealt, Jayce realizes she doesn't have an ace in the hole. Finally, unable to resist, she tosses in her hand, succumbs to the allure of desire and lust, and takes the biggest gamble of her life in the arms of twin pleasures.

  Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.
A Siren Erotic Romance

Twice The Pleasure (MFM)
53 Ratings (3.9)

Twice The Pleasure (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 79,270
53 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
An excellent storyline with great characters
I found this story well written and entertaining until it became apparent that this was not a true menage love story. While I also enjoy MF stories, I think it was misleading advertising this the way it was.
Debbie K
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5 Stars: "Written in the style of an old fashioned western, Twice The Pleasure is sure to be a favorite of readers. The characters are fascinating. The plot is entertaining. Add this one to the top of your must read list." -- Anne Boling, ReviewYourBook

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Jayce refused to give the men any satisfaction by showing fear.

She waited for the explosion of gunfire, but nothing happened, and she wondered why. When The Rat turn attention to the boss, she shifted her eyes in their direction.

"Boss?" The Rat asked. "Don't seem right shooting a woman in cold blood." All the others nodded in agreement.

It seemed a ludicrous thought, but apparently, the men didn't have qualms about raping, but for whatever insane reasoning, killing a woman was out of bounds, even for this gang.

The Mexican raised a gun and shot The Rat dead. Then he turned toward Jayce. "I will kill the bitch myself, you worthless pieces of coward shit!" he shouted.

This time an eruption of gunfire exploded.

Jayce dove for cover, falling to the ground, and watched as The Mexican clutched his chest before dropping to his knees and then falling over.

Another pop sounded, and then another. The gang scattered, and then dived for cover, returning fire.

Two more men met their maker.

She watched as two men in black slacks and white shirts emerged from the cover of trees and stepped into the clearing, as if they were oblivious to the bullets whizzing all around them. Both raised their pistols, taking aim and firing with precision.

The acrid scent of discharged weapons hung in the air. An eerie disquiet settled over the area. Death tended to silence things.

The man in the black vest and Stetson turned in Jayce's direction, and seeing the sudden movement snapped her out of the trancelike state. Moving as quickly as possible, she scrambled toward the rock where she left her clothing and guns, and then made a mad dash.

As fast as she could, Jayce pulled on the blouse, and then attempted to wiggle into the pants.

The man moved closer. "Heck," she uttered, and then gave up on the idea of getting dressed. She went for the guns having decided being naked in front of the strangers suited the situation better than not having a gun.

Jayce bolted for the pistols.  

* * * *

She moved fast, a swift breeze, and with the agility of a sleek cat, Gavin thought, watching the girl dive for the gun belt. He considered the attempt to arm herself commendable, but that was as far as allowances would go.

Before she could put a finger on the belt, he swooped it up and tossed the leather strap over a shoulder. "I think you should calm down before I allow a gunor two in your hands." He noticed the twin pistols. Impressive. Then roving his eyes over the lush breasts, and feeling the effect on his libido, he added, "Maybe you should get dressed."

Years attending a boarding school and an immaculate upbringing under the tutelage of educators who taught the practices of being a gentlemen required he did the proper thing. Gavin turned around while the girl dressed.

Hastily, as quick as possible, Jayce finished dressing. Then she said, "I'm done. My guns." She held out a hand.

Gavin turned around, and the first thought that crossed his mind was that she was just as stunning dressed as she was naked. Appreciatively, his eyes appraised the shapely form, starting at the top of auburn hairdown pass voluptuous breastsfurther still, he outlined the figure in a quick but thorough assessment. The dark aureoles clearly visible beneath the damp material of the blouse she wore left his mouth watering, and his cock strained.

She took a cautious step forward and demanded. "My gunsnow."

Her sharp tone cause Gavin to give the pretty face his undivided attention. "If I give you the guns, do you promise not to shoot me, darling?"

"If you don't try to rape me, there is nothing to worry about."

Gavin arched his eyebrows and then slanted them downward. "Au contraire, I prefer a lady's acquiescence before I bed her," he said, and then added firmly, "I do not rape women. The thought is not only incomprehensible but despicable."

"Really now, that," Jayce said pointing at the outline of swollen cock unabashedly, "says differently."

She apparently didn't have an embarrassed or reticent bone in that pretty little body. She stared at his crotch with indifference before boldly staring him in the face.

"I would be dishonorable if I told you there was no interest, but that doesn't mean just because a man is aroused in the presence of alluring beauty you should assume the worst. I'm not immature enough I can't control my cock." He stepped forward and held out the gun belt.

A keen sense of awareness of her femininity surfaced again as her slender fingers wrapped the belt around her waist, and it settled over full hips. Then she stepped back a few steps, and Gavin assumed she felt it necessary to put a safe distance between them. Cautious and attractive.

"Unfortunately, though wounded, one of the men escaped. If I had to hazard a guess, reinforcements will be here shortly. If you don't mind, darling, we should be on our way."

"I don't know what you have in mind, but if you think I intend to go anywhere with you or your partner, you are mistaken."

"You prefer to remain behind and face what could possibly be another insurmountable force of men alone? That is not an intelligent idea. If you ride with me and my brother, we can protect you."

"I don't need your help. I ride alone," Jayce said.

"Even though you are aware the odds are already against you?"

"It may not have looked like it a minute ago, but I can handle myself, mister."

She turned to walk away, and then Zane stepped into the path, causing Jayce to freeze mid-step.

Gavin looked at his brother. "I'm afraid the lady is still nervous. She does not trust us, but then under the circumstances I can't say I blame her. Albeit, I have assured the lady we intend no harm."

"Look, I appreciate the help back there, and you two coming to my rescue, but I can manage things from here."

Zane spoke with casual indifference, "That is not a wise decision, but if it is her preference then it would be improper to force the issue. Don't you think, Gavin? We need to ride out. The sooner the better."

Gavin didn't think his brother's words abrupt, but Zane clearly made it known he wasn't waiting around for the girl to make a decision. He made a valid point. The ground trembled denoting a large number of riders were coming. Fast and furious, and heading straight in their direction.

Turning to the girl, Gavin said, "I wish you would reconsider, but as my brother said, we don't intend to force the issue if you wish to go it alone. However, keep in mind only six idiots found you this time. The next it could be more, and even though you carry two guns, darling, is that enough against such a force? Even I wouldn't take such odds."

"I don't scare easily," Jayce quipped.

Gavin bowed graciously, and then said, "Adieu, darling." He walked away wondering how long it would take the lady to see reason. They would ride out and keep a steady but decent pace so that when the girl stopped being unreasonable, it wouldn't be difficult to catch them.

He mounted his horse and then clicked, setting the Black into motion. He looked over at Zane. "I was wondering how long it will take the lady to come around to seeing it is ridiculous to go it alone."

Zane kept pace with his brother's horse. "If the lady is as astute as pretty, I suspect she should be joining us shortly. Why do you think I haven't spurned my mount to a faster gallop?"

Gavin grinned. "I didn't think you intended to leave the lovely to fend for herself even though you gave the indication of such. That would have been gauche of you, brother. Thankfully, my faith in your infallible nature to be proper is restored."

"I believe I hear the sound of a horse approaching," Zane said.

Gavin look over his shoulder seeing the lone rider beating a path in their direction. Purposely, both brothers slowed the horses down to an easy stride.

"My belief that beauty and astuteness are not synonymous is no longer a valid argument, I'm afraid. Not that both attributes need be present for me to have an interest in the fairer sex, but it is a refreshing twist that has my curiosity peaked."

"Of course. And the nice breasts and round ass have absolutely nothing to do with it. Right?" Zane asked, grinning. "I know your general requirements where the ladies are concerned. Unquestionable obedience, and to be very receptive in bed."

"True. True." Gavin couldn't deny that.

The two brothers parted ways and allowed the lady to move in between them, as if it was where she belonged. Then without warning--they didn't doubt the lady's ability to keep pace--they spurned the horses into breakneck speed and raced over the landscape in hopes of putting a nice distance between them and the band of riders thundering in their direction.

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