Pure Rapture (MF)

Pure 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 106,000
6 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Futuristic Romance, with M/M]

Every action...

Jumping off the Sanguine Aerotransport building is not at the top of Allie's 'things to do' list, but when she finds herself in a precarious situation trying to evade a stalker, desperate times require desperate measures.

...has results...

Vale Rynoir cannot believe his eyes when Allie takes a leap of faith. Normally, he isn't the type of guy to butt into personal business, but he cannot deny his curiosity. Why would the girl do such a foolish thing?

...and consequences...

There is no denying the steamy attraction between Allie and Vale is instantaneous and combustive. Even through the whirlwind of deceitful and murderous plots against Allie's life, they forge ahead fighting against an obsessive killer. The hardest struggle of all is to find themselves accepting their love when Allie is used to playing nice while Vale is shrouded in his own secrets that make it impossible for him to commit.

"I enjoyed bringing my readers the first story, Pure Distraction, which was the story of how Vale's parents Xander and Lana came together. I could not resist writing Pure Rapture as a follow-up. Therefore, I started the Pure series. Vale is Xander's and Lana's son, and a true Rynoir, but his story is uniquely different than his parents. I hope you enjoy Pure Rapture as much as I loved telling the story." ~ Carolina ~   A Siren Erotic Romance

Pure Rapture (MF)
6 Ratings (4.0)

Pure Rapture (MF)

Pure 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 106,000
6 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston


Vale saw the way the girl’s eyes kept searching the area suspiciously before she finally looked at him. “Who sent you?” she demanded. “Who are you?”

“Nobody sent me. My name is Vale Rynoir. And you are?”

“My name is not important.”

Vale arched a brow. “Now, that isn’t a nice way to say thank you after I saved your butt.”

“I…I didn’t ask for you to interfere.” The girl stammered, turning this way and that, scanning the area again before she eyed Vale suspiciously.

“No, you didn’t, but my gallant nature would not allow me to stand by and watch you break your neck. What is your name?”

He didn’t seem like a threat, but she couldn’t be too sure under the circumstances. Ditter and the goon squad had her all jittery. She couldn’t think straight. She eyed the man dubiously for a minute, then decided though he was persistent about finding out her name, he seemed harmless. She had to be pragmatic and admit what he said was true. If he was part of the goon squad that wanted her dead, it didn’t make sense for him to come to her rescue.

“Thank you for your assistance, but—”

“Are you in trouble?”

 “No,” Allie said too quickly.

A half smile lifted the corner of Vale’s lip. She was lying. “The Authority are swarming like flies, and with all the chaos at the Aeroport building…call me suspicious, but I believe you are the reason for all the mayhem. Not to mention if you could, why not just walk through the front doors of the building like other passengers instead of taking a leap of faith?” Vale arched his brow again. “You’re on the run. Why?”

The girl shifted on her feet, then raised on her tiptoes and tried to look around the man. He was so tall and large, though, she couldn’t see past his expansive shoulders.

The goon squad could be closing in. She could not stand around all day trying to justify her actions to this stranger.

“I have to go,” Allie said quickly, and then grabbed Roe’s arm and tried to leave.

Vale caught her elbow. “What are you afraid of?”

Allie reacted without thinking. Raising her knee, she slammed it forward into the man’s leg.

“Sonofabitch!” Vale exploded. “Is that your way of saying thank you?”

“Please—I need to leave,” Allie cried out pitifully, jerking against his hold.

“Wait a minute. What are you—” Vale froze mid-sentence.

The sound was distinctive. Vale would recognize it in his sleep. Without thinking—action was his innate behavior when danger was evident—he grabbed the girl and picked up the child, then dove behind a wall as another laser blast whizzed and the area erupted in a hail of gunfire.


“By the Immaculate Providence, what have you done to me?” Vale repeated, growling. “I can’t decide if I want to throttle you or fuck you.”

The bedroom wasn’t far away, but he made it there and got them undressed in record time.

Her arousing scent made his nostrils flare as he buried his nose in warm cleavage and inhaled the light alluring feminine scent he was convinced held some type of mind altering aphrodisiac.

Gingerly, ever so slowly, he cupped the full mounds between his fingers and gently kneaded the globes until Allie quivered. Her nipples swelled, threatening to burst. The small of her back arched off the bed when she wiggled, and he trailed kisses downward, over the mound of her belly, then held at the silky thatch of golden curls nestled between her thighs.

Vale’s tongue was quick and diabolical, licking her saturated pussy, slicing, as he gently eased her swollen lips apart before his feasting began.


“You get so juicy. A virtual flow of nectar,” he murmured, tracing his tongue along her labia, tasting.

“I’m sorry.”

Vale raised his head to look at her. “Doll, I’m not complaining. Gracious, I like it,” he said, washing his tongue over the weeping hole again and again, dipping his tongue until he filled his mouth with the flavor of sunshine and cream.

Allie felt like she was on fire. Every sensor inside her body was alive with electrical impulses as the wicked movements of Vale’s mouth and tongue worked a hedonistic frenzy against her pussy.

His assault was attentive, voracious, devouring until Allie felt a quake of a sexually charged undercurrent come alive inside her body.

Strong hands lifted her bottom, fingers spread her ass, and then a scant moment passed before she felt the tip of his tongue moisten her wrinkled hole, delve deep, scissoring and stretching the opening.

“Jesus!” Allie uttered breathlessly.

She began squirming uncontrollably as his hot tongue laved the crease of her ass with quick flicks, bringing her to the verge of losing control.

The sensation was wickedly delicious, mind blowing. Allie felt caught up a swirl of raw desire and shameless lust. She began pushing her ass back against Vale’s mouth, begging for me.

Vale was happy to oblige. He put Allie’s legs over his shoulders to get closer, moistened his finger by sucking it into his mouth and coating it with saliva before pushing the tip slowly forward until he was buried knuckle deep in her snug ass.

He put a flattened palm on the mound of Allie’s belly, then dipped his head low until his mouth could suckle between her thighs. In perfect synchronization, Vale worked his finger inside Allie’s ass while thrusting his tongue deep into her juicy pussy at the same time. He created a decadent dance of unbound pleasure that made Allie scream out demands.

“I want you inside me,” Allie moaned.

She could hear the grin in Vale’s tone when he responded, “I know,” against her clit, then sucked the nubbin of flesh deep into his mouth.

His mouth and tongue and the finger thrust in her ass were doing wondrous things that left Allie a quivering form of sensations.

“Vale…oh, God.  Fuck me.”

 Hearing the illicit demand made Vale grunt and his cock surge. It was pulsating and heavy between his thighs, stretched to the max and quivering. “Say it again,” he whispered, teasing, cajoling Allie’s pussy with his tongue. He exchanged between suckling her clit and making tiny quick thrusts inside the soaked passage.


His finger climbed higher inside Allie’s ass, rotating, distending the banded entrance so that he was able to push another finger inside.

“Lord have mercy,” Allie cried out, feeling the wicked tunneling of his fingers buried deep, making her think insane thoughts like wanting to have something much larger replace the fingers that now worked deliciously inside her ass.

Instinctively, driven by primal need, Allie started pumping her ass up and down over Vale’s fingers. Her fingers fisted in his hair, she bucked up and screamed for release as wave after wave of red-hot desire erupted inside her body.

 She jerked his head to get his attention. “Please.  Now. I want your cock in me.” Her voice trembled.

“Such a dirty mouth. He grinned between licks. “I never knew how erotic it was to hear such.  Tell me what you want, Allie. Say it again.”

“Damn you.  Fuck me!”

“My pleasure,” Vale said, withdrawing his fingers from her tight ass, and then sliding upward until he lay horizontally against Allie’s frame.

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