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Schoolteacher by day, author of erotic fiction by night...Charlotte lives the dream! She lives with her husband near Toronto, Canada where she’s always heating something up, whether it’s with her baking or her writing. She loves reading scary stories, but would never want to write them, preferring instead to write fun, sexy stories about butt-kicking girls and the hunks they fall for. Every ending is happy, and the happiness comes in many shapes and sizes. She believes that intimacy should be fun, funny and all about expanding horizons, and she pushes the boundaries of traditional love in her books. In Charlotte’s world, happy endings are tailored to her heroes and heroines, and the tailoring sometimes involves bits of leather, a few kinks, and other kinds of fringe.

Q: Food seems to be important in the erotica you write. Why?

A: I don’t think there’s anything sexier than food. From the sensual act of feeding someone to preparing a meal in an attempt to seduce your dining companion, food and sex go hand in hand.


Q: Okay, so food is sexy. What, in your opinion, is the sexiest food?

A: Chocolate. Deep, dark, melted chocolate. Maybe with some strawberries thrown in.


Q: What made you decide to write erotic fiction?

A: I think it’s the best way to preserve the butterfly feeling in your stomach you get every time you fall in love. Or in lust. It’s new every time, and you get to explore things you might not dare in real life.


Q: How much of *you* is in your books?

A: I’d like to think I’m as awesome as the women I write about...let’s say I’d like my heroines to represent the sassy, sexy siren that lives inside all of us. So instead of how much of *me* is in there, I’d like to think there’s an awful lot of *you* as well.


Q: What else do you like to read? It can’t be all sex, can it?

A: I have a degree in Gothic literature, so I love a scary story. Anything from the Victorian era does it for me, like Dracula, but I also have a real soft spot for Jane Austen’s novels. Now those are timeless love stories.


Q: If you could rewrite any story as an erotic romance, which story would you choose?

A: Oh man, so many options! Moby Dick’s too obvious, right? Okay, I’d start with fairy tales. A lustful retelling of Goldilocks would be pretty awesome. Then I’d move onto the really great love stories in history, make them a little lustier.


Q: Why do you write?

A: I have all these characters in my head, and they bug me to write their stories. If I don’t write them, I wind up irritated because they don’t leave me alone, not to mention my level of sexual frustration, imagining all the things they could be doing!


Q: You’re married. What does your husband think of your books?

A: You know, I don’t think he’s read any of them...but he loves the idea that I’m thinking about sex all the time. Ha, maybe that's the key to a successful marriage! Write erotica!


Q: What can we look forward to from you?

A: Well, my first book, Remy’s Release, is only the first in a series called Submissive Sirens. There are more of those to come, and I’m also working on an erotic fantasy series. Beyond that, it will be up to whichever character yells loud enough to get my attention!


Q: You’re pretty new at this. What’s the most exciting part?

A: Honestly, I’m nervous like crazy to see how my first novel will be received! There’s nothing I’d love more than for people to read it and tell me what they thought!

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