Prue's Promises (MF)

Submissive Sirens 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 73,114
4 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, flogging, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Prudence Carter keeps secrets. An agent for Homeland Security with a love of burlesque dance, she finds herself in a BDSM club with a sinister secret of its own…

Cyrus King, owner of the hot BDSM club Cuero, knows what it means to work his way up from the bottom, having started out as a stripper. Now he spends his days on top, topping subs in his club.

The two come together in a storm of lust, and Prue begins to learn what secrets can cost. They make their way across a dance floor filled with equal amounts of promise and disaster, neither knowing where their steps will lead. Prue must uncover the darkness at the heart of Cuero, and Cyrus must uncover the darkness in the heart of his new submissive. Can the two complete this dance together, or will one of them make a misstep?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Prue's Promises (MF)
4 Ratings (4.5)

Prue's Promises (MF)

Submissive Sirens 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 73,114
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
EXCELLENT reading. This story is well written and thoroughly captivating the entire way through. Cyrus is the alpha of Doms and when he meets Prue at one of his other clubs and they dance together he finds himself regretting not getting her details. Until Prue turns up at his club as the new dance teacher. The chemistry between these two is great and sexual interactions is hot to say the least.
I look forward to more books in this series they are great.




Cyrus felt like his eyes were going to pop right out of his head. Few people got the better of him, and this scrumptious slip of a woman was accomplishing it beautifully. And she’d only been here for five minutes.

“A course?” He knew he sounded stupid. He’d been reduced to monosyllabic answers, and he didn’t like it. He did, however, like that Prue seemed to be getting a little more nervous. The bravado she’d wrapped herself in was vanishing, and she was starting to look a little like a rabbit in a fox’s den. Damn but she makes a cute bunny.

“Yeah, I saw online that you were offering courses for subs for the next couple of weeks. I signed up.” Prue had started to twist her hands, and Cyrus was pleased to remember the gesture. She was definitely nervous, and it was delicious. He decided to press his advantage, now that he was feeling a little more in control of the moment.

“Which level did you sign up for, love?” The endearment caught her unawares, and before she could guard her expression, Cyrus was pleased to see a spark of pleasure come into her eyes before she schooled her features.

“Level two. I already know the basics…” Prue trailed off, blushing furiously.

“Ah yes,” Cyrus murmured, staring at her like she was a delicious morsel for him to sample, “I remember your command of the basics.”

Prue’s face flamed. She looked everywhere but at him, and Cyrus felt his cock lengthen and harden in the confining leathers. She was just as delectable as he remembered.

“Well, welcome, Prue. Have you been given a tour?”

Prue nodded, the pretty pink still staining her cheeks and running down into the neckline of her dress. Cyrus found himself wondering how far down that blush would extend, and he shifted subtly to try and relieve the ache in his balls.

“Lulu showed me around. Your dance studio is beautiful.”

“Thank you.” Cyrus swallowed, surprised at the pleasurable glow Prue’s compliment gave him. “I spend a lot of time in there, so it has to be somewhere I want to be.”

Prue looked right into his eyes, surprising him. “You’re a wonderful dancer. I loved watching you tonight.”

Cyrus smiled slightly at her. “Now you know where I get my moves.”

Prue grinned. “Not all of them. I didn’t know how well you handled a whip until tonight.”

Cyrus felt his eyes chill and heard the small hitch in Prue’s breath. “Indeed,” he drawled, “perhaps next time you’d like a hands-on demonstration?”

Prue couldn’t meet his gaze. “I don’t know that the Dom I’ve been paired with for my course would appreciate that.”

Cyrus was nonplussed. He’d overlooked that single subs were paired with Doms from the club, and that since Prue didn’t have a Dom of her own, she’d fall into that category.

“Do you know who you’ve been paired with yet?”

Prue shook her head. “I only arrived today, and I caught everyone off guard because I’m early. I wasn’t due until tomorrow.”

Cyrus felt his composure return as he let his eyes roam over Prue’s sweet curves. “I’ll have to look into it personally, make sure you’re paired with someone who can handle your needs.” Cyrus felt his cock swell to painful proportions as he remembered Prue’s needs, and he gritted his teeth against the idea of letting another Dom touch her. He was thinking of doing something he never did.

Prue smiled at him, a sweet curve of her full mouth that had his cock drooling to be kissed. “Thanks.” She frowned up at him suddenly. “Um, what do I call you?”

Cyrus stared her down until she dropped her gaze, unconsciously folding her hands in front of her. Cyrus wondered if she realized how submissive she really was. He straightened up, leisurely walking toward her before stopping right in front of her. To her credit she didn’t flinch back. She peeked up at him through her lashes before dropping her gaze once more, and he feasted his gaze on her loveliness. From his superior height, Cyrus had a perfect view of the way Prue’s cleavage dipped into her dress, and his eyes followed the shadowed line between the sweet globes of her breasts. If she breathed in hard enough, he bet he’d be able to see from the top of her cleavage down to the floor, and his mouth watered as he thought about devouring her perky tits.

Not content to simply look at her neckline, Cyrus stalked in a circle around Prue, growling at her as she made as if to move away from him. She stilled immediately and he was gratified to see how quickly she submitted to his wants, even small ones like this. He didn’t touch her as he circled her, letting his eyes roam down the curve of her hip to the luscious ass that crowned her sinfully long legs. He pictured parting those lithe limbs and drilling his cock between the soft orbs of her ass, finding the dark rosebud nestled there and pounding himself into it. He was more than pleased with her legs. Muscled legs like hers would ensure she could take what he wanted to do to her. She’d be able to stand or kneel for as long as he wanted her to, taking his pleasure in whatever way he demanded.

Cyrus completed his perusal, unsurprised that his cock was hard enough to pound nails. He was pleased to see that her nipples had pebbled against the fabric of her dress, and he could smell the sweet muskiness of her pussy as her body responded to him. His mouth watered as he recalled the taste of her juicy cunt, and it was all he could do not to spread her legs and eat her pussy right there.

Instead, he reached forward and cupped his hand under her chin, bringing Prue’s befuddled gaze to his own sharp one. “We’ve been over this, love. You call me Sir.”




Cyrus growled, clearly unhappy that she was touching herself without letting him watch. “I believe your master commanded a dance, slave girl, not masturbation.”

Prue smiled down at her Dom. “Yes, Sir.”

She pulled the halter over her head, letting the slinky fabric slide down her breasts to pool at her waist. She began moving her feet, undulating with the exotic music as she turned away from Cyrus once more, bending down to pull the dress down her legs. She knew he’d be able to see the freshly waxed seam of her pussy, the lips likely puffy and glistening with her cream, and she was gratified when she heard him suck in a sharp breath. She stepped neatly out of the dress that had now pooled around her feet, picking it up and tossing it to the side to join the panties she’d discarded earlier.

Turning back to Cyrus Prue began to dance with abandon. She’d decided to keep the shoes on, knowing they did awesome things for her calves, and she lifted one foot to the edge of the chair between Cyrus’s spread legs. She tangled her hands in her hair and leaned back, never losing the rhythm of the dance, peeking down to see that Cyrus’s attention was riveted on the shadowed cleft between her thighs.

Prue lowered her leg and gave herself to the music, incorporating her belly dance training as well as the burlesque she loved so much. As she popped her hips and slid them from side to side, she danced around the back of Cyrus’s chair, massaging his wide shoulders and leaning down to nibble on his neck. She danced back around in front of him, and felt her inner demon come out.

Prue smiled wickedly at her Dom before stepping right up between his spread legs, balancing herself on the edge of the chair before lifting one foot to rest on the chair back behind Cyrus’s shoulder. She continued her sensuous movements, knowing he’d be on eye level with her pussy. She figured what was good for the goose was good for the gander, and he’d tortured the hell out of her tonight. Time for a little payback. Prue flexed forward, pressing herself further toward Cyrus.

What she hadn’t banked on was the effect dancing for Cyrus would have on her. She was getting just as turned on as him, knowing she was being really dirty about this, and she actually felt a trickle of hot cream slide down her leg as she stood with her pussy just hovering over Cyrus’s mouth. She kicked back from where her foot rested, bringing it down to the floor before lowering the other one as well. She danced to one side of the chair and swung her leg over Cyrus’s lap, straddling him as she stayed standing above him, rocking her hips and grinding right down to his lap before rising back up again. She leaned her breasts toward Cyrus’s face, knowing she was torturing them both.

Cyrus’s breath was coming faster, and Prue knew her time was almost up. She leaned down a little until her face was level with his, and she lowered herself down to her Dom’s lap, pressing her creamy pussy right against the head of Cyrus’s drooling erection. She leaned back so that her hands rested on Cyrus’s legs, lifting one foot then the other to rest on his shoulders, loving the way the sexy stilettos looked up around Cyrus’s ears.

Continuing to move in time with the music, Prue began to roll her hips, treating herself and Cyrus to an intimate dance that had the head of his cock splitting the seam of her pussy as she rocked up and down.

Finally pushed past his endurance, Cyrus picked Prue right up off the chair, keeping her legs above his shoulders, and walked her over to the sofa where he unceremoniously dropped her. Prue squeaked as she bounced, as startled by the loss of contact as she was by the rough treatment. She watched Cyrus, her heart beating double time as she watched him fish a condom out of his pocket and tear quickly into the packet, making quick work of rolling it on. He stepped out of his pants, and then he was on her.

Prue moaned as her Dom pushed her legs wide apart, kneeling between them and pulling her pussy lips apart with his big thumbs. Prue felt Cyrus lash her clit with his tongue, and she keened, the long hours she’d spent being tortured by him catching up with her in an instant.

“Cy, may I come?” Prue gritted the question out between clenched teeth, not sure what she’d do if Cyrus said no.

“Not yet, pet.” Cyrus’s voice was ragged, his words muffled as he spoke into her pussy. “You come on my cock, not my tongue.”

Prue wailed her disbelief, clenching her hands into the cushions of the sofa and preparing herself to fight an epic battle of wills. She didn’t know if she could stop herself from coming, but the knowledge that Cyrus wanted her to try gave her extra fortitude. She mentally rehearsed the multiplication tables as Cyrus attacked her clit with vicious licks, stabbing his tongue into her slit and laving her asshole before coming back up to maul her tender bud. She managed to get to the elevens before Cyrus showed a modicum of restraint, finally pulling his face out of Prue’s pussy and leaving her gasping for air.

“I’m proud of you, pet.” Cyrus’s voice was honeyed as he pulled Prue onto his lap, positioning her for reverse cowgirl. “You’re off the leash now. Come as many times as you can for the rest of the night.”

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