Cherie Denis realized she wanted to write when she started getting A's on her English papers in 9th grade. Somehow, writing was put aside after she met her dream man as a senior in high school. The dream man and Cherie married when he was a sophomore in college and have been together ever since. They raised two daughters, a menagerie of pets, including two guinea pigs (not recommended for small children) in Milwaukee, WI. The daughters got married and moved away, leaving them empty nesters for several years before Cherie's mom moved in. After too many cold winters to count, Cherie, her beloved and mom moved to Nashville, TN where they are all happy as clams.

Cherie is an active member of RWA and the local chapter, Music City Romance Writers. Over the years, Cherie has held many jobs, including running her own cake business, a doctor's receptionist, a dental assistant, and a pharmacy clerk to name a few. Cherie has been fascinated with erotica since she found where her dad hid his Playboy magazines when she was a girl. Her writing muse returned about seven years ago. With the encouragement of her prince and mom, she's been putting words to paper ever since and loving every minute of it.


Q: How many full length novels and novella's have you written since you started?

A: At last count I had eleven full length sensual contemporary novels, fifteen hot novellas running from 15,000 words up to 50,000 words, two short stories and several novellas that are anywhere from a third to half way finished.

Q: Other than romance, erotic romance and erotica, what do you write?

A: I've written one erotic murder mystery, a short story about an alien cat and a short, naughty fairy tale about a frog.

Q: Where do you get your ideas from?

A: Sometimes they literally come to me in a dream. I got the idea for one novel from a billboard I saw in Indiana. Other ideas come to me after watching a TV show, and some come after a conversation. I've always had a wild imagination. I often think up stories about the people riding by in other cars.
I don't make notes. The story grows in my head until I know where it's headed and then I start writing. I always know the beginning, the middle and the end before I start. However, I will admit when I wrote the erotic murder mystery I wasn't sure who the killer was until I was nearly finished with the manuscript.

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

A: Other than reading and writing I love to make beaded necklaces and bracelets, I've always enjoyed sewing, but am allergic to the chemicals used to finish fabrics, so I don't sew much anymore. I'm a quiet person and like nothing more than a good book, the fireplace going and my cat in my lap. I do enjoy a few TV shows, especially ones with a little humor (wry or sarcastic). Some favorites are the CSI series, NCIS, Monk and The Closer.

Q: Do you work outside of your home, and when do you write?

A: Other than Prince Charming, my life is far from erotic or exotic. I'm up at 5 am and off to work as a data entry clerk at a large national insurance company where I work until 4 pm. I rush home, read the local paper, cook dinner then write from 7 pm until 8 pm. On weekends I can be found at the computer from 1 pm until 5 pm. Then, suddenly it's Monday morning and it starts all over again.

Q: When do you do your housework?

A: Surely you jest. Housework? I'm very lucky my mother is in good health and she does the laundry, dusts and keeps her room and bath clean. If I'm feeling unstressed, I clean our bathrooms and dust mop. My darling prince vacuums for me and all three of us clean up after dinner so I can get going on my evening's writing.

Q: If you could take a three week vacation without interruption, where would you go?

A: I've been telling the prince I want to go west. Not to LA, I was born there. Or Vegas, been there. I would love to see some of the south west: Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, you get the picture. No planes or trains. Just the prince, myself, a back seat full of books, my Alphasmart, and to be able to stop where we want and stay as long as we want before moving on. There are so many beautiful state parks and canons I'd like to see before they are totally ruined.

Q: Do you have any secrets you'd like to share?

A: I think I have the same secrets every woman has. It's no secret I'd like to be 35 again and have the figure of a model. I hate being short. I adore chocolate and love my husband more every day. If anything, I wish I knew than what I know now - I would have enjoyed life with more fervor.

Q: Anything else you want to add?
A: I want to thank all the women in our writer's group for their support. Without their help, I'd still be struggling and getting nowhere. The three who have helped me the most know who they are. I love you gals. I also want to thank my husband and mom for their encouragement and for cleaning the kitchen after dinner when I have a deadline and can't help.

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