Lynne's Love Triangle (MMF)

Twisted Sex Games 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,784
4 Ratings (3.8)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, May-December, light Consensual BDSM]

Lynne had to videotape the supernova, hot sex the night she landed two men in her bed because she knew it would never happen again. Kurt is sweet and sexy. Troy is dominating and masterful. Both of her new lovers fulfill her better than her deepest fantasy man. How could she pick just one? Will it make a difference that they are both over twenty years younger than her? Will the flames of their desire burn out after this single night of passion is over?

And more importantly, can her new lovers pull together when it really counts and protect her from a crazy stalker trying to kill her? Only time will tell.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lynne's Love Triangle (MMF)
4 Ratings (3.8)

Lynne's Love Triangle (MMF)

Twisted Sex Games 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,784
4 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Missy Lyons
Professional Reviews

darkdivaRR.jpg5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "OMG…if this happened to me, I would’ve died. Whether of pleasure or embarrassment, it’s hard to say. But who wouldn’t want two hunky younger men ready to satisfy your desire? In Lynne’s Love Triangle, Ms. Denis and Ms. Lyons explore this idea with their fiesty character, Lynne. Well written and fast paced, I found myself rooting for Lynne as she first experiences the pleasures two men can offer her, the subsequent consequences of it (I won’t give away your plot, ladies), and the way Kurt and Troy rush in to protect their lady. As a writer, I love the interaction of the characters, and in this book, Ms. Lyons and Ms. Denis did a beautiful job creating a wonderful dynamic between the three main characters. I wish I could’ve been the one to create these characters. I loved the fact that Kurt is the boy next door and Troy is the dark and dominant one. They both perfectly suited Lynne. Even with sizzling sex, the emotional bonds between them is absolutely divine. So if you’re looking for a sizzling hot menage book with great emotional depth, Lynne’s Love Triangle is definitely for you! Another book added to my keeper’s list!" -- Dakota, Dark Diva Reviews

4 TEA CUPS: "Lynne’s Love Triangle by Cherie Denis and Missy Lyons was something new, but yet familiar. Lynne is a 40 year old woman who teaches at a college and has many students with a crush towards their teacher or the teacher with her student. This can be devastating to a person’s career if this gets out to the public. Kurt is a student of Lynne's as been secretly in love with her since the first day he saw her in class. Since he graduated it is no longer a risk to her job but he is too frightened to let her know how he feels about her. After Lynne makes her feelings known to Kurt he is put in a situation that he does not know how he is going to react. Lynne’s Christmas gift that Kurt promised her was an Elvis impersonator of her choosing to have in her bed but also filmed. Lynne finds the perfect “Elvis”, Troy, and Kurt works his magic. Kurt has another thing coming because Lynne now has feeling for Troy and he does also. Will Kurt be able to share his true love, Lynne, with Troy? Denis and Lyons do a very well job in writing about how a home made video of a sexual encounter can destroy your life. Everyone that has a relationship with her will suffer due to this even her best friend Sandy. Denis and Lyons go into deep detail on how men believe because you have done a homemade video of a sexual encounter it is okay for them to try to violate you, hurt you. Lynne now feels violated not only because of the way people look at her but what a stalker tries to do to her. Will this destroy her relationship with Kurt and Troy? I recommend Lynne’s Love Triangle by Cherie Denis and Missy Lyons it was so real on how many woman feel when they have been violated against their will. It truly makes you think of how can you cope with it and move on with your life and live normal again. They did a wonderful job stating in the book how Lynne might recover from her trauma." -- Monica, Happily Ever After Reviews

4 HEARTS: "While teaching at a college, Lynne meets Kurt and has an instant connection with him. The two become best friends quickly. Even though Lynne is attracted to Kurt, she waits until he is no longer a student before finally acting on her feelings for him. On a whim, the two decide to bring Troy into their relationship. But when the videotape they made in fun finds its way onto the Internet, Lynne finds herself being stalked and more. Can the two men find a way to get along and to keep Lynne safe before it is to late? This story was an interesting read. Just as Lynne, Kurt and Troy are trying to figure out how they all fit together, their life is turned upside down by a stalker bent on getting Lynne for himself. I enjoyed seeing the way Lynne stands up for herself and fights for her rights. No matter how someone may live or what their lifestyle may be, it doesn't give any one the right to invade their privacy. Lynne is a strong woman who knows what she wants and is willing to fight for it. Kurt is such a sweet man. He loves Lynne with all his heart and he is willing to do anything for her, even act on his feelings for Troy. Troy is a Dominant man who finds love with both Kurt and Lynne and is more than willing to fight for it. The three make a wonderful family. Watching Lynne stand up for herself and her love was a great read. Even as Lynne's life begins to fall apart, she still finds in her heart to embrace the love that she has been lucky enough to find. This book runs the gamut from fun to suspense and all in between. The characters are taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions yet they stick together and find a love to hold onto, making this an enjoyable read for me." -- Gabrielle, The Romance Studio

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He ached to kiss the smirk off her pouty, pink lips. That would shut her up quick. “Knock it off, Lynne. Eat your dinner. We’re gonna be late, and you wanna see all the Elvises, don’t you?” Changing the subject and hoping for the best, Kurt took a big bite of his burger. “Good.”

Her smirk got broader and turned into a grin. God, he loved her dimples. He twisted sideways so he could see Lynne better and supported his back on the door and car seat. He had to get out of her space before he was tempted to lean forward and kiss the smear of catsup off the corner of her lips.

He watched her take a tiny, ladylike bite and chew. If only it was his cock she was gnawing on. He could only imagine her wet tongue licking his fully erect cock. Hoo boy, his penis was back to full mast. How much more torment could his body take?

Lynne swallowed. “I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and I’ve decided...” She paused for effect. “I want a man for Christmas. Someone tall, dark, handsome, who looks like a young Elvis and has an extra-long cock.”

“Holy cow. Are you fucking serious?” Her words had sliced his heart open. He was bleeding all over the floor and she didn’t even notice. His cock wilted. What she was asking for was completely opposite of him. He was blond, blue-eyed, and didn’t look a thing like Elvis.

God, her words cut him as clean as a knife. Lynne didn’t want him. She wanted someone who looked like Elvis, was tall, dark, and handsome, and he was the opposite of her Christmas wish.

Kurt scooted further into his corner of the truck cab. He could dye his blond hair dark, no problem, but he’d never be tall or handsome. Most women thought he was cute in the boy next door kind of way. They loved his dimples, both on his cheeks and his butt, but he wasn’t fool enough to consider himself handsome.

He was well-blessed in the cock department. Thick, but not terribly long. Once, during a fun night, his girl at the time had measured him, and he was three and a half inches around. However, his six-inch length was considered average. Before he decided to be celibate, the women he’d dated told him he knew how to pleasure a woman. He always hit the right spots. No one left unsatisfied.

 No matter how hard he tried, he’d never be Elvis, or her fantasy. Suck it up, you’re a grown man.

“Uh…pretty amazing fantasies you have there, Lynne. What if I could make it come true?” Just shoot me. He’d never live through a night knowing some other man was doing her when he was the one who’d ached for her as long as he could remember.

She put her hand on his knee and squeezed. “I have every confidence in you. You know exactly what I want and the type of man I’m looking for. I have no doubt my bff will come through for me.”

Oh, he was going to come all right. If he had to beg, plead, roll on the floor, and pant like a damn dog, he was going to come for her. One of these days, she’d realize how much he loved and wanted her.





Troy caressed her rump, easing her skirt up over her hips revealing her thong underwear which cut into the crevice between her ass cheeks. She could only imagine what kind of picture she presented.

Kurt muffled a moan, and she laughed quietly to herself. Poor baby was probably going to suffer watching the first go round, but he’d be much happier when it was his turn to join in the fun.

“That’s um.” Kurt’s voice broke, and he swallowed starting his sentence over. “That’s good. Anywhere on the bed is great.” Kurt continued to watch them through the camera lens. Elvis didn’t hesitate. He bent over her frame, his hands moving up over her rib cage to surround her breasts. He cupped them in both hands before playing with her nipples. She knew this was the perfect Elvis for her Christmas party. He was young, hot, and incredibly talented. He knew exactly where and how to touch a woman unlike most young lovers, who needed to be taught what the word “foreplay” meant.

Her nipples tightened to firm buds.

He was fanning the waves of desire with every touch. His hands splayed wide over the expanse of her stomach, enveloping her in his warmth. His fire. His passion. She bucked against him, centering herself under the hard-on Elvis was packing under his skin-tight, ass-cupping jeans. A familiar heat passed through her center to lodge in her pelvis. She wanted to fill the ache with a hot dick, and she couldn’t wait much longer. She had to get one of these men inside of her.

“I just want to get fucked.”

“You probably are fucked. Have you been drinking?”

“No way. I don’t need alcohol to get heated up. I’m totally sober.”

“Good, I want a live woman under me.”

Kurt laughed. “Take my word for it, man. She is sober as a judge and randy as a thirteen-year-old boy. You’re gonna wish she was drunk before she’s done.”

 Lynne turned around in Troy’s arms and swiftly undid the zipped pants constraining his member. The giant cock sprung loose and fell twelve inches from his pelvis. Lynne looked down, and her mouth watered. She had never seen a guy with such a huge cock. For a moment, she faltered. Would he even fit? Who the hell cared? She was going to try. “Remember who’s in charge here.”

“I can’t say as I know. So far, you’ve only been a tease.” Elvis’s eyes gleamed, mocking her into action.

She leaned over his cock and licked the length of it. Smooth and hairless. He was perfect. Her hands wrapped around the base, stroking him from front to back. He reacted immediately, growing harder and firmer. It jumped under her careful ministrations. His width was normal in comparison to any of her past lovers. It was his length that was amazing. And at this moment, he was all hers.

She made greedy sounds with her mouth as her lips covered his shaft’s head. She moved up and down over his cock. Back and forth. Her entire body swayed with her as she got more into it. She kept herself steady by bracing her hands on his hips, just below his washboard stomach. He was still mostly dressed, but unbuttoned and unzipped, revealing all the fine details of his body. Elvis worked out. Not only did he look good, he smelled good, too. She couldn’t wait to find out what he tasted like. She could eat him with a spoon.

“I’m going to come,” he warned.

She couldn’t fit him all inside her mouth, but she took as much of him as she could, until the crown of his cock touched the back of her throat. He shuddered, but his fingers held her head still firmly at the base of her neck.

He groaned. “That’s it. Just like that. Suck hard.”

She kept at it, never relenting. Even as he came. Spurts of thick cream filled her mouth and still she sucked.

“Christ woman, you’re going to suck me dry.” His breath left his body in hard, fast pants.

She swallowed the salty liquid pooling in her mouth. Nearly all of his cum, except for a small amount dribbled down the side of her lips, which she wiped away after she released her grip on his cock.

“Fuck me, woman. That was damn fine head.”

Lynne was almost breathless herself, but she presented a false sense of calm. Even though what she felt like doing was ripping off his clothes and getting fucked senseless. “I told you, I was going to wear you out. Now, I’ll have to wait a few minutes to use my new boy toy. I guess we’d better call in the stunt double.”

Elvis was going to need a few minutes to recover, but Kurt was raring to go. She reached for the drawer of her nightstand and pulled out a silver-wrapped condom. Her favorite kind with the ultimate in sensation, ribbed for her pleasure. With her free hand, she beckoned him close.

“Your turn, Kurt.” She spread her legs wide in invitation.

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