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Reading romance has been a passion of mine for a long time. I usually don't have a clue what's on TV or at the movie theaters. When people are shocked that I don't know what's playing I just smile and tell them I live in a cave ;)


A love of mine is bringing joy to others through the tales I weave of dominatingly sexy men, witty women, good friends, and scorching scenes that get your juices flowing. 

Characters pop into my head, I grab a pen and the journey begins. The trip through fantasyland to happily-ever-after is always a fascinating ride. Thank goodness it is a ride you can take over and over again. 




Q: What kind of heroes are in your stories?


A: They have to be dominating, take charge, and sexy as sin. My heroes may have different inner struggles and some quirks, but they have to be strong, solid, and love the heroine with all their heart. 



Q: Where do your stories come from?


A: Out of the blue. I don't even know how I come up with them, they just pop into my head and I have to write them down.  


Q: Are you working on any stories right now?


A: Oh, yeah! I'm always working on a story.  


Q: What are your writing goals?


A: To improve with each story I write. I want to be able to touch the reader, to make them feel a mixture of emotions in every story I write.  


Q: What kind of emotions do you want to touch?


A: All of them. Happiness--Love--Passion--Sadness--Fear--Anger--Compassion! At times I would like to make you laugh out loud, laughter is good for the soul. Sometimes I want to make you cry, you can release pent up emotions and blame your tears on my story. *smiles* Another emotion I want you to feel is passion. A good love scene should get your juices flowing and make you jump your partner or your toys. Don't feel bad about it, release is proven to be good for you, kind of like dark chocolate. Indulgence can be great fun!  


Q: Wow! What do you do when you're not writing?


A: I eat ice cream then feel bad about it. To pick myself back up I tell myself I eat ice cream for the calcium, it works every time ;)    






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