Vampire's Mate (MM)

Vamp Mates 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,394
29 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, elves, vampires, bondage, flogging, spanking, HEA]

Renny Woolsey’s first night at his new job of bartender’s assistant ends with him running for his life. He wouldn’t have even taken the job if his college grant money hadn’t been almost depleted.

Sprinting through the woods at night to escape two vampires wasn’t something he would have ever guessed he’d be doing. His mom had raised him to believe that humans shared the earth with other beings. The truth of her belief is now chasing him. Just when he thought he couldn’t go on, Renny comes to a cabin. An owl hoots eerily and Renny bounds up the cabin’s steps. To his horror, a huge owl flies right onto the porch. In a panic, Renny rushes into the unlocked cabin.

As Renny tries to figure out how he’s going to escape two evil vamps and one freaky owl, a light comes on. He is instantly mesmerized by Zavier Thorpe's pale green eyes.

If Renny lives through the night, his life will be changed forever.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Vampire's Mate (MM)
29 Ratings (4.2)

Vampire's Mate (MM)

Vamp Mates 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,394
29 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I really enjoyed this edgy yet sensitive story. Well done!
Tina O



Fumbling with his keys, he nervously opened his car door and jumped into his vehicle. He cursed when his head hit metal. Ignoring the pain shooting through his head, he started the car and quickly pulled out of the parking lot. Renny put the pedal to the metal. His car shot forward, taking him away from the danger that had steadily escalated in the bar. He glanced at the rearview mirror and saw nothing but blackness.

Whew, that had felt like a close one, but maybe it hadn’t been that bad after all. Renny hoped Hale was all right. The crashing sound was hopefully nothing more than a chair being thrown. That was a normal occurrence in a bar, right? He wasn’t sure what had caused Hale to send him away, but he figured he’d ask his boss later today.

Headlights appeared ahead of him, and he tensed for a second and then laughed at himself. The car was coming from the way he was going, not where he was coming from. The car passed him, and within a minute its taillights disappeared. He was just about to breathe a sigh of relief when he saw a vehicle speeding up behind him.

Fear gripped him in a brutally strong hold. Needing to get away, he sped up. His four-cylinder engine didn’t have enough power to escape the vehicle closing in on him. His optimistic side told him the vehicle bearing down on him could be someone in a hurry and that they would soon be passing him up.

He pictured a man rushing his in-labor wife to the hospital so their precious baby could be born with the help of her doctor. He hoped they lived happily ever after.

Speaking of happily ever after…The driver could also be a horny male rushing his man home to tie him down and fuck him. Renny felt his cheeks heating up. He’d never been tied down by a lover, but he’d seen it done on some porn sites. The scenes with dominating males that truly cared about their lovers’ needs always gave him a hard-on. Once he was that hard it didn’t take much effort on his part to have him blowing his load and sighing with relief.

He looked into his rearview mirror again and noted that the speeding vehicle was closer. His pessimistic side drew a mental picture of a hungry wolf passing its prey up then turning quickly and eating it.

Renny groaned and tried to clear his mind. Glancing into his rearview mirror again, he saw that the vehicle was just a few feet from him. Please pass me and keep on going.

Adrenaline spiked in his veins as the vehicle behind him lunged forward and rammed into the back of his slow-ass car. He had a death grip on the steering wheel as his car spun around and skidded off the road. His car crashed into the bottom of the four-foot-deep bar-ditch, and his head hit the steering wheel with stunning force.


Flood waters be damned. The city should never have created these deep-ass things. He made a mental note to complain about them if he lived to do it.

His door was forced open, and his seatbelt was released before he could even try to get away. He was roughly pulled from the car and held at arm’s length by one of the men from the bar who had wanted him to dance. Trepidation burned fiercely in his stomach. In a flash the guy’s buddy from the bar was standing next to Renny’s captor. He opened his senses and shuddered when he was touched by evil. This was bad, real bad. Renny had never encountered anyone with this level of darkness before.

The greasy-haired newcomer rubbed his hands and licked his fat lips. “I see you’ve caught our supper. Let me be the first to taste him.”

“No, Marvin.” His captor’s voice was so loud and sharp that he cringed.

Marvin’s eyes narrowed and he fisted his beefy hands. “It’s my turn. You got first taste last night. I want it tonight. Give him to me, Karl.”

 “No. He smells better than the guy last night. His blood is special. It smells magical. I want him, and I’m going to have him first. Get back in the truck if you don’t want to watch.” Karl’s words sent a shiver snaking up Renny’s spine.

A loud growl was the last thing Renny heard before he was dropped. He hit the ground hard. Ignoring the pain in his feet and hands, he inched his way around his car. Peeking through the window he saw Marvin hiss as his incisors extended into dangerous-looking fangs. Renny covered his mouth with his hands in an effort to silence the scream that desperately wanted out.

Marvin suddenly lurched forward and dragged Karl to the ground, and all hell broke loose. They were each showing their fangs as they hissed and struggled to defeat the other. The forceful blows they were striking each other with would have killed Renny in no time, yet they seemed to barely feel them.

Making an effort to live, Renny got up and started running through the woods. His mind repeatedly replayed the way their sharp fangs had descended and how deadly they’d looked. Vampires must really exist. He’d always thought they might. His mom had raised him to believe that other beings shared the earth with humans. Until tonight, he’d never encountered anything but humans. As far as he knew, that is. If all vampires were evil like the ones he was running from, he hoped he never saw one again.




Unable to stop himself, Zavier closed the distance between them and wrapped his arms around Renny. The delicate blond shuddered then melted in his arms. He loved the way Renny fit comfortably under his chin.

Sexual desire flared back to life. His cock hardened even though he didn’t want it to. He felt bad about needing a man who was obviously going through some kind of change and had been through hell earlier tonight. Some of the bad feelings went away when he felt Renny’s cock swelling. Not being accustomed to lusting after confused beings, he reluctantly released Renny.

He smiled when he saw that Renny had changed back to normal. “Your glow is gone. Looks like you are back to normal. How do you feel?”

Renny looked at his hands. “Better.” Renny smiled up at him. It was the most adorable smile Zavier had ever seen.

Their eyes met, and in the span of one heartbeat Renny’s eyes went from happy to hungry. Zavier felt like a turkey on Thanksgiving Day. The man’s eyes sharpened, and Zavier felt like he was about to be devoured. Lust was coming off Renny in waves of pure heat. Damn, it was an awesome feeling. His fangs extended again. Renny seemed to bring out his primitive side. Zavier’s wild half tried to take over. It wanted to claim Renny right now.

The man’s brown eyes widened, and then softened. “I need you.” Renny stared pointedly at Zavier’s fangs. “All of you.”

That was it. All of his restraint disappeared, and the beast in him reared its head. “I don’t know what you’re doing to me, but I like it.” He grabbed Renny and slanted his mouth across his mysterious guest’s soft lips. His kiss was hard and demanding.

Zavier didn’t know where the need to dominate the enchanting man was coming from, and right now he didn’t care. As he thoroughly enjoyed Renny’s flavorful mouth, he guided him toward the plush rug in front of the dormant fireplace. In a swift move he pulled the blond’s shirt off and ran his hands along his new lover’s firm, smooth chest. Dusky nipples hardened and pebbled in response to his touch. Needing more, he tore his shirt off and urged Renny to lie down on the rug.

He spread the man’s legs and settled his body between them. He pressed his lips to Renny’s and groaned at the pure pleasure of the contact. Cupping the blond’s head, he licked and nipped at his golden boy’s soft lips. For several delightful minutes, he explored Renny’s sweet, minty mouth. He tightened his grip on Renny’s hair when the awesome man’s tongue darted out and did a slow investigation of his mouth. Renny’s hands ran over his back, causing his erection to thrum with lust. With a pounding heart, he pulled back.

Looming over Renny, he looked deeply into his eyes. “If you don’t want me to dominate you sexually you have to tell me now. Something about you is driving my libido sky high. All I want to do is make you mine. Nothing else matters, just our pleasure.”

Need sparkled in Renny’s eyes. “I need you to take me any way you want. I’m yours.”

“I accept your offer.” Glowing gold flecks appeared in Renny’s eyes. He didn’t have time to wonder why they had appeared. The desirable man bucked his slender hips, grinding his swollen cock into Zavier’s.

Lusty fire licked at his entire body. It urged him to take Renny, now. He jumped to his feet and headed for his lube stash in the end table. “Take your jeans off, and don’t be slow about it.” He didn’t mean to sound so harsh, but he couldn’t control himself. The sight of Renny hurriedly sliding out of his jeans let him know his lover hadn’t taken offense. He quickly pushed his own jeans down his legs and kicked them aside. The only thing he had on was the warrior’s necklace he always wore. The small beaded creation looked innocent with the cross but was a deadly weapon he had used more than once.

With his cock jutting forward eagerly, he ordered, “I want you to move so that your hands when placed over your head will touch the rock retaining wall of the fireplace. You will use that wall to brace yourself while I take you. Never take your hands off it.”

He watched as Renny moved into position. “Good. Now spread your legs wide. Stay just like that. Don’t move from this position at all.” The beast in Zavier growled as he took in Renny’s submissive pose. It took all his willpower not to jump the man and viciously take him.

Stepping between Renny’s legs, Zavier stared down at the sight of male perfection in front of him. From the way his light-blond hair contrasted with his dark-brown, golden-flecked eyes to his slender, muscular body, Zavier was attracted to every inch of Renny. His beautiful cock was swollen and begging to be touched. Unable to resist any longer, he sank to his knees and stroked Renny’s cock from weeping tip to trembling balls. The man groaned and jerked in response. His golden boy was beautifully receptive to his touch. Zavier ran his hand down Renny’s shaft and rolled his balls until they tightened. He ran his thumb across Renny’s puckered opening and bounced his balls a few times. A gasp escaped Renny, but he stayed in position. Zavier slid his hand back up his lover’s shaft and gloried in the silky yet hard flesh.



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