[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, transgender hero, vampires, elves, voyeurism, bondage, HEA]
Pierce Linden is dead to his family. Being transgender and gay in a small town has made Pierce an outcast. Not able to find a partner, he focuses on his spice business. As he works alone, Pierce longs for a family to love.
Things change dramatically when Pierce’s business draws the attention of a killer as well as two vampires.
Needing to see Pierce, the alluring voiced spice grower Darrin McLauchlan does business with, he drives over to Pierce’s place. Darrin arrives to see a charred home and a blood trail that leads to Pierce. One whiff of the beaten man has Darrin’s possessive side rearing up and his fangs coming out.
Being a young vampire, Darrin mists Pierce to the wrong room and right to Zotikos Vaughter, a vampire who’s more than happy to find his mates. Zotikos immediately takes over and mists his mates home to bond with them.
Zotikos lets the beast in him free when he finds out someone is trying to kill his mates. Will he be able to save them?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Mate of Two Vampires (MMM)
17 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Pierce Linden snipped another aged leaf from the plant he was supposed to be focusing on. Each minute that passed was getting harder to pay attention to his job. A job he normally loved.

It was all Darrin’s fault.

He shivered as he moved to the next plant and started tending it. The man had been calling in regular orders for the last nine months. He’d lost his phone for a few hours the first time the man had called and Darrin had left a message.

The man’s sexy-as-sin voice had been like a shot of adrenaline, lust, and dark passion to his groin. No other man had ever had that effect on him.

If he wasn’t such a freak, he’d have made a personal delivery of the herbs and spices Darrin ordered just to meet the man. One bad beating and two rude responses to him showing a man attention had taught him that quite a few men didn’t like transgenders at all. No permanent physical damage had been done, but he’d learned he was a freak. People don’t like freaks. All the citizens of the small town he’d grown up in had proven that. The town he lived close to now was no better.

Looking at his inherited property, he was proud of all he’d accomplished since a distant great uncle had passed away and left it to him. He may not be fit to date, but he sure as hell knew how to grow and run an herb-and-spice company. The ten acres he’d inherited seven years ago were perfect. There was room to grow the business and the soil was great for plants. Taking a deep breath, he enjoyed the fresh, woodsy air. Yes, this was a great place.

Speaking of great, Darrin should be calling sometime today. Most likely in the evening. The guy must be too busy to call during the day like the rest of his customers did. Pierce didn’t care. Hearing the man’s voice made his day. Grinning, he acknowledged that Darrin could be an older man with four grown children and a devoted wife.

That didn’t stop him from masturbating to Darrin’s voice. Sometimes he could do it from memory alone, other times he played the recording he had.

He looked down at his fit, firm body. Would Darrin think he was strange? There were those who’d think he was nothing more than a thirty-four-year-old weirdo. His genitals didn’t match what his mind told him he was. He gladly took supplements like men’s vitamins, calcium chews, protein shakes, and natural spices and herbs that helped him be stronger and feel more like a man.

The women in his family were naturally flat chested, which helped him out. All he had to do was work out to keep his chest looking manly. Facial hair was something he didn’t worry about at all. Several races didn’t have a lot of facial or body hair and that didn’t make them less manly.

A few women had hit on him over the years, all from other cities. The ones he went to in order to get supplies for his business. He chuckled at the thought of how horrified they’d have been if he’d stripped down. His cut, muscular form would have impressed them for sure. The lack of a large penis would’ve had them running and screaming. Although, his clit was extra large and looked like a small cock. It was big enough to be proud of.

Looking around at all the woods that surrounded his garden from a distance, he felt a pang of loneliness. Most of the time he didn’t mind being alone. Lately, though, he’d begun to wish Darrin was free and gay. A male that didn’t mind being with a transgender man. What were the odds of that happening? Almost zero. It was best he stick to all those dildos he had collected over the years. Although he’d never been with anyone, he was no virgin.

The thought of Darrin’s sexy voice had him creaming his briefs. As soon as he got off work he was going to get down with two dildos. Now there was a dream. Two hot men fucking him senseless.

Speaking of dreams, he shivered when he remembered the dream he’d been having for the last year. Mmm. Two vampires making love to him. They caressed and kissed him everywhere and when he was so hot he couldn’t think straight they’d sink their fangs into him and fuck him blind.

He groaned before taking a calming breath. Vampires weren’t real so his dream could never come true. Their perfect lips had sure felt real. He’d never seen their faces, but he had pictured their lips and the special energy they emitted.

A crazy part of him wished Darrin was one of the vampires in his dreams. That sexy voice would fit one of his dream men perfectly.  

Shaking the lust off, he tried to once again pay attention to his work. A well-tended plant produced more herbs and spices than an unkempt one. Doing this job gave him a reason to live. All of his products healed people. Because of his gifted green thumb people lived healthier lives. Not everyone on the planet was hateful. Some were even nice and innocent.

He knew there were places where transgender males and females were accepted. One day he planned on taking a vacation in one of those places. The internet was full of information on the subject. So far, growing his business had stopped him from going.

Then there was his unnatural desire for Darrin. A man he’d never even met. He was losing it. That was the only feasible answer. Or maybe he was just dog tired of being alone. He’d been by himself since he was eighteen. He sighed, and unbidden, the part of him that longed for a large family to love and be loved by rose to the forefront of his mind. With a little mental effort he put it back in its secret hiding place in his heart. Yep, he needed a vacation. One where his kind were normal. He’d look up places to go right after he masturbated to Darrin’s husky voice.




Darrin watched as Zotikos started to glow again. “What’s with the light coming off you? I love it, I’m just curious.” He felt like a slow child for asking so many questions. In the supernatural world he was a baby and so was Pierce. Every question he asked benefited both of them.

“The glow is a sign of the elf in me. Now that I’m mated I will do this when I’m healing or very emotionally charged. Right now lust for my mates is driving me. Stand,” the vamp-mix ordered.

He and Pierce jumped to their feet. Something about Zotikos made him want to please and submit to the powerful man.

Zotikos stood and walked to them. Darrin licked his lips after looking at the man’s jutting cock and Pierce’s swollen, wet groin. He wanted them both so bad that fire was shooting through his erection.

“We’re going to take you at the same time, Pierce,” Zotikos stated and then reached out and stroked Pierce’s elongated clit. “So beautiful. It’s so big I think of it as a small cock. It even has a little crown.”

Darrin agreed, “I think of it as a short steely rod. I can’t wait to suck it. Do you mind if we call it a small cock?” He hoped not, because that’s what he saw when he looked between Pierce’s masculine legs.

“No. I actually like it. To me it is my cock.” Pierce groaned when Zotikos pushed the soft hood back and stroked the sensitive flesh.

“Damn, that’s hot. Your little rod must extend at least two inches past your hood,” Zotikos said in awe.

“One and three quarters,” Pierce panted the answer.

One and three quarters! Darrin felt the heat take over. He had to suck Pierce’s minicock.

Zotikos started glowing brighter and Pierce was starting to shake.

“Move to the couch. Pierce, sit down with your butt on the edge so Darrin can eat you and get you loosened up for us.” Zotikos’s order was in a passion-roughened voice.

When Pierce sat down and spread his legs, Darrin thought his heart was going to stop. The sight was so beautiful. His body moved without him even thinking about it. As soon as he was in front of Pierce, he dropped to his knees and sniffed. Pierce’s arousal saturated the air, making his cock weep happily.

“Darrin, don’t get so absorbed in his little cock that you forget to loosen his ass up, because that’s where your dick is going to be in a few minutes,” Zotikos reminded.

“Got it.” He spread Pierce’s legs a little wider and guided the man’s heels to his shoulders.

“What are you going to do?” Pierce asked Zotikos. His sizzling brown gaze dropped to Zotikos’s swollen shaft.

“Have you relieve the pressure in my balls by giving me a blow job. Can you do that, my human?”

“Hell yes. Bring it on,” Pierce taunted with a hungry look in his brown eyes.

He watched as Zotikos climbed onto the couch and straddled Pierce. The man guided his big cock up to Pierce’s lips and slid it in the second Pierce opened his mouth. Pierce’s arousal floated to his nostrils. His groan echoed theirs when his tongue slipped into Pierce’s wet folds and his lover’s spicy flavor washed over his taste buds. He growled and rammed his tongue into his lover’s front entrance. His strong tongue delved deep. Pierce’s delicious essence was driving the beast in him insane.

As he repeatedly thrust into Pierce, he looked up. Groaning, he watched Zotikos’s dick enter and exit Pierce’s mouth. The wildness in him couldn’t resist adding to Pierce’s pleasure. The next time Zotikos’s shaft disappeared between Pierce’s lips, he slid a finger into his lover’s ass. He was rewarded with a shudder that shook Pierce’s whole body. Their human groaned around Zotikos’s erection and bucked his hips.

Sliding another finger into Pierce’s rear opening, he hummed with satisfaction when the man gasped around the cock filling his mouth and shuddered. Zotikos grabbed Pierce’s head and started deeply fucking their mate’s mouth. Their erotic moans were making his groin throb. Zotikos’s body tightened as he closed in on paradise. Pushing Pierce over the edge dominated his thoughts. With his free hand, he slid back the folds of flesh that were partially covering Pierce’s petite cock. He couldn’t stop the moan that erupted from his chest the moment he sucked Pierce’s hard flesh into his mouth.

Pierce gave off a muffled scream and his entire body convulsed as he came. Hot liquid ran from the man’s front opening and coated Darrin’s fingers as they slowly slid in and out of Pierce’s rear entrance. Desire spiked in him when Zotikos thrust deep one more time, threw his head back, and yelled as he released his load into Pierce’s mouth. His own cock begged for relief as he lightly lapped at Pierce’s swollen flesh. The small tremors randomly shooting through his lovers was making his own fire burn brighter.

Zotikos took a last shuddering breath and pulled out of Pierce’s mouth with a pop. Blue eyes locked with his. “Get ready to lube Pierce’s ass with your cum,” Zotikos said as he turned around and straddled Pierce backwards.

Not sure what was going on but instinctively trusting his experienced mate, Darrin licked Pierce’s dewy folds one more time and then eased Pierce’s feet to the edge of the couch. He then rose to his knees which lined his erection up with Pierce’s entrances.

The diamonds in Zotikos’s eyes glittered and his fangs burst through the vamp’s gums. Darrin cried out when Zotikos struck quick as lightning. A stab of pain pierced his neck right before bliss like he’d never known ricocheted within his groin. His balls pulled tight and his shaft throbbed mercilessly. Zotikos drew in another drink and spasms of ecstasy rocketed his semen up his dick and all over the junction of Pierce’s thighs. His body shook and he couldn’t stop moaning.

Fuck, no wonder Pierce seems to love Zotikos’s bite. His vampire lover growled possessively as he drew his next drink, and Darrin came again. The animal in Zotikos was a scary aphrodisiac. He quivered when Zotikos retracted his fangs and licked Darrin’s neck for a full minute, sending one tremor after the next through his body.

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