Damian's Lost Lover (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 21,309
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

X-ray technician Damian Hudgins meets Ross MacDuff when Ross goes to the ER. A serious romance ensues. But their idyll is threatened when Ross's widowed, homophobic father, retired in Arizona, has a stroke.

Ross is required to fly out and be his dad's caregiver. Mr. MacDuff moving in with Ross is not an option, and there is nothing for it but for Ross to move out to Arizona. He promises Damian that he'll be back, but when his father suffers further setbacks, it becomes clear that Ross's stay in Arizona will be long-term and indefinite. Ross returns as promised but only to make arrangements to sell his house, move his possessions out to Arizona, and make a clean break from Damian, even changing his cell phone number.

Three years pass, and Damian is still not over Ross. What does the future hold for Damian? Can he ever find Ross again?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Damian's Lost Lover (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Damian's Lost Lover (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 21,309
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston



Handing a gun and a container of paintballs to Ross, he explained, “There are both natural and artificial obstacles to hide behind out in the field. Trees, oil drums, fences, barricades, bushes…The object is to shoot me without getting shot. It’s all very messy and great fun. Got it?”

“Got it. This means war!”

Damian gave his best evil snicker and said, “You don’t know what you’re getting into.”

“If you shoot me, it’s your own clothes you’re getting dirty,” Ross reminded him.

“I will show you no mercy.”

They headed for the building’s back door, which led out to the field. “Forty paces, and shoot,” Damian instructed, though his voice was muffled from the mask. Ross immediately ran for cover, then peered around the bush behind which he’d taken shelter. Damian, peering around the corner of an outbuilding behind which he’d hidden, saw Ross and shot him. Just as he pulled the trigger, he witnessed Ross make his first mistake. Ross, seeing someone he apparently mistook for Damian, shot at the person, only to have the real Damian wave at him from his place of concealment. Ross shot at Damian, but Damian ducked behind the building again, then broke and ran a zigzag pattern to the shelter of a broad tree.

Ross came charging at him across the field, and Damian stepped out from behind the tree, saw him, and fired off a paintball that splattered Ross but good. Taken by surprise, Ross didn’t fire back but just came to an abrupt stop. At that, Damian fired off several more paintballs. Ross got off one shot that hit Damian in the hip before ducking for cover behind a barrel. Damian stalked him, and when Ross emerged to shoot, Damian got him again, square on the chest. Ross raised his gun but was laughing too hard to aim true and, pulling the trigger shakily, missed Damian altogether.

It was a lopsided match. Never even mind that Ross was playing with an injured wrist that he had to favor, his main disadvantage was that he was a total novice at the game. Damian showed him no mercy and got him well and truly splattered with paint. Ross stuck with it, however, laughing all the way, until he had run out of ammo. At that he held up his hands in “surrender” position and advanced toward Damian. “Out of paintballs,” he hollered through the mask. Damian showed him that he was nearly out of ammo, too. They shook hands and returned to the building to turn in Ross’s rented equipment.

Ross changed clothes and gave Damian back his badly splattered outfit. “Thanks,” he said when he was back in his everyday clothes. He’d obviously had time to go home and change out of his softball uniform before meeting Damian. “So what’s the plan for tomorrow?”

“The octoplex is having a festival of ‘All-Time Worst Horror Pictures.’ It should be an absolute hoot. What do you say we catch a late afternoon showing, then go grab a bite somewhere, then come back to my place?”

“Sounds good to me,” Ross assented. “What’s your idea for a restaurant?”

“There’s a new Armenian restaurant over on Ten Acre Road.”

“I’ve never had Armenian food.”

“Neither have I. To my way of thinking, that’s a good reason to try it.”

“Ah, an adventurous type,” said Ross.




As they sat side by side on the couch, their hands returned to each other’s thigh, but this time both men felt free to let their hands wander upward. Damian glommed onto Ross’s crotch and felt his swelling hard-on, even as Ross’s hand landed on Damian’s crotch and grabbed for his dick through the khaki material. The only sounds in the room were the heavy breathing of both men, the sniiick of two zippers being opened almost simultaneously, and Ross’s groan when Damian’s hand wrapped around his fat dickshaft and pulled it out of his fly.

Damian’s first thought was that, though both men were redheads and of similar builds, their dicks were distinctly different. The tip of Ross’s dick was pointier than Damian’s, and the circumference of the shaft was thicker, though Damian’s was longer. Ross also seemed to be oozing pre-fuck juice at a more rapid rate than Damian’s dick generally did.

For a minute or two they sat there, each jacking the other’s dick wordlessly. Then Damian said, “I’d like to get my mouth around that.”

“I’d like to do the same.”

Damian stood up on somewhat wobbly legs, and Ross, taking his cue from his host, rose also. Damian led the way to the bedroom, and Ross followed. They were still dressed but with their dicks jutting out of their open flies. As Ross followed Damian into the room, Damian turned, eyed his new lover’s fully engorged cock, winked, licked his lips exaggeratedly, and asked, “Is that for me?”

“You better believe it. And is that for me?”

“Every inch. Come and get it.”

Ross’s left hand, the one that wasn’t injured, closed around Damian’s dick and once again began to jack it. His warm, muscular hand grasped Damian and in a slow but insistent manner began to tug at Damian’s dickmeat, urging the blood to fill his shaft even more fully. One creamy tear of pre-cum after another escaped from Damian’s cum-hole and oozed its way down the length of his throbbing cock.

Ross began clenching and relaxing his hand as he moved it up and down. Damian felt the muscular contractions of his strong fist as Ross milked Damian’s dick, and then he felt Ross’s other hand, the injured one, cautiously work its way into Damian’s fly and grasp his balls. Ross began softly squeezing them, too, putting just the right amount of pressure on them as his callused palm squeezed the swollen sac.

“Get your clothes off!” Damian panted, eager to see Ross’s naked body and especially that dick exposed in all its glory with no clothing hiding the balls. Ross obligingly stripped off his clothes, revealing a torso speckled with a sparse scattering of hairs on skin that covered impressive layers of muscle. Damian followed suit. Both naked now, they covered the one thing they needed to, their dicks, in latex from a night table drawer. Then they took turns devouring each other’s meat.

Damian started, licking Ross’s generous dick around the edges of his corona, his tongue flicking lightly and teasingly at his flange. Ross groaned and fell back on the bed as Damian’s taunting tongue tormented him. “Suuuuuck!” he finally groaned. And Damian did.

First he pressed his lips to Ross’s dickhead in a light kiss. Then slowly he spread those lips until they finally engulfed Ross’s crown and his dickhead was lodged in Damian’s mouth. That’s when Damian started to turn on the suction, sucking lightly at first but gradually building up the pressure even as he inched downward and took ever more of Ross’s thick, throbbing rod into his mouth.

Damian stopped at the halfway point, worked his way back up, breathed, swallowed, and began the slow journey down again. This time he made sure to keep his tongue in position to lick the underside of Ross’s stony dickshaft as he worked his way down. Ross groaned and suddenly lurched upward, driving his dick farther into Damian’s mouth. Damian now had some three-quarters of it in his mouth, with the pointy tip lodged in his gullet. At that point Damian went for broke and devoured the whole thing.

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