Note: Wicked Alpha [Twin Pines Grizzlies 5] was previously published as Linebacker [Gridiron Gods 5]. Due to popular demand, the series has been revised to emphasize the bear shifting. The changes are minor in the first 7 books. If you have already read Gridiron Gods 1 to 7, you do not need to read Twin Pines Grizzlies 1 to 7 in order to continue with Strong Alpha [Twin Pines Grizzlies 8].

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[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, light consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA]

The right kind of pain… Terribly insecure Anthony Reed believes he’s undesirable, so when the hottest guy in school hits on him, he figures it must be a joke. How could anyone want a guy with a head like a jar, the big, brown eyes of Bambi, and the body of Rambo? Who would want a freak who’s turned on by pain? Determined to show Anthony just how hot he is, Kevin Henderson goes after the gentle giant with everything he’s got, and his assets are considerable. Kevin knows just how to press the sweet, sexy linebacker’s buttons, and soon the two are inseparable. When things get too intense, and Kevin’s own insecurities and secrets are exposed, Kevin realizes they have more in common than just a need for kinky sex. Anthony thinks of himself as worthless, but Kevin needs to show him that he’s worth everything. The trick is loving himself completely first. Breaking down the walls around each other’s hearts draws them deeper into an indestructible bond. But will they be able to let the past go and join their brethren in the Twin Pines Grizzlies, or will they retreat into solitary safety?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Anitra Lynn McLeod is a Siren-exclusive author.

Wicked Alpha (MM)
25 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "Sexy football players seducing one another, what more could a reader ask for? Anthony and Kevin really seem to complement each other well. This isn't only because Anthony's a natural submissive, while Kevin lives for dominating his partners. It's because they bring out the best in one another, and make each want to be a better man. Even when they don't recognize that they need mending they seem to help one another, and that's what a truly special relationship is all about. It's also what let me know that no matter what, these two will be together for a long happy lifetime. While there is a slight paranormal element to this story, it really doesn't play a prominent role in the development of the storyline or Characters. Personally, I would have liked for it to have had a larger impact on the storyline. All it really did was leave me confused on why it mattered at all. I wonder if it'll be explained in later stories. While this story is the fifth of the series, it read fine as a stand alone. I had not even realized there were previous stories written until the paranormal element was introduced. I appreciated how easy it was to jump right in and not feel left out of the characters' lives, especially because I quickly become fascinated with them and wanted more and more. Though this is the first story I've read by this author and this series, I suspect Anitra Lynn McLeod is a author name I'll be looking for when deciding what to read next." -- Peppermint, Long and Short Reviews

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Story excerpt


Anthony Reed almost bailed on the second away game of the season. Almost. What got him on the bus was the hope that maybe this time he’d hook up with one of his teammates. Everyone else sure seemed to be clicking. Left and right, guys were finding not only a fuck buddy, but apparently, a soul mate.

“So what the hell is wrong with me?”

Checking himself out in the one full-length mirror that hung on the back of the upper hall dorm room entrance, Anthony decided he wasn’t hideous. As a linebacker, he was built big and wide, but not excessively so. Yeah, he was muscular, but he wasn’t a freak or anything. He didn’t have gross veins sticking out, not unless he flexed really hard, and he didn’t walk around doing that. He also wasn’t an ass who flexed his biceps, offering people tickets to the gun show, so clearly, it wasn’t his body or his personality that was holding him back.

Maybe his fashion sense?

Anthony gave himself the once-over.

His clothing was pretty basic. Nothing too flashy and nothing too cheap. Pretty much he wore middle-of-the-road T-shirts and jeans. His only major indulgence was expensive athletic shoes, but he just couldn’t find cheap shoes in size twenty. And then Anthony considered his military-short brown hair and his blah-brown eyes that dominated his square head.

“Yep, there’s the problem. I look like a fucking narc. Or a wannabe cop.” Anthony tried messing up his hair, but the strands were too short to do much more than stand straight up. The only way to change his eyes was to get contacts, but the thought of sticking something in his eye on a daily basis gave him the shivers. Maybe he could get glasses. “Aw, screw it. I’m never going to win any awards for my looks.”

Anthony realized he had a head like a jar, the big, soulful brown eyes of Bambi, and the body of Rambo. It wasn’t an attractive combination. Nothing he could do in the next five minutes was going to change that. Anthony grabbed his duffel full of gear, his puffy winter coat, and tossed both over his shoulder. He stomped his way down the stairs then across the quad to where the team bus was warming up.

There was the usual chaos when all the guys descended on the bus en masse. Catcalls and vulgar greetings were the norm for this group, but Anthony didn’t bother to join in. He didn’t feel like a part of the team anymore. Not that sulking was going to help matters, but right now, he wanted to be alone with his thoughts. By the end of this trip, Anthony was going to figure out what he was doing wrong. And then he’d finally get some action. Lord knew if he didn’t get any soon, he’d end up married to his left hand. Maybe that was the problem. Weren’t lefties supposed to be evil or something?

“This seat taken?”

Anthony looked up and frowned. What the hell was Kevin Henderson doing wanting to sit next to him? It must be a joke. Everyone knew Kevin and Tyler were an item. 

“Hey, no harm no foul.” Kevin flashed Anthony a disappointed grimace.

“No, wait, it’s free.” Anthony shoved over to make room for Kevin. Maybe if he asked nicely, Kevin would give him the 411 on why he didn’t seem to be attracting anyone. Although, to be fair, that might not be Kevin’s area of expertise. The drop-dead gorgeous blond probably had to chase off members of both sexes with a stick. Shit. Kevin was so fine he probably had to hire bodyguards to protect his considerable assets.

“Hey, thanks.” Kevin shoved his duffel under the seat then dropped his big body next to Anthony. Damn, but when he landed, Kevin made the whole bus shake. Talk about rocking someone’s world. As a defensive guard, Kevin was a big guy. Probably stood almost six-five and topped the scale at two-fifty. All of it bone and muscle. For once, Anthony didn’t feel gigantic. At six foot six inches and three hundred pounds, it wasn’t often that Anthony didn’t feel like snarling, “Fe fi fo fum.” Frankly, the only time he felt normal was when he was around his teammates. And then he only felt normal size-wise.

There wasn’t a lot of space left on the bench seat, what with their two massive bodies, but Anthony didn’t care. Kevin felt really good mashed into his side. Additionally he smelled fantastic.

Kevin Henderson had won the hunkalicious lottery. Incredible body, the blond-hair, blue-eyed looks of a teen heartthrob, and he smelled like he’d just walked out of a cologne ad. Additionally, with his straight-A grades, he was no dummy. If any guy on the planet had the whole package, Kevin Henderson was that man. And Anthony was sitting next to him. And damn it all to hell if he didn’t feel completely unworthy. Maybe that was his problem. Who the hell wanted to hook up with someone with his self-esteem problems?

“Hey, guys, we have a slight problem.”

The echo of the words with his thoughts turned Anthony’s head toward the back of the bus.

Danny Jones, the equipment manager, clapped his hands and said, “Guys? Hey, listen up. The heating system is a little wonky, but never fear, I’ve brought blankets.” Danny started passing them around, but it became obvious there wasn’t enough for each guy to have one.

“We can share,” Kevin offered, and Danny tossed him a blanket. “Right?” Kevin asked, hitting Anthony with his big baby blues.

“Uh, sure.” Frankly, Anthony didn’t mind. Sitting under a blanket with Kevin sounded like a lot more fun than sitting under one alone. Besides, if Anthony got really cold, he had his puffy winter coat. Or maybe he and Kevin could make out. Yeah, right, and maybe when they got to Lone Pine they were going to figure-skate rather than toss the old pigskin around.

Over their laps, Kevin fluffed a fleece in black and green, the team colors, and then settled his arms under the blanket.

“This won’t be so bad.” Kevin flashed him a smile that practically had the power to melt his underwear.


Adult excerpt


“Ah, look at your hungry eyes now.” Kevin let his trousers and underwear slide down to his ankles then kicked them aside. He stepped close so that Anthony was staring directly at his prick. “Now you have the eyes of a starving orphan. Obviously you love the idea of sucking my cock but dread the thought of trying to sleep with your balls throbbing.”

Anthony was almost in tears at the thought. He’d suffered through a four-hour bus ride, another hour at the pizzeria, and then the walk back with the plug teasing him. He was so primed he was surprised he didn’t blow his load as they returned to their room. After all of that, Anthony thought that once they were alone, Kevin would release him.

“On the other hand.”

Hope filled Anthony’s desperate body.

“Keeping you keyed up would not give you the best night’s sleep.” Kevin drew a deep breath as he considered. “If I let you climax now, I imagine you would sleep like a baby.”

Anthony held so still he held his breath.

“Would you like that, my boy?”

“Yes, my lord and master. I would do anything.”

“Ah, you are ever the willing wanton. Such an eager boy. Show me what you can do with your mouth. Suck on my finger and show me.” Kevin extended his finger even though his prick was right there. Anthony teased his tongue around the tip while looking right into Kevin’s eyes.

“That’s it. I want you to beg silently for my cock with your hungry eyes and mouth.”

Anthony gave his finger the blow job of the century. He even simulated choking noises since he’d read that men liked that. Frankly, he didn’t know. He’d never sucked a cock or had his sucked, so he was winging the entire thing. Anthony decided he was doing a good job when Kevin’s cock twitched and pre-cum pearled at the tip.

“You are most talented with your virgin mouth.” Kevin withdrew his finger then traced the wet tip over Anthony’s lips. “If you are a very good boy, who sucks my cock until I’m dry and cleans up every drop, why then, I might”—Kevin paused dramatically, his finger placed perfectly in the center of Anthony’s puckered lips—“I might release you.”

Anthony hadn’t been asked a question, so he couldn’t answer, but in his eyes he begged for the possibility of might. He would take the possibility of might rather than the definitive answer of no. Even if Kevin teased him for another hour, a might was so much closer to yes than a no could ever be. Right now, Anthony swore he would do anything to get closer to yes.

“Do you want to do that for me, my boy?”

“Yes, my lord and master, I want to do that for you.”

“What, exactly, do you want to do for me? You must be very clear when you are making promises. I will hold you to your word.”

“I want to suck your cock until you are dry, my lord and master. I want to clean up every drop.” 

“You want me to violate that sweet, virgin mouth of yours?”


Kevin parted Anthony’s lips with his finger and then slowly lowered his cock until the tip was a bare breath from his mouth. As much as Anthony wanted to close the distance, he didn’t. Kevin was in charge. If he wanted to drag this out for another hour, Anthony had to let him, even though the delay would probably make him certifiable.

Slowly, Kevin lowered his prick to Anthony’s waiting lips then eased the knob inside the hot hollow of his mouth. A burst of sweetness surprised Anthony.

“You thought I would taste salty.”

Unable to nod, Anthony blinked.

“Pre-cum is sweet.” Kevin’s smile turned positively masterful. “But the salty will come.”

Anthony couldn’t help himself. He cracked a smile at Kevin’s pun, which tightened his lips over his shaft.

“Ooh, you are sweet, my boy. So very charming with that smile despite a mouthful of your lord and master’s cock.” Kevin moved incrementally closer, which eased more of his length within. “Another piece of your virginity claimed.”

Relief and pleasure caused Anthony to blush madly. He’d waited so long for this moment, and found that Kevin was truly worth his long and lonely vigil.

“Now, my boy. You will do to my cock exactly what you did to my finger.”

Determination to please his master was all Anthony knew. He wanted to taste the salty bliss of Kevin’s release. He wanted to hear him utter inadvertent noises of pleasure. Anthony wanted to please him so completely he never would turn his gaze upon another. In this way, Anthony swore he would lay claim to Kevin. Despite the fact he was on his knees, his position terribly submissive, he would rule Kevin for the time he had his beautiful prick in his mouth.

Hungrily Anthony worked his lips and tongue over the head of Kevin’s cock, darting his gaze up to gauge Kevin’s reaction. For a long while Kevin watched him work with almost clinical detachment, but when Anthony lifted his hand and teased his fingers over his sac, Kevin’s lids lowered, and a blissful moan escaped his parted lips.

Slipping more of his length into his mouth, Anthony simultaneously teased his middle finger back behind Kevin’s tightening balls to rub his sweet spot.

“I should have known.”

Anthony’s uplifted brows asked the question.

“That you were smart enough to not only observe what I did to you, but apply those same tricks to me.”

Smoothing his finger around that spot caused Kevin to part his legs and stabilize his stance.

“Hold your head still for a moment.”

When Anthony did as instructed, Kevin rocked his hips, slipping his cock in and out of Anthony’s willing mouth.

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