Dede Craig

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Dede Craig is obsessed with romance, reading and anything Apple. 

She reads and writes erotic, contemporary and paranormal romance novels. A night owl, all her most creative ideas beg to be written when the rest of her world is asleep. 

Her stories are filled with delicious alpha male heroes who are always hot but with hearts of gold. The equally strong heroine is of course the goddess who is always able to evoke his (or their) most carnal desires. She loves Happily ever afters in real life and in fiction.


Q: What inspired the story behind your first novel?

A: My first published novel was inspired by the song "Three Kisses of Love" by the Beatles. 


Q: Where do you get ideas for your novels?

A: Almost anywhere, though songs are the most popular spark for me. I hear a song which immediately makes me think of situations and characters the song could have been based on or how a twist can be added. I love having a theme song for my stories! 


Q: Who are some of your favourite authors, and why?

A: I am a huge fan of Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte and Elizabeth Barrett Browning (her poetry makes me swoon). I read across genres but have an affinity for romance in all its forms, i.e. paranormal romance, contemporary romance, erotic romance, gothic romance. I'm also a fan of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Judith Krantz (author of the first adult novels I ever read), Jackie Collins (yes really!), Stephanie Meyer (she dazzles me okay!), J.K. Rowling, Maggie Shayne, Rhyannon Byrd, Susan Mallery and Becca Fitzgerald.


Q: Are you heroes good or bad guys?

A: I love alpha male bad boys with hidden hearts of gold.


Q: Do you read erotic romance?

A: Yes, yes oh yes! It’s my favorite genre. Mix it with some paranormal activity and I’m in heaven.


Q: Do you cross genres in your stories?

A: I tend to stick to romance as for me every story should have love, sex and/or magic. Else what’s the point?

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